HRM – The Dark Side

The Coast has an enlightening article on how some Builder “Families” (and major donors of Dalhousie University) operate in Halifax. To quote,

The ins and outs of Roshani’s appeals, lawsuits and other claims would take forever to explain. The Court of Appeal record alone is collected in 12 two-inch thick volumes. Roshani has been frustrated at every turn; he has gone through five or six lawyers, he claims a conspiracy on the part of former city councillor Len Goucher against him (a claim that a court rejected) and by mayor Peter Kelly (a claim that the UARB has ruled out of order). Roshani paid for Ahmadi to fly here from Kuwait to testify, and for a translator because Ahmadi does not speak English. Some of the story is fantastic: one of his lawyers’ house burned down, with his court papers, the day before a hearing.

That is Halifax Big Business AND Halifax Courts in a nutshell. For stuff like this to happen, Municipal Elections have to be rigged. Notice how the same old families are recycled as Councillors.

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