Fear and Paranoia in Nova Scotia

What happens when you become the most government-dominated province in Canada? Your citizens become government enforcers. To quote,

An article in the New York Times last month detailed the phenomenon, saying it was particularly prevalent in Canada’s Maritime provinces, where people have reportedly been shunned by neighbours, family and friends if they’re perceived to be skirting COVID-19 regulations. Dr. Robert Huish, an associate professor in the International Development Studies department at Dalhousie University in Halifax, N.S., is conducting a study on the public shaming and stigma faced by people in Nova Scotia who have tested positive for coronavirus or are perceived to be breaking the rules. “Cars were keyed, hostilities took place in parking lots,” said Huish. “Students who lined up for mass testing were scolded by cars driving by.”

Some of them believe thats how they are supposed to repay the pogey. Seemingly picturesque and peaceful communities have overnight become East European style surveillance societies, especially those where people know each other.

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