A shocking Vaccine-Injury Testimonial from Nova Scotia

This testimonial is from Fred Pye of Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, Canada. This is his twitter, which contains heart-rending videos of him shaking uncontrollably and having convulsions. In case the videos go down, you will find a backup here and here. His family has organized a GoFundme.

Strange enough, there is no mention of this in the Nova Scotia media. I found this testimonial on a US activist website which showcases the efforts of Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) for vaccine transparency. Dr. Strang and/or NSHA have not commented on this case so far (and likely won’t). Like most of the stuff that really goes on here, it will get swept under the rug. Lets hope the activists South of the border are able to get some justice for the family.

Here is what his family has to say:

6/25/21: Got the Moderna vaccine and within the 15 min wait period took a reaction. My limbs went pins and needles and cold and then I started to shake and got extremely dizzy. My left side went paralyzed and it felt like someone twisted my lungs and I could not breathe. Shoppers drug mart called an ambulance and I got checked over and later released. That night my right foot swelled like a Balloon and red dot like rashes formed over my legs and feet. The next day when I woke up I was so fatigued and I’ll feeling, was very dizzy and had a confused persona.about me.. this continued throughout the day and that eve I collapsed and stopped breathing. My fiancee called 911 and the paramedics said my heart was in major a fib and rushed me to the hospital. I now have a heart recorder inserted under my skin to monitor my heart for 3 years.. since then I had 9 seizure like attacks , have severe muscle spasms that make it extremely hard to walk., brain fog to the point I cannot read and remember what I am even reading. When I type I have to go back and try to read what I am writing about it’s so frustrating and mentally draining . I have vibrations that surge throughout my body, my vision and smell and taste sensories dramatically decreased, I cannot work, and I have 2 children to tend for and dad is just not the same.. it breaks my heart for them and my fiancee to see me like this.. my life has made a 360 change for the worse.. I just want answers to help me and anyone else that has had these reactions and problems.. thank you for listening F.P. Nova Scotia

NS father of two Fred Pye has suffered multiple heart attacks ever since he took the Moderna vaccine on 25th May 2021. His family has been forced to organize a GoFundMe since they live in a rural area. Yet no Canadian news channel, newspaper, or media source will talk about it.

On May 25, 2021 Freddy suffered an immediate and severe reaction to his Moderna COVID vaccination. Within the 15 minute waiting period the left side of his body was paralyzed, he went cold, and his breathing became extremely shallow. He had swelling in his feet and a rash throughout his body. Freddy was treated immediately on site by paramedics.

The following night he experienced dizziness and heart palpitations, collapsed in his home and stopped breathing. Freddy’s heart went into major atrial fibrillation and he was transported back to the hospital where a loop recorder was implanted into his chest to monitor his heart. Since then he has had six seizures and/or strokes (to be determined), experiences constant uncontrollable spasms and tremors, migraines, tinnitus, fatigue, dizziness, brain fog, and overall body pain.

Freddy is a self-employed roof contractor with two children, aged 10 and 14. He is unable to work or drive, and has difficulty walking. Since his injury he has been unable to receive proper medical care in his home town, and has been dismissed and ignored by various health care providers. He is in need of many exams, test, scans, bloodwork, and to find a medical team willing to treat him. This is very likely to include travel and various other expenses. Freddy is in need of support from his community and fellow humans to assist with these impending costs, and to care for his family.

Freddy, his fiancé Jocellyn, Chloe and Greyson are very grateful to any and all that are able to help. 

***UPDATE – JUNE 22, 2021*** Freddy was taken by ambulance to the hospital again last night after he stopped breathing, experienced massive tremors in his leg and was unable to move. At the hospital he was given an ECG and bloodwork was conducted. When the results came back clear, they sent him home even after he asked to have further testing completed.

We would really like to get Freddy to a city where he can find the help he so desperately needs and to NOT be turned away!!! Please help, please share, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

29th June 2021: Have eeg scan tomorrow, fingers crossed

5th July 2021: Doctors apointment tomorrow to discuss matters and to follow up about recent blood work and eeg brain scan. Wish me luck. Thanks to all my supporters and followers much love. Hugs

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