How Canadian Intelligence recruits people for gang-stalking their victims

Last Updated on March 30, 2023 by cabaltime

Apparently, such pieces of human garbage don’t need to know why they are stalking someone or how the information will be used. As long as the cheque’s in the mail they are fine with it. Now lets suppose some highly placed pedocrat in an Ottawa government building sees an attractive female skating down the Rideau Canal, these are exactly the stalkers that will be deployed to figure out her background (If her family is existent and supportive, they might raise a ruckus when she disappears).

As for some memorable incidents. They once sent a rather senior gentleman my way (shows up in the next cubicle at work) who had already worked for them. Gaining my confidence was supposed to be a ticket to a promotion. He seemed to know all sorts of background information about me, even particular vehicle part I was interested in, and he tried hard to use that information to lure me to his garage. Then there was another “student” at St. Marys, who one only one occassion, rather absent-mindedly showed up with his CSIS lanyard at class (they have a secret briefing area on campus). It had the full logo of CSIS on it. I was able to figure out that he was earlier involved with infiltrating Quebec separatists.

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