According to Dalhousie study, you need not bother about the existence of microwave weapons.

In autumn 2016, some US diplomats posted in Havana reported sensory and auditory stimuli followed by dizziness, tinnitus and accompanied by cognitive symptoms. Shortly thereafter, Canadian government personnel and their families began presenting with similar neurological symptoms. This was attributed to Microwave weapons, and very soon, victims of government gangstalking in USA and Canada started claiming that their symptoms matched those of the diplomats. There was suddenly a case in favour of the existence of such secret undocumented weapons, and solid proof that governments use them. Here’s where Dalhousie University enters the picture to save the narrative from conspiracy theorists. In August 2018, Global Affairs Canada (GAC), the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) and Dalhousie University agreed to collaborate on a study claiming to investigate the possible brain injury in Canadian diplomats and their families. And what do their findings say? To quote,

While proving the source of exposure and cause of injury is difficult, if not impossible at this time point, embassy records show a significant increase in fumigation in recent years with weekly exposure to high dose pesticides in and around many diplomats’ residences. Our results provide a plausible explanation for acquired brain injury secondary to neurotoxin exposure.

Alon Friedman; Cindy Calkin; Chris Bowen (May 24, 2019). Havana Syndrome: Neuroanatomical and Neurofunctional Assessment in Acquired Brain Injury Due to Unknown Etiology

Thats rather tame. In other words, nothing to see here, move on. Those friendly Cubans just mixed too much pesticide in their mosquito sprays, and there ARE NO SUCH MICROWAVE WEAPONS in use, in Cuba or in Canada.

Back when I was a student, a rising star in the Dalhousie Student Union was somehow persuaded to vacation in Cuba. He never returned. He got killed in some kind of altercation, in extremely suspicious circumstances. Foreign Affairs covered it up.

If you ever wonder why the United States initiates regime changes on the other side of the globe but always faltered in doing the same for Cuba, read this article. Apparently, Cuba is already the colony of their Criminal Elite (which also includes Canadian Criminal Elite). Those fancy Microwave weapons might be American in origin.

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