Covid-19 Restrictions Specifically targeting International Students

With the imposition of arbitrary terms and conditions for self-isolation, as well as the imposition of Stasi-level spying and surveillance, complete with police kicking doors and issuing $1000 fines, Dalhousie and other Maritime Universities are no longer a realistic option for any student who has to travel abroad. These Universities have effectively thrown such students under the bus. But formally, they avoid stating as such, because doing that would entitle such students to refunds and compensations. They still want your money (but not you). It will only get worse because the so-called Atlantic bubble is (and historically was) a spook playground, and they intend to accelerate social conditioning here. Get your refund while you still can.

Dear International Students and non-local students at Dal and other NS Universities, please consider finding another University. Since Dal is at the forefront of the Plandemic, they have gone out of their way to stir unwarranted drama, which makes pursuing University education for International students and non-locals (or any student who travels outside the Maritimes) completely unrealistic. They should have rather compensated all such students and forwarded them to other Universities outside the Maritimes. Instead such students are being made to jump hoops of fire the moment they return from International travel, by being subject to surveillance, fines and contradictory rules. For example, those unlucky enough to be housed on the Dal campus have to sit in their bedrooms, yet they are permitted to use group washrooms and common laundry areas with masks (The virus cannot be stopped with masks). They are allowed brief walks, yet they are not allowed inside any buildings. They are allowed to eat, yet they must order meals at their own expense to their room. They are living in and interacting with a building full of people, yet they cannot have visitors or relatives. These seemingly contradictory and unscientific rules serve as free marketing for the COVID-19 hype. In a real University each and every such rule would be scrutinized and debated. But there is no Intelligentsia, no debate and no real University. The so called hurried experts are busy, reciting their talking points and making sure they get paid. Dalhousie is free to be a fake University, but then they should not charge the tuition of a regular University.

Whats worse is that a surveillance mechanism has been set up, specifically targeting international students. Fines of up to a $1000 have been slapped. Maybe this is how these institutions stay true to their “spook heritage.” If you stand out as non-local, do not talk to locals. Be aware of the “Martinet” culture in place, where people can keep pretending to be nice while destroying you. To quote,

Martinets often use etiquette and other rules as an excuse to trump ethics, to the point that etiquette loses its ethical ground.”  Basically, that’s an over-educated way to say “passive/aggressive.

And understand that while you navigate the societal failure, there is not much you can really do about it. If this was really about preventing illness (as opposed to social conditioning and theatre), why didn’t Halifax Universities scrap their special exchange programs with China when this madness began in March 2020?

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