Euthanasia and Vaccination

This the latest issue of a journal issued by the Canadian Medical Protective Association. It’s main audience is doctors and medico-legal professionals. The cover story is how doctors should address “vaccine hesitancy and refusal” and document it in their records (because sometimes those who survive vaccine injuries sue). In the same issue, there is advice for prescribing euthanasia. If you don’t find that dystopian, there is something wrong with you.

Unrelated to the magazine, these two issues highlight the problem with a public healthcare system. Sure, a lot of old people don’t have to pay for healthcare. But at the same time, there are cabals making public policy, who see their existence as nothing but a drain on resources. The same cabals can be found pushing them experimental vaccines and euthanasia through the public healthcare system (all courtesy the taxpayer). A lot of isolated and depressed (but normal) people can be talked into considering euthanasia. Maybe that’s plan B. Are the vaccines plan A?

You may wonder what kind of doctors may be involved with this. Those who are publicly speaking out are losing their licenses, despite the “shortage of doctors.” On the other hand, I know many shady people who seemed to have got licenses just because they demonstrated an ability to keep quiet. For example, a person with just a medical degree (from an unaccredited institution on the other side of the world) and with no residency got “fast-tracked” into licensing because she participated in some Intelligence ops against me.

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