A Look at the Financial Supporters of Dalhousie University

In Canada, almost all major Universities are owned and operated by the Government. But Universities (and the Cabals operating them) quickly guzzle through the financial support received and astronomical tuition revenues received, leaving little for new projects. Therefore, the Universities go on a begging spree, seeking donations for some select projects, from companies, foundations, organizations and philanthropists. When taking a close look at such secondary supporters, it is hard to escape the conclusion that Universities are owned and operated by the same old cabals we find in almost every Western institution. A case point is the Marion McCain Arts & Social Sciences Building at Dalhousie University in Canada. Completed more than a decade ago, the entrance lobby bears a plaque listing all those who chimed in to support (the construction?) apart from the Government of Canada, which already doles out millions to Dalhousie University. In this post, we explore these entities.

Wall of Fame or Wall of Shame?
The building in question

Who was Marion McCain?

All buildings on Dalhousie University seem to be named after serious Cabal operatives. And this building would not be an exception. 

Monopoly-man vibes. Guess what the purpose was?

Marion McCain was the wife of Harrison McCain, co-founder of the McCain brand of frozen french fries. He was a Board of Director of Scotiabank, and he started out in the neighbouring province of New Brunswick in Irving Oil. The Canadian province of New Brunswick (aka Irvingia) is what happens when a Mr. Monopoly style “company town” morphs into an entire province. Marion McCain was the daughter of a premier of New Brunswick. This is a perfect example of how a third world style oligarchy can easily be disguised and perpetuated in a North American setting. Based on 2014 sales, Mccain foods is the 19th largest private company in Canada. Nancy McCain, of the McCain family, is married to current Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau. While many major donors on this list happen to be linked to New Brunswick, it is quite a paradox that the same province is a cross between a Potemkin village and an impoverished moonscape.

Needless to say, not everyone who donates to these projects can be considered Cabal operatives. Some people connected to the University donate out of pressure. Some donate for tax advantages and buying some influence and/or advertising space in campus.

In many Canadian projects, there are also some connected people, who can get a portion of their donation back, as it is difficult to audit and monitor huge construction projects. Then there are “zombie foundations.” These are foundations started by good people with good intentions. However, after they died, the Cabal appropriated the foundations by compromising executives (usually with assistance from Canadian Intelligence). This is exactly what happened to the assets of inventor-industrialist Howard Hughes. For example, a foundation established exclusively for advancing new discoveries in biomedical research should not be donating to low key institutions (like Dalhousie). This might be a way for the Powers That Be to distribute money among their pals (if we assume that those contracted to carry out fancy construction projects are just as compromised). Of course, we have no proof that such things took place here, but a lot of odd things happen at Dalhousie.

Meanwhile, Chad the Potato Farmer is still looking forward to breaking even.

Then there are many sincere but gullible people, especially those who donated minimal amounts, who still believe that some good would come out of it. But c’mon….there is a 70% chance that anyone with a foundation in their name is a Cabal operative.

So here we go.

The List

1 Million +

3M Canada Inc

Aventis Pharma Inc

Clearwater Fine Foods Inc

Jack and Joan Craig

Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation

Dalhousie Students/DSU: This is the controversial Student Union of Dalhousie. They mainly get money by imposing several arbitrary fees which each student of the University has to remit to them, even though they have historically failed to represent student interests. Why they would be donating such huge sums to projects of the University administration is anybody’s guess.

Nathan and Barbara Epstein: The surname Epstein now commands raised eyebrows everywhere, thanks to Pedo-king Jeffrey Epstein, who literally sat on the boards of several Ivy League Universities in the United States. But no need to worry, as both Nathan and Barbara Epstein hailed from Sydney, Nova Scotia. There is no documented connection to Jeffrey Epstein or his family. According to Genie, their son-in-law is David Goldbloom, the Goldblooms being medical hotshots. David’s father Richard was a Chancellor of Dalhousie University. So what exactly was Nathan Epstein famous for? To quote,

Its [the Montreal-based Jewish General Hospital Division of Family and Child Psychiatry] founder, Dr. Nathan Epstein, had been appointed as Chief of Psychiatry only a year earlier, but he was already eager to make his mark during an era noted for its excitement and innovation in psychiatry in Montreal. Before long, Dr. Epstein began to realize how much more could be gained by a program that focused primarily on children. [……] And so, in 1967, the Jewish General Hospital Child Psychiatry Program was launched, with Dr. Feldman as its inaugural Director. Located on the fourth floor of the hospital’s new northeast wing, the program made history by establishing the first children’s in-patient psychiatric unit in a Canadian general hospital.

