On “Defund the Police”


The “Defund the Police” Campaign is not as innocent as you think it is. Granted, the present-day police consists of police officers, not peace officers, even though they may identify as the latter for marketing purposes. The answer is to reform the police. For example, make them accountable. Ban membership in Secret Societies and Fraternities. But if you live here, you know thats not going to happen. Instead, local police is being limited because the Military Police (under the Federal Government) is expected to play a sub substitute role in the next pandemic (or manufactured crisis). You can already see their millions of dollars of their equipment and infrastructure sprouting up all over the city. Yet nobody bothers to ask why the military feels the need to “police” Canadian citizens on Canadian soil. Similar measures were undertaken in Germany to limit the powers of local police, so that they would not be able to interfere in the operations of the Hitler Youth.

It can be argued that they may not have the numbers to be a complete substitute to local police. But they can hire temps for less than $18/hour (Igor and his pals from the Blastyna Oblast). Throw in some surplus military uniforms and face masks, you wont be able to notice the difference. Also, the “temps” will happily quarantine you and inject your children with vaccines. Whereas some local police officers would naturally show reluctance, especially if their own families lived in the vicinity. You really don’t want to be in Canada when they start marching you off to the “Muster Points,” the signs of which have already been placed throughout the city in 2017.

According to the 2017 Halifax Municipal Emergency Plan, Muster Points are “Locations designated for the gathering of prisoners evacuees for processing and transport out of an evacuation zone.” This is one such Muster Point sign that has popped up on Robie Street (near Scotia Tires).

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