Saline vaccines for “Special people.”

A common argument used by pro-vaxxers is that they won’t accept the risk of vaccines unless they see everybody around them dropping dead immediately. Some anti-vaxxers have long argued that not all batches of the vaccine actually contain its active ingredients. Many batches just contain harmless saline solution. Of course, if that is the case, we may never know the correct proportion, and we may never know what mechanisms they have in place to decide who gets what. But recently, there have been reports of people being “mistakenly” injected with saline solution in Canada, although nobody is elaborating how such a mix-up could happen. In India, where vaccines are suddenly being scrutinized, it seems that The Powers That Be have briefly switched to saline solution to bring down the adverse reactions. When this was discovered, they covered it up by calling it a “scam.”

In conspiracy theory circles, it is accepted that cabal operatives and their families get the saline ones for obvious reasons (if they even bother to do so, but sometimes photo-ops are required).

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