Nothing to see here, move on…..however I didn’t know that “Child Psychiatry” could be such a lucrative profession.

Exxonmobil Oil Canada Limited: Descended from J.D. Rockefellers Standard Oil, textbook oligarch.

JW McConnell Family Foundation: Named after Cabal operative JW McConnell, a “businessman” who had his fingers in everything. Warmonger, and after WWII, did his best to support the military buildup of the Soviet Union by supporting the Lend Lease program.

Janssen Ortho Inc: Owned by Johnson and Johnson

H Harrison McCain: See earlier section.

Robert W McRae

Merck Frosst Canada & Co

MTT, An Aliant Company

Province of Nova Scotia


Sir James Dunn Foundation: There is another building on campus named after this Cabal operative. He was from New Brunswick, and is primarily associated with Algoma Steel. His grand-daughter married into the Rothschilds.To quote,

As a result of the very substantial taxes on the estate left by Sir James Dunn and Nova Scotia’s Izaak Walton Killam who had died the year before in 1955, the government of Canada was able to create and provide an endowment for the Canada Council for the Arts.

Everybody knows that modern art is nothing but a front for the Criminal Elite to engage in money laundering. Why didn’t the Government put that money to something useful, like public infrastructure?

Sun Life Financial

The Whitaker Foundation: This can be considered a genuine philanthropic organization. More here. However, they mainly supported initiatives in biomedical engineering. Wonder why Dalhousie would get a grant from them.

Lloyd Hopkins Wickwire Estate

The Windsor Foundation: Started by canning magnate (and New Brunswicker) Sidney Albert Windsor.

$500,000 – $999,000

CIBC: Another Rothschild front. This bank actually promotes a culture of gay sex among employees to ensure subordination. Those becoming bottoms in such relationships with superiors are unlikely to raise alarm when they see suspicious activity.

Cisco Systems Canada Limited

Counselling Foundation of Canada

Jenepher Cupitt Estate

Dalhousie Faculty and Staff

Donner Canadian Foundation: Referred to as a supporter of the Canadian (fake) right wing.

Elizabeth and Frederick Fountain:

Harvey A. Graham Estate

Law Foundation of Nova Scotia

Douglas C. Mackay

Gladys Mackay Estate

Michael and Kelly Meighan

Nova Scotia Hospital Foundation

Christopher Ondaatje: Fun fact: he is of Dutch-Sri Lankan origin. It seems that some Dutch ended up there in their servitude to the scummy East India Company.

Magdalena Ozvegy Estate

Queen Elizabeth II Foundation


Stora Enso

$250,000 – $499,000

Andrew W Mellon Foundation: To quote, “The cartoon figure in black top hat and tails with white mustache on the board game Monopoly is modeled after Mellon.” Enough said.

Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation

Mildred J. Archibald Estate

Bank of Montreal

David A Bissett

Bristol Myers Squibb Canada Inc

Mona L Campbell

Corrections Canada

Purdy Crawford

Ford Foundation: (Read: CIA)

Marjorie and Sheldon Fountain

John and Lina Graham

Imperial Oil Limited

Imperial Tobacco Canada Ltd

Jen Mackenzie Douthwaite Estate

Nortel Networks: While this company went down as Canada’s Enron, it seems that it was propped up in the first place to create technology that would be later stolen/inherited by China based Huawei.

Nova Scotia Power, An Emera Company

Osler, Hoskin and Harcourt LLP

Petro Canada Inc

Royal Bank Financial Group

John A. Scrymgeour

Shell Canada Limited: A Rothschild front

Smithkline Beecham Pharma Inc

Sobey Group of Companies

Michael Stork

$100,000 – $249,000



Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Allergan Inc

Apotex Inc

Ash Temple Limited

Astrazeneca Canada Inc

Barbara Bell Estate

Blake Cassells and Graydon LLP

John Bragg and Family

Derek and Margaret Brown

C D Howe Memorial Foundation

R Diane and Wesley Campbell

Canadian National

W Edmund and Fran Clark

Compass Group Canada (Beaver) Ltd

Sarah Cox Estate

Eli Lilly Canada Inc: In the news for hiking the price of insulin by up to 700%..

