Anonymous on Anonymous Voting

A reader sends in lofty ideas on how to make voting more transparent. It is interesting how The Powers That Be have retained Anonymity exclusively for voting, but have abolished it everywhere else, such as banking, online activity, transport etc. Even more interesting is the fact that electronic voting has been developed exclusively for making voting more opaque. With present-day electronic voting, the paper trail is now even more obscure than regular voting, even though what is being proposed by this reader can be easily cobbled up with limited resources.

A lot of people seem no surprise at all at this fraud of an election. Historically, American elections are all about fraud and who can do it and get away with it. It is said there hasn’t been an honest election in Chicago since before Prohibition. It is my belief there is only one way to have secure, accurate elections: eliminate anonymous voting. As long as voting is anonymous, there will always be opportunity for fraud. Dump a quantity of ballots on the counting machine, and even though no one knows where they came from, they will be counted. Anonymous voting is impossible to secure. Just look at our important records. We don’t do our banking anonymously. We can’t file anonymous taxes. Our homes and cars aren’t registered anonymously. Voting cannot be done accurately if it is done anonymously – there is simply no way to verify. If anonymous voting were done away with we could go to full secure online voting, Log records, Audit trails, Confirmation emails with packet checksum, Outgoing email servers keeping a copy. The Email Service would have a copy. The voter would have a copy. Servers keep the vote “packet” for tally, which has your info with the checksum. Any side could request a copy of the packets and tally them themselves. We would vote online and be sent a confirmation email of how we voted. Our vote on the various candidates and issues along with our information would be wrapped in a packet file with a calculated checksum. The checksum would guarantee that not one single bit in the file is changed, and the checksum would be included with our confirmation email. Later, election officials could ask for our checksum to further verify computer records (and just the checksum – which would stop voters from changing their mind about how they wanted to vote). Records could be subpoenaed from Email Services, for example, for validation. Logs could be checked on the servers, emails could be checked on the email server, the Email Service could send copies, all verifiable and double-checked. Further, voters could be cross-checked with other records to make certain a voter was a real, live person (not a made-up or dead person). And verified after the vote. In today’s elections once a ballot is separated from a person there is no way to invalidate fraud. Anonymous voting is nothing but a clarion call for evil psychopath criminals.

Anonymous Reader “Kris.”

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