The Dal Quarantine Scam

Dalhousie University is scamming returning International Students into doing their Quarantine at private hotels for a whopping cost of $813-$1,627.36, even if they have the option to safely quarantine at their place of residence, and even if they have paid full leases for private accomodation! This is in open violation of the already draconian Provincial Laws. If they operate a Law School yet have no qualms about violating Provincial Laws, you get the picture of how scummy they really are. After a petition to refund the costs gathered more than 2000 signatures, Dalhousie did some damage control, stating that this was neccessary to keep their status as a “Designated Learning Institution.” Is this really the case? What if there is some undocumented arrangement between bigshots at Dal and the private hotels involved, who are being paid in full, and at the market rate? Remember that Dal is paying the hotels for any difference to the market rate using its own funds, which have been set aside especially for this. These funds in turn, are largely courtesy the taxpayer, which are being diverted to private hotels! So the Powers That Be are not just fleecing International Students…..

Here is the fulltext of the Petition. Do sign it.

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