Dale M. Farnham Estate

Katherine M. Forbes Trust

Marion Inez Arline Gaynor Estate

The Glaxo Wellcome Foundation

Glengarry Foundation: If this is the same one, this doesn’t sound good.

Donald G Grant Estate

Harold Crabtree Foundation: To quote,

In 1931 Mr. Crabtree was elected member of the Board and Vice-President of Woods Manufacturing Company. He became President in 1936. During WWII he resigned this position to become a “dollar-a-year man” as President of Allied War Supplies Corporation (a Crown company supervising, administering, and directing projects dealing with chemicals, explosives, and ammunition-filling from Quebec to British Columbia). For these services, he was awarded the C.B.E. or Companion of the British Empire.

Daniel W Hoare Estate

Helen Mary Holden Quinlan Estate

Russell O Hunter Estate

IBM Canada Ltd

James McDonnell Foundation


Herbert S Lamb Estate

Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation

Muriel Lucas Estate

Rod and Robin Maclennan

Lachlan McPherson Estate

Manulife Financial

The McCain Foundation: Another McCain; See above.

McInnes Cooper

Donald McInnis Estate

Blanche Margaret Meagher Estate

Michelin North America Canada Inc

Ralph Edward Mitchell Estate

Muscular Dystrophy Association Inc

Narsad Research Institute Inc

Newbridge Networks Corporation

Novartis Pharma Canada Inc

Novopharm Limited

James S. Palmer

Parkinson Foundation of Canada

Pharmacy Association of NS (PANS)

Pharmasave Drugs (Atlantic) Ltd

Power Corporation of Canada

Chester Pugsley Estate

Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Family Foundation: the Bronfmans built their fortune smuggling dope to Americans during the prohibition era. Currently, part of their fortune is being used to create cults of brainwashed female sex slaves.

Donald C R Sobey

Roy G. Steed

Stewart Mckelvey Stirling Scales

TD Canada Trust

George C. Thompson

Transcanada Pipelines: They run the Keystone XL Pipeline project. It might be interesting to check out Dalhousie’s position on the pipeline controversy.

Dean Milton Trimper Estate

Dorothy Eileen Turner Estate

Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation

Dorothy C F Ward Estate

$50,000 – $99,000

Abbot Laboratories Ltd

Alcon Universal Ltd

David I Alexander

Alzheimer Society of NS

J David Amrault

Association of Professional Engineers of NS (APENS)

George Spicer Atkins

Leslie and Eva Balazs

Bayer Inc: A successor of IG Farben, a German conglomerate that manufactured the Zyklon B gas used in nazi gas chambers, which killed millions. For some strange reason, all Jewish and Zionist groups look the other way.

Berlex Canada Inc

Helen L Bethune

Birks Family Foundation


Cox Hanson O Reilly Matheson

Julie Cummings

Dalhousie Medical Alumni Association

Sir Graham and Lady Day


Dentsply Canada Ltd

Dow Chemical Company: Responsible for the Bhopal Gas tragedy, the worst “industrial accident” in human history, which killed thousands of people. Still pretending like nothing happened.

EJLB Foundation

Gerald A Ferguson

Fujisawa Canada Inc

Genfarm Inc Pharmaceuticals

Geoffrey H Wood Foundation

Glaucoma Research Foundation

Reg Goodday

Margaret H M Grant

Michael Gross

Hudson River Foundation for Science

Intertape Polymer Group NC

John D and Catherine T Macarthur Foundation

Derek S Jones

John F Knodell Estate

Emily Ruth Laing Estate

Ross K Leighton

Calvin William Macintosh Estate

Ian F and Johanne Mckee

McNeil Consumer Products Co

Meloche Monnex Inc: (Moloch?)

