A meme-worthy moment in the history of Atlantic Canada

On 14th May, 2021 Nova Scotia sought an injunction preventing Freedom Nova Scotia and others from staging illegal gatherings in defiance of Nova Scotia’s public health orders. On 18th June 2021 Nova Scotia petitioned its Supreme Court to have the injunction lifted. It was thankfully lifted on the 22nd.  But on 31st May 2021, Dr. Strang was quoted as follows regarding the injunction in question. This is going down as a meme-worthy moment in the history of Atlantic Canada.

I mean, I think it is still there. We still have the…you know…large numbers of people together…can present risk. We will continue to look at that. But I think the other purpose of the Injunction is to prevent groups that are spreading deliberately spreading false information that create risk. The information itself if listened to creates risk as well. That is certainly a need to manage that misinformation.

This is a first for North America! For Canada, this Injunction allowed Nova Scotia to claim its place in Canada’s Top Ten Dumbest Covid-19 Policies.

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