Chinese style organ stealing coming to Nova Scotia

Last Updated on March 30, 2023 by cabaltime

Did you know that over the years, China has executed upto 1.5 million political prisoners just to harvest their organs? The majority appear to be healthy meditation practioners (The Falun Gong) and the Uyghurs, who in this leaked drone footage, are seen being marched into trains, Auschwitz style. The hair of their captured and murdered women was later exported to USA as wigs.

The Communist Party of China was originally implanted by Western Criminal interests, and continues to be remotely operated by them from unassuming places like New Brunswick and Nova Scotia (Hint: Check the number of “business trips” to China made by your local Criminal Elite, both government and business). It is only natural that they try to establish a limited version of their accomplishments in China in the Maritimes itself. And so, we have Nova Scotia becoming the first province to steal your organs when you die. While organ donation can work with the right people, the NSHA does not have the credibility to do the same. Let me explain why this is problematic.

  • Almost all members of the Criminal Elite seem to have backdoor access to Health data, as well as priority in terms of healthcare (this is illegal when it comes to public healthcare, but who’s watching?).
  • Many members of the Criminal Elite need multiple transplants throughout their lives.
  • Now lets suppose Piddler Namus Picklestein (a British Pedolord, who also happens to be a Canadian dual citizen) needs an organ urgently. Lets suppose he has backdoor access to Canadian health data. The moment he is matched up to someone who is dying in Canada, he gets a rush transplant.
  • When powerful recipients are involved, there have been cases where the rush to “recover” organs from dying patients is so great, that there is great pressure to pronounce the donor as dead. Would you trust healthcare authorities, which have been at the forefront of faking pandemics, with such decisions?

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