Archie Morrison

Allan D Nickerson Estate

NS Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Nova Scotia Council on Higher Education

Gladys Osman Estate

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

Robert P Parkin

Patterson Palmer Hunt Murphy

David K Peters

Pfizer Canada Inc

David S Precious

William A Rand

RBC Dominion Securities Inc

Helena M. Read Estate

Gerald P Reardon

James C Reid Estate

Restauronics Services Ltd

Rick Hansen Man in Motion Foundation

Hazel Robertson Ritchie Estate

Robbie/Young + Wright Architects Inc

Rogers Communications Inc

Romark Laboratories LC

Scotia Investments Group of Companies

Scottsburn Cooperative Services

Allan C and Leslie Shaw

Robbie Shaw and Alexa Mcdonough: The former leader of the federal and Nova Scotian NDP Alexa McDonough, is related to the Shaw family. Just as there is a fake right, there is also a fake left.

The Shaw Group Ltd

Shoppers Drug Mart

Richard P. Ward Estate

Mary Lucy Warr Estate

Christine Elizabeth Zinck Estate

$25,000 – $49,999

American Digestive Health Foundation

Armview Estates Ltd

George C Baker

David G Bell

Bermuda Biological Station for Research

Barbara Bisson

Janet Blair Dominick

BP Canada Energy Company: BP is a Rothschild front.

Frances O Brewer

Edward and Ruth Byrne

Canadian Association for Community Living

Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores

Patrick Chiasson

Philip A Cole

Margaret M Cragg

Craig Foundation for Visual and Performing Arts

Edith M Creighton Estate

John Cuthbertson and Rhonda Wishart

William F Dickson

The Eaton Foundation

Roy E Englund

Nancy Forrest

P Peter Fransblow

Free Willy Keiko Foundation

Betsy Garrett Bang

George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation

Lorraine Gilbert

Constance R Glube

Margaret Godsoe

Peter And Shelagh Godsoe

I Roy Gold

Jan Goodlad

John Greer

H W Wilson Foundation Inc

Heart And Stroke Foundation Of NS

Henry Schein Arcona

Henry White Kinnear Foundation

Eileen Hert Man

Norman Horrocks

Hubbs-Seaworld Research Institute

Orlando R Hung

John C Hyndman

John A Iceton

IWk Health Centre

J Armand Bombarder Foundation

Jacques Whitford & Assoc Ltd

Leslie A Jeffrey

Johnson & Johnson: The Pharmaceutical Giant That puts Asbestos In Baby Talcum Powder.

David G Johnston

Robert William Kerr Estate

Elizabeth Kilpatrick Estate

Fulton D Langille Estate

S Tullio Laufer

Layton Bioscience Inc

Le Groupe Jean Coutu Pjc Nc

Abe J Leventhal

L’institut Roeher Institute

Liposome Pain Management Ltd

Lydon Lynch Architects

Maccallum Grant Charitable Foundation

Maritime Awards Society of Canada

Maritime Life

David I Matheson

Debborah E Matheson

Linda And Al Matthews

Pat Mcleod

J William Ano Edith Mingo

William M Murphy

Nancy’s Very Own Foundation

National Geographic Society

NB Pharmaceutical Society

New Brunwick Pharmacists Association Inc

Nova Chemicals Corporation

Ocean Contractors Ltd

Ocean Futures

Georgina M Odell Estate

Wnston S Parkhill

David P Petrie

Pharmascience Inc

The Plum Foundation

Protein Design Labs Inc

Thomas H Raddall

Ravi Ravindra

Douglas And Maureen Reid

A Freda Robb

Donald S Robb

Rockefeller Foundation: No Explanation Needed.

Jennfer Rogers

John Ruedy

Sandoz Pharma Ag

Scotia Capital Inc

Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation: Freemasons

Shannex Health Care Mgmt Inc

Joseph And Hattie Ship

Sirona (Siemens)

