Court Injunction obtained against anti-vaccine protests in NS

Dr. Strang and the Gang have hurriedly obtained a court injunction to block all protests against vaccines, lockdowns and masks. This injunction was happily gifted without even notifying the organizers of the protests. They are that scared of a small, loosely knit group! The protestors need to change tactics and organize themselves as a pro-abortion group, which would guarantee them facetime on all major channels and newspapers. After all, wouldnt “My Body my right” apply to masks and vaccines as well?

Canadians who went all the way to Afghanistan to fight for our Freedoms®and Values®, which rock are you hiding under? Just because participating in protests doesn’t have legal immunity, shopping discounts, pensions, injury compensation and fat salaries does not mean you abandon your countrymen. Meanwhile in some very poor parts of the world, where people don’t have shiny, registered firearms hanging above their fireplace, lockdown enforcers are being attacked in the streets. Update: One Canadian soldier crawled out from under the rock but ended up getting charged for treason!

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