A Known Side-Effect of browsing Conspiracy Websites

Regular readers to this website (as well as other conspiracy websites, and readers of conspiracy literature), have you noticed that TV no longer holds any appeal for you? Here are some snippets of a Reddit discussion on the same.

To quote a user,

Ive learnt through experience and overcoming cognitive dissonance that society doesn’t work as presented. Movies are meant to have somewhat of a semblance of realism such as governments not being corrupt and legal systems being fair aswell as law enforcement being law abiding apart from some crooked cops here and there. People in movies are very narrow minded and stereotypical. Its like movies are designed to dumb us down to social mechanics.

I can’t look at my TV the same way again and the only thing I really watch anymore is BBC Earth because it shows non-indoctrinated people and wildlife rather than trying to portray some social image.

[……] Im pretty sure all of western drama has special guidelines designed to dumb people down. For example peoples inuition is rarely ever displayed or a topic unless it’s in a fictional sense. Also people in movies are strictly Anglo-Saxon in demeanour unless its comedy or they are portraying something for the storyline.

And to quote another user,

This might be a stretch, or just bad writing, but the biggest sin in movies is saying something that could get you ostracized. A husband will see a ghost in the mirror, then see his flustered wife walk out of the same room he saw it in. They will not talk about something they both saw because they don’t want to be ostracized by the other. That’s the hidden message in all media, intentional or not. How many times would an uncomfortable conversation change the movie, but instead their fear of sounding weird keeps the plot moving? To me it sticks out like a sore thumb. Why wouldn’t you talk about the weird thing you just saw? Not just horror, but almost every whacky situation in comedies could be explained away simply, except for the fear of the other person saying “That’s weird” and walking away.

Another user on how liquor gets product placement:

I don’t call it television anymore, I call it tell-lie-vision or simply The Narrative. It’s one of my favorite subjects, honestly. It’s so obvious, once you can see what’s there to see…product placement means more than cans of soda. Ideas and concepts are products now. Heck, you can make a BINGO card and start checking them off, the products are so prevalent for any given ‘season’. I ignored the flickering for many years, got used to life without television or knowing what movies are ‘in the theaters’. Last year I left a job and took some time off, decided to actually look at what people are seeing and I’m ignoring…and I could write a book, there’s so much to see. I find myself offended so much that all I can do is laugh– Bernaysian wet dreams for everyone! Can’t advertise liquor or tobacco? No problem! Liquor and tobacco will pay for shows, just for you! Play along, light up and drink up in every scene you see it! We’ll have great fun together, smoking and drinking! Every show ends in a bar this season!I can go on and on and on and on…but I just encourage others to see what they can see if they are gonna look. Break the spell created by giving over your suspension of disbelief. Look for blocking tape on floors. Notice what’s on the wall over a character’s shoulder. Notice how everyone constantly flips and brushes their hair out of their faces for Best Camera Angle. Notice how they can drink drink drink and never actually get slobbery drunk– what, can’t you? Notice the moon faces growing over time on the biggest cokeheads in Hollywood, how flamboyantly they portray their characters given, how the veins can’t even be covered up by makeup anymore as they pop through temples, they are so abused. Notice the makeup itself, for fuck’s sake. And nowadays…notice the CGI and the green screen glow around people and things pretending. And remember that it’s ALL just pretending. It’s ALL just good lighting and maybe decent sound used to capture a bunch of pretending, which is then given over to others to mess with to ensure the pretending comes off well enough for you to not notice all the rest of the stuff they included for your subconscious to absorb and integrate, subtly helping you to join in the pretending and keep The Narrative alive.

Another user confirms pulling the plug

Definitely. I stopped watching TV or any movie at all years ago. Maybe 10 years ago. I realized movies are never meant to merely tell a nice story. There are always evil motives, to promote any form of degeneracy, to demonize the Christian Church, etc… The rare occasions when I watch something these days are either a wildlife doco like you do, or an old western movie with Clint Eastwood, this kind of things.

A user only watches to analyze

It did for me, for a long time, but now, after several years of no TV or movies, I’ve found that watching movies that I saw and enjoyed years ago, has a newfound excitement because of my ability to see hidden truths and messages and to read symbolism. It took years of abstinence from media to be able to appreciate it this way.

The Powers That Be fixate on movies, television, and its online equivalent, Netflix and Amazon Prime because the activity of “watching” induces a receptive and passive state, a phenomena which has never been completely (publicly) investigated. It is exactly for this reason that even in faraway places like India, the Criminal Elite are found clustered in the city of Mumbai, home of the local film industry. To give one example of how “watching” can shape our perception, consider the fact that most people are too lazy to investigate the world around them. But when they end up watching a movie or a television show which includes a topic they were up to that point personally unaware of, they absorb that interpretation as their own experience, rather than dismissing it as someone else’s point of view. For example, many Indian city folk never go into villages. But when Bollywood inserts phenomena from faraway villages (with a dis-informative twist), those who watch act like they now have first-hand experience. There is reason why television shows were originally referred to as “programming.” Sadly, in the early days of television, people would ritually tune in to watch whatever was “on.” Today, there may appear to be more choices, but the phenomenon of the watcher being in a passive-receptive state still remains. This of course does not mean that interactive media, like websites and games cannot be used for brainwashing. They are. But unless they are fairly immersive, they fail at that.

If you want to investigate this passive-receptive state further, from a scientific angle, read Marshall McLuhan.


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