New Brunswick reopens ahead of schedule

It seems New Brunswick went ahead and opened up to the rest of Canada ahead of schedule. Credit goes to woke non-stupid elements in their population, particularly French Canadians some French Canadians. However, this move suddenly makes Nova Scotia look stupid, because Strang and the Gang wanted to perpetually maintain their “Atlantic Bubble.” But now opening the border to New Brunswick means that the bubble is technically burst. And Nova Scotians are feeling very very stupid. So the Nova Scotia Cabal has stepped in and decided to maintain their previous outrageous quarantine policies.

But why for even for vaccinated individuals? Because they do know that vaccines don’t work. There is a rumor that Covid was introduced in many NS nursing homes by “vaccinated” nurses. So that is what the vaccines sometimes do.

Anyway, now the border is closed by a rare show of protest by the locals. Some NS locals are even requesting outside tourists to boycott all tourism to NS. Maybe they should also put up the flags of anti-lockdown states like Texas and Florida, and take down the flag of Nova Scotia.

What most Nova Scotians cannot comprehend is that their Criminal Elite is going cannibal on them, and wont stop until they create a non-productive, East-European style dystopia, complete with bread lines and prison camps. They no longer have much “use” for a large part of the Canadian population. Historically, the local Criminal Elite were using Canada as a base to organize and carry out wars in other parts of the world. And so, the locals did not get to taste this dark side of their Criminal Elite (at least on their own streets). Now that they have secured the nation of China as a base for themselves, they no longer need to be based in Western countries, and they will therefore de-industrialize them. The enemy is within.

Sadly, many Nova Scotians still believe that blind obedience is a virtue. This is what got them here. Their tourist industry has been decimated before their eyes, but they cannot open their eyes yet.

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