Did the RCMP try to frame an innocent man for murder?

In 1995, a woman was brutally murdered in Dartmouth. Glen Assoun was found guilty of the murder and served 17 years in prison, but always denied the crime. In 2019, he was fully exonerated. What happened? Apparently, he was framed. To quote Tim Bousquet (Halifax Examiner),

Moore [an RCMP Constable] went to RCMP inspector Andy Lathem, the head of the major crimes section of the RCMP. Moore told Lathem of his suspicion that McGray, not Assoun, killed Way. Lathem asked Moore to put together a timeline of events. Moore was intending to put together the timeline, but on return from a two-week vacation in March 2004, Moore found that he had been transferred out of the ViCLAS section. He was not given a reason for his transfer. After he was transferred out of the ViCLAS section, all Moore’s work on the Way murder was erased from the ViCLAS system. Additionally, “hundreds of documents” Moore had kept in boxes, work sheets, and timelines went missing. The missing material includes information about other cases Moore had worked on.

Coincidentally, Andy Lathem was the Inspector in Charge of the Halifax Major Crime Unit and the RCMP’s Swissair Task Force. In his book about that cover up, Tom Juby has some interesting observations about him.

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