Smth & Nephew Richards

Society For Marine Mammalogy

J Stuart Soeldner

William D Stansh

Sterlng Winthrop Inc

Stikeman Elliott

Jordan G Sullivan

Takara Belmont

Thyssen Montenay Elevator Inc

TUNS Students

Warner Lambert Canada Nc

David M Webster

J Alexander Webster

Marion E Webster

Whip Mix Corporation

Whw Archtects Inc

William Nycum Associates Ltd

Peter A Williams

J Don Wilson

Don Wright

Wright Medical Technology Canada Ltd

Samuel E York

David Zacharia Estate

$10,000 – $24,000

AJ Diamond Donald Schmitt And Company

Christopher Tallen

American Assoc Of Orthodontists Foundation

H Douglas Anderson

Peter A Anderson

Angus Investments Ltd

David D Archibald

Gerald W Archibald

At&T Foundation

Atlantic Industrial Research Institute

Axcan Pharma Inc

Anne P Aylmer

Richard A Barker

Dorothy R Barnard

Sonja I Bata: Of Bata shoes fame

Ian G Beauprie

Bennett Family Foundation

Richard H Bezanson

Alison Biedermann-Hill

J Ewart Blanchard

BMO Nesbitt Burns

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Ed Bowes

Carl M Boyd

Branscombe Family Foundation

Harold W Brogan

Richard S Brookfield Estate

Douglas C S Brown

Hugh M Brown

Paul J Brunelle

William K Buckley Estate

Olivia Burdet-Coutts

Robert B Cameron Jr

Catherine J Campbell

Canada Life Assurance Company

Canadian Tire: Owned By The Irvings.

Joan I Casey

M Thomas Casey

Margaret Starr Casey

Charles And Anne M Lindbergh Foundation: The Lindberghs were elitists disguised as popular opposition to Socialism.

Chinook Group

Chitogenics Ltd

Peter And Helena Chow

Innis M Christie

A John M Clark

Frances K Clark

James M Clark

Melvin E Clark

Lorne O Clarke

James And Edna Claydon

Catherine M Coady

College of Physicians & Surgeons NS

Cook (Canada) Inc

Thomas J Coonan

Stephen E Copp

Robert H Crosby

Gudrun Curri

Lesley G Curtis

Dale C Daley

Robert Macgregor Dawson Estate

Brian J. Delaney

Frances Dennis

Karl H Dilcher

Claudio Diquinzio

The Drug Store Atlantic Superstores

M Loreen Dunklee

The Eastern Front Theatre

Edel Grass America Inc

MDS Environmental Services Ltd

Lourdes Embil

ENT Associates

Lee Erickson

Exan Technologies Inc.

Kenneth W Fairhurst

Irwin Fingard

Judith J Fingard

James G Fogo

Fowler Bauld & Mitchell Ltd

Pat Furlong

Elizabeth Fyfe

Forest W Fyfe

Jeanne F Gale Estate

William Gallacher

Ron Gaudet

Errol F Gaum

General Electric Canada Inc

Gennum Corporation

Joan A Gilroy

Howard Glube Estate

Dale A Godsoe

Edgar Gold

Elaine F Gordon

Judson Malcolm Graham Estate

Jean D Gray

Miriam Guptill

Darryl D Haley

Halifax Regional Water Commission

Richard I Hall

Abdul R Hamodah

Edwin And Patricia Harris

Andrew O Hebb

Hereditary Disease Foundation

Highbury Foundation

J Donald Hill

Deborah Hobson

Hope Charitable Foundation

Howard Hughes Medical Institute: This might be a “zombie” foundation.

Huntington’s Disease Society Of America

Ian Douglas Bebensee Foundation

Ideas Canada Foundation

Harold F Johnson

Donald E Johnston

Bronwyn Jones Estate

Jouveinal Inc

Patrick J Keenan

M A (Tony) Kelly

A Russell Kempton

Lewis H King

Charlotte F Kitchin

Knight Bain Seath & Holbrook

J W Donald Knox

Harley G Kushel

Lafarge Canada Inc.

Laidlaw Foundation

Lynn N Lamont

J Adam Law

J Lorne Leahey

Joseph H Lesser

Lipoderm Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Patricia L Livingston

Grant Llewellyn

Edward J Longard

Frank Lovely

Donald G Macdiarmid

Allan S Macdonald

William A Macinnis

Dan Macintosh

George K Macintosh

Annette Macintyre

Doris Mackinnon

John A Macleod

Isabel Macneill Estate

C Malcolm Macquarrie

Tom Macquarrie

David M Mann

Maritime Broadcasting System

Richard Martone

F A (Tony) Martin

Bryan And Maureen Mason

John R Matheson

Rand H Matheson

Marjory Matheson Estate

Tim C Matthews

D Stewart Mcinnes

L Lynn Mcintyre

Eric And Colleen Mckee

Richard G Mclaren

P D Mctaggart-Cowan

Medical Society Of NS

Medmira Laboratories Limited

Methyl Bromide Global Coalition: To quote,

Funding research that casts doubt on the broad scientific consensus that methyl bromide poses a serious threat to the stratospheric ozone layer. Directly influencing Montreal Protocol debate on banning methyl bromide.

