Dr. Chris Milburn Fired

The Department Head of Emergency Medicine for Nova Scotia’s Eastern Zone, Dr. Chris Milburn, made some comments on a 10th June 2021 radio show. To quote,

“Most civilized places in the world left young kids in school all through this. My problem with it is number one: it’s completely unscientific, political and crass, to make it look like we’re doing good things. And number two, it’s harmful for the poorest kids.”

He also said this about Strang and the Gang:

“I would suggest that it’s a benefit to many people. Many people like power. I think there’s a number of people in power in the public health realm who are quite enjoying being in the limelight and are quite enjoying having de facto rule over our province right now and that’s not easily given up. People don’t give up power easily enough,”

Dr. Strang publicly reprimanded him. Dr. Milburn has now been fired from his position! Update: They won’t publicly claim what they fired him for.

Also, why did Strang approve the AstraZeneca vaccine when it may not be even considered to be a vaccine in the United States?

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