Dalousy’s Lousy University Ranking

According to the 2020 QS World University Rankings, Dalhousie ranks a measly #280. There are Universities in some very poor emerging economies that have ranked better. Things are apparently going downhill because in 2012, they ranked #243. Among the five categories, Dalhousie ranks nowhere in the top 20 ones. If we go strictly by Canadian Universities (approximately 20 in total which are ranked), Dalhousie ranks #16 in Engineering and Technology, #11 in Life Sciences and Medicine, at the very bottom in Natural Science, Failed to achieve any ranking in Social Sciences and Management and #18 in Arts and Humanities. Not bad for an institution which is nothing more than sinkhole for tax dollars and a front for the local Criminal Elite. We also learn that out of Undergraduates, a whopping 67% are foreign students, and among PG students, 33% are foreigners. Which means Dalhousie would be unsustainable if they operated strictly for North American students.

UPDATE: Dalousy is claiming they are among the top 100 when it comes to weasel words subjective and contextual terms like “impact.” This is based on some questionable metrics launched last year, which are based on criteria outlined by the UN. An organization as corrupt as the UN is a likely bedfellow of Dal. To quote,

The Impact Rankings launched last year and are the only global rankings to document evidence of universities’ impact on society, rather than just research and teaching performance. They include metrics based on all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals across three broad areas: research, outreach and stewardship.

The problem with this assessment is that it is very subjective. I could easily prove that Dal has done more harm than good to human society than Al Qaida, but I doubt i would get a grant to do so.

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