Nice company that Dal keeps.

Geoff And Ingrid Meyerhof

Derry Millar

Virginia I Mills

Ralph Milrod

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories

Modular & Custom

Morgan Stanley Canada Ltd

Ian R Morris

Donald L Morrison

Mabel M Morrison Estate

R E Munn

T J (Jock) Murray

Joseph G Nasser

New Brunswick School Trustees Association

Newcastle Capital Management Inc

Johnson C Ngan

Frank Nolan

North British Society

North NS Highlanders Memory Club

Northstar Trade Finance Inc

Nova Scotia Barristers Society

Nova Scotia Beekeepers Association

Nova Scotia Pharmaceutical Society

Frank A Nulf

Robert T Nunn

A Barry Oland

Bruce S C Oland

Onex Corporation

Ortho Mcneil Canada

Pancanadian Petroleum Limited

Norman G Pereira: A tool who teaches Russian history at Dalhousie. Author of stuff like:

  • “Revisiting the Revisionists and their Critics,” The Historian (2010), 72, no. 1, pp. 23-37
  • “Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Anti-Semitism” in Baumgarten, M., Kenez, P., and Thompson, B. (eds.), Varieties of Anti-Semitism: History, Ideology, Discourse (University of Delaware Press, 2009), pp. 264-276.
  • “Negative Images of Jews in Recent Russian Literature,” Canadian Slavonic Papers (June 2006), 48, nos.1-2, pp. 47-64


  • Moderator for a panel discussion entitled “The Jewish Left.” This was hosted at the Library of the Shaar Shalom Synagogue at Halifax.
  • Speaker at a conference, Rethinking Antisemitism: The Holocaust and the Contemporary World. This conference was hosted in May 2003 by the Jewish Studies Department at the University of Santa Cruz.
  • Was involved in a Soviet-Canadian program in “Russian studies” conducted by Dalhousie University and the Soviet Government owned Pushkin Institute in Moscow in 1976.
  • Recipient of the International Research and Exchanges Board USSR award (1973)
  • Also Recipient of a National Defence Foreign Language Fellowship (1965-67)

George Stanley Perrin Estate

Peter And Elizabeth Tower Foundation

Pharmacy Examining Board Of Canada

George And Geraldine Piercey

Positron Industries Inc

Carl B Potter

Gordon S Rankin

Helena M Read

Catherine May Read Estate

Rheinzink Canada Ltd

Howard A Ripley

Robert Pope Foundation

David C Robertson

William L Roderick

Allan D Rodger

Ronald G Rogers

Fiona M Roper

Philip And Suzanne Rosson

Kenneth C Rowe

Thomas S Roy

Gordon R Rudolph

James E Rutledge Estate

Carolyn A Savoy

Scaffold Connection

Schlumberger Foundation Inc

Robert D Schwarz


Susan G Scott

Sam And Jennifer Scully

Vernon B Shaffner

E Fraser Sherrard

Ron Shuebrook

Romesh C Shukla

Glenn A Smith

J Bruce Smith

Ronald G Smith Estate

Helen S Sobey

Sony Of Canada Limited

K Joseph Spears

Denis W Stars

Robert E Stalker

Gordon Dawson Stanfield Estate

Stanfield’s Limited

Janice Stephenson

Chester B Stewart

Kathleen S Stewart

Robert M Stone

J Timothy Sullivan

Mary Szeto

Emily Y Tan

Telecom Applications Research Alliance

Beatrice Tingley

Toronto Star Newspaper Ltd


Tom And Karen Traves

Carl W Trider

Stewart Douglas Vair Estate

Harvey A Veniot

Vicbir Family Foundation

M Nurul Wali

Wal-Mart Canada Corp: The Grim Reaper of North American retail. Promotes the Communist Party of China and their slave economy.

Tossaporn Weir

Gordon S Whatley

John G Williams

Bertha Wilson

Budge Wilson

Roy W Wong

W Desmond R Writer

Reginald H Yabsley

Harold Yazer

Kenneth Yee


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