Bitter End. Really?

On 2nd November 2020, NSHA claims that there was a “Covid Exposure” at the Bitter End Martini Bar at Halifax. It looks like whoever is deciding what is an “exposure” and fudging the data atleast has a sense of humour. Well OK, that was probably an inside joke and plebs wont get it.

The problem with reports of “exposures” and even actual cases is that they can never be verified, or audited in the future, due to patient confidentiality laws. You just have to believe them. And the Powers That Be do get creative. For example, there were massive anti-lockdown protests in Montreal, which were never covered by mainstream media. TPTB responded by putting Montreal under lockdown……becoz “cases.”

To give you an idea of how completely the narrative is controlled, even in smalltown Halifax, consider this post in the Halifax Subreddit:

Remember back in March to Mayish when the sub was flooded with posts trying to shame people for doing things they are allowed to do?

Anyone noticed an uptick of that again recently... Interestingly enough the shamers are mostly usernames I do not recognize as regulars.

I'm not putting this forward as some grand conspiracy that covid isn't real. Clearly it's real and should be taken seriously. It's just weird the number of accounts that only speak up when advocating for barricading ourselves in our houses.

There was the survey last week when the new restrictions came out asking if people planned to change their behaviour, and all the comments were from usernames I didn't recognize bragging about how they haven't left their house since March. Like, ok, there were effectively no cases all summer and most of the fall, but I guess good for you for doing that to yourself? Way to go?

There's a weird group of users that only seem to comment for the fetishization of isolating themselves. It's odd.

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