Iqbal on the UN; circa 1923

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Urdu/Persian poet-philosopher Muhammad Iqbal died seven years before the creation of the United Nations in 1945. However, its predecessor, the League of Nations, was created following World War I in his lifetime. There was great fanfare back then that the League of Nations would avert future wars (yet World War II did proceed as planned).

Here is what Iqbal had to say in his Persian language poetic book Payam-i-Mashriq (1923). It is clear that he never saw any good coming out of it, and would actively oppose any Muslim country seeking membership, if he was still alive. How did Iqbal develop such a prescient conclusion? It is likely that he recognized that without genuine religious-spiritual values, everything the League of Nations claimed to be was nothing more than hot air.

Here is my translation:

The League of Nations

To put an end to their ancient ritual of wars

the (pretend) concerned of the world are inventing a new ploy.

I do not know more than this that some (funeral) shroud thieves

have created institutions for dividing the graves among themselves.

Muhammad Iqbal in the Persian Payam-i-Mashriq, circa 1923.

Fast forward 98 years and we see the UN’s WHO at the forefront of the Pandemic, the Vaccinations and the Lock-downs. Yet some deluded people (including some Muslims) think that the UN may bring peace to Palestine and Kashmir. The same UN happens to be missing in action in some of the most atrocious events that took place after World War II.

  • The creation of Israel and the displacement of local Palestinians from the area.
  • The suppression and tacit genocide of native populations in North America.
  • The Partition riots in the Subcontinent.
  • The deaths of millions in the gulags of the Soviet Union, following World War II.
  • The murder of up to 8 million people by Communist China.
  • Communist atrocities in Ethiopia (Hello Tedros!), Cuba and Cambodia.
  • Soviet aggression in Czechoslovakia and Lithuania.
  • American use of chemical weapons in Vietnam and Cambodia.
  • The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
  • The First Gulf War.
  • The phoney 9/11 attacks and the equally phoney War on Terror.
  • The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • The Rohingya Genocide.
  • The current genocide of Uyghurs in China
  • Human Rights violations in China and North Korea.

The UN is becoming an imperialist nation onto itself, a nation the rest of the world would be much better without. With America slinking out of the picture via self-destruction, it seems likely that the UN seeks to inherit its global role. Which will definitely be more worse than the American one. Because the UN relies on an international army of puppets who cannot be held accountable to the values or ethos of any nation or religion in particular. Their real employers are the Globalists, whom they have always and only represented. Any real, sovereign nation would have resigned from the UN rather than giving it legitimacy.

Update: Elite child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell was found to have spoken nine times at the UN! This gives you a good idea of what kind of people run the institution.


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