Chinese Masks

Some Chinese face masks distributed in schools and daycares may damage your lungs. To quote,

Some daycare educators had been suspicious of these grey and blue masks for a while because they felt like they were swallowing cat hair while wearing them, Radio-Canada has learned. Health Canada conducted a preliminary risk assessment which revealed a potential for early lung damage associated with inhalation of microscopic graphene particles. Graphene is a strong, very thin material that is used in fabrication, but it can be harmful to lungs when inhaled and can cause long-term health problems. Patrick Baillargeon, who is charge of purchasing Quebec’s laboratory supplies, warns in a letter that Health Canada has not received any data to support the safety and efficacy of face masks containing graphene particles and therefore considers the risks associated with these medical devices unacceptable. Radio-Canada has learned these masks were also distributed to Revenu Québec in recent months.

No comment from Dr. Strang though.

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