Warning about Chinese Intelligence Activities in Halifax Universities

Those who can be adapted to the Animal Farm get University access in Halifax, while those who can’t are exterminated.

Not understanding this reality may have lethal consequences for you if you are involved in any form of activism the Communist Party of China dislikes, or if you belong to a persecuted group in China. To understand the historic relationship between the Halifax Criminal Elite and the Communist Party of China, some unlearning is required.

Lets start with what is publicly known about the relationship between the two. So far Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil has taken eight trips to China, all courtesy your tax dollars. A former Mountie who did undercover work with the RCMP, FBI, and other US agencies is now allegedly working on behalf of the Chinese Government right here in Canada. A Chinese tech firm blacklisted in U.S. over facial-recognition allegations was invited to a Vancouver conference. Now let me remind you that the Halifax Criminal Elite, since the last five centuries, were the kingpins of overseas business empires (which is why they love port cities). One such business empire was that of sugar plantations in the Carribean, the American South and South America. For these, they needed slaves, and so they ended up becoming the forerunners of the Atlantic slave trade. Since both the slaves and the plantations were out of sight, most Nova Scotians were oblivious to the evil they had incubated.

The same Criminal Elite later managed to worm its way into China, and they then started waging war against the legitimate Chinese rulers. Soon enough they managed to create an Animal Farm in the name of Communism, which is completely alien to Chinese history. Similar to the plantations, the purpose of this Animal Farm is to sell Western nations goods and services produced in slave-like conditions, at a high markup/profit to the local Criminal Elite. Western local producers of the same goods and services cannot remain in business for long because they do not have access to the labor exploiting potential of the Animal Farm. But unlike the slavery era plantations, there is less use of physical violence on the Animal Farm since an entire part of Chinese society has been co-opted into enabling the Animal Farm and have even been duped into taking pride of it and identifying with it. These people are rewarded with access to Universities in Halifax.

In fact, St. Marys University in Halifax has had up to five major projects with Chinese government-affiliated institutions. They even have an EMBA program exclusively for Chinese students destined for China Minmetals, which is owned by the Chinese government. The Canadian Association of University Teachers passed a resolution calling on all Canadian universities and colleges that currently host the Chinese Government backed Confucius Institute on their campuses to cease doing so. But St. Marys University happens to be one of the few Universities who shamelessly continue to do so. The Confucius Institute appears to be nothing more than a front of Chinese Intelligence. Similarly, the Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax has entered into an arrangement with Chinese authorities to offer a joint-degree for upto 100 Chinese students a year.

On the other hand, people of China who cannot be adapted to the Animal Farm (such as the Uyghurs and the Falun Gong) are slated for extermination. The Halifax (and Canadian) Criminal Elite are closely supervising the process under the disguise of “business trips.”

In the United States, A Harvard University professor and two other Chinese nationals were federally indicted in three separate cases for allegedly lying to the US about their involvement with China’s government. To quote,

Lelling said Boston is a target for this “kind of exploitation” because of its universities, hospitals, research institutions and tech companies in the area.

There are several such individuals in the faculty of both Dalhousie University and St. Marys University. But it is unlikely that they will ever be charged or exposed, as we are too apathetic for that.

While I was in no way involved in any form of activism against the Communist Party of China during my years at Dal, there were two clear occasions when I felt that Halifax Criminal Elite outsourced some of the stalking to Chinese Intelligence. Maybe because they are cheaper. And maybe because they can be recalled from this country if they get exposed.

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