Full Transcript of Dr. Dan Stock’s address to the Mt. Vernon School Board

Dr. Dan Stock, a specialist in Immunology and Inflammation, gave a six minute presentation to a US School Board on 6th August 2021, in which he made an articulate case that the CDC’s Covid-19 protocols were not just futile, but unscientific. He drew attention to the fact that since Covid-19 had animal reservoirs, it will always be with us (unless they start vaccinating all the animals, which could be amusing). NoNewNormal, a popular Subreddit which played a key role in making his presentation viral, has now been “quarantined” by Reddit.

Some Context

To quote,

The Mt. Vernon Community school board held a special meeting on August 6 concerning the COVID guidance that schools will enforce when children go back to the classrooms for the Fall.

The Fortville, Indiana school board invited parents and members of the community to give their input on the COVID protocols under consideration. One of the protocols being considered was a threshold for individuals per building testing positive for COVID as a trigger for stricter enforcement.

“Mt. Vernon encourages wearing masks in buildings, and requires them in buildings in the orange and red tiers – the most severe of the district’s color system,” the Greenfield Reporter notes. At the special meeting, nine people in the community spoke out against the proposed COVID protocols.

“Nine people spoke critically of the district’s health and safety protocols at the meeting, most of whom are Mt. Vernon parents,” the Greenfield Reporter states. “Their concerns included a lack of educational opportunities for quarantined students, frustration toward the ever-changing recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, impacts to students’ mental and emotional health, and effects on personal freedoms. They expressed discouragement over how political COVID-19 measures have become, pointed to low mortality and few instances of severe illness among children from the novel coronavirus, and questioned how Mt. Vernon would enforce the measures.”

One of the members of the community, a family physician named Dr. Dan Stock with an expertise in immunology, stole the show with a methodical takedown of the CDC’s confusing and “counterfactual” guidance that has since gone viral — in a good way.


Due in part to the doctor’s forceful presentation, the Mount Vernon School Board is now considering tabling a proposed update to its health and safety protocols. The motion is under consideration “after receiving feedback from parents and a physician,” the Greenfield Reporter noted.

However, the video was repeatedly removed from Youtube, and “Fact-checkers” have jumped in to refute Dr. Stock’s claims. Most recently, the r/NoNewNormal Subreddit which spread the video has been quarantined. They have migrated to another platform, and it seems they smartly had a contingency plan well in advance.

What I found very original about Dr. Stock’s presentation was his position that Covid-19 had animal reservoirs. We do know that a vaccine has already been developed for animals. But unless all animals that can act as reservoirs are vaccinated, and in the entire creation, there is no chance of “eliminating” Covid-19. Maybe the CDC, Big Pharma and the UN could give that a try, which would be rather amusing to watch, compared to their present disruption of human societies across the globe. The scale of the task could bankrupt them for good.

The Video

Full Transcript of the Video Speech

The transcript seems to have been prepared by the Hancock County Indiana Patriots.


The address you’re about to see is hard to believe 18 months into this and still having a problem. And I would suggest the reason we still have a problem is because we’re doing things that are not useful and we’re getting our sources of information from the Indiana State board of Health and the CDC who actually don’t bother to read science before they do this.

I’m actually a functional family medicine physician. That means I am speciality trained in immunology and inflammation, regulation. And everything being recommended by the CDC and the State Board of Health is actually contrary to all the rules of science.

So things you should know about coronavirus and all other respiratory viruses, they are spread by aerosol particles which are small enough to go through every mask. By the way, the literature that supports all of that is in a flash drive that we presented to you. It’s been given to the secretary.

As a matter of fact, it quotes at least three studies that’s sponsored by the NIH to that exact fact, even though the CDC and the NIH have chosen to ignore the very science that they paid to have done.

That is why you keep struggling with this, is because you cannot make these viruses go away.

The natural history of all respiratory viruses is that they circulate all year long waiting for the immune system to get sick through the winter or become deranged, as has happened recently with these vaccines. And then they cause symptomatic disease because they cannot be filtered out and they have animal reservoirs.

And this is a very important point. No one can make this virus go away. The CDC has managed to convince everybody that we can handle this like we did smallpox, where we could make a virus go away.

Smallpox had no animal reservoirs. The only thing it learned to infect was humans. That’s why we’re able to make that virus go away. That will not happen with this any more than it will with influenza, the common cold, respiratory syncytial virus, adenoviral respiratory syndromes, or anything else that has animal reservoirs.

So the reason you can’t do this is because you’re trying to do something which has already been tried and can’t be done.

Equally important is that vaccination changes none of this, especially with this vaccine. And I would hope this board would start asking itself before it considers taking the advice of the CDC, the NIH and the State Board of Health, why we are doing things about this that we didn’t do for the common cold, influenza, or respiratory syncytial virus?

And then ask yourself, why is a vaccine that is supposedly so effective having a breakout in the middle of the summer when respiratory viral syndromes don’t do that?

And to help you understand that, you need to know the condition that is called antibody mediated viral enhancement. That is a condition done when vaccines work wrong, as they did in every coronavirus study done in animals on coronaviruses after the SARS outbreak and done in respiratory syncytial virus where a vaccine used in a vulnerable individual, done the wrong way, which why it cannot be done right for respiratory virus, which has a very low pathogenicity rate, causes the immune system to actually fight the virus wrong and let the virus become worse than it would with native infection.

And that is why you are seeing an outbreak right now. In fact, in that flash drive you’re going to have coming to you in the emails with six extra [inaudible] studies showing that 75 percent of people who had covid-19 positive symptom cases in Barnstable, Massachusetts outbreak were fully vaccinated.

Therefore, there is no reason for treating any person vaccinated any differently than any person unvaccinated. You should also know that no vaccine, even the ones I support and would give to myself and my children, ever stops infection.

In 2014, there was outbreak of mumps in the National Hockey League. The only people who came down the symptoms were the people who were unvaccinated or unknown vaccine status. Boy, that sounds like a great argument for vaccines, but a question that you should ask yourself, knowing that half of the people who came down with symptomatic disease had no contact with an unvaccinated or unknown vaccine status individual, where did they get the disease?

And the answer was “from the vaccinated individuals.” No vaccine prevents you from getting infection. You get infected, you shed pathogen. This is especially true of viral respiratory pathogens. You just don’t get symptomatic from it.

So you cannot stop spread. You cannot make these numbers that you’ve planned on get better by doing any of the things you’re doing, because that is the nature of viral respiratory pathogens.

And you can’t prevent it with a vaccine because they don’t do the very thing you’re wanting them to do.

And you will be chasing this the remainder of your life until you recognize that the Center for Disease Control and the Indiana State Board of Health are giving you very bad scientific guidance. And instead read the articles that are coming in the email and on this flash drive and listen to the people in this audience here tonight who actually have recognized the advice they are getting from the CDC and the NIH is counterfactual.

And that’s why you’re still fighting this with this vaccine that supposedly was going to make all of this go away. But it suddenly managed to make an outbreak of covid-19 develop in the middle of the summer when vitamin D levels are at their highest.

By the way, the other thing that would be necessary, any vaccine restriction to be considered is if there were no other treatment available. And I can tell you, having treated over 15 covid-19 patients, that between active loading with vitamin D, ivermectin and zinc, that there is not a single person who has come anywhere near the hospital.

And we already have studies that show that if you achieve a 25 hydroxy vitamin D level greater than fifty five, your risk of covid-19 death will drop down to one quarter of the population average for the United States.

And there are active treatment trials included on that flash drive that the show the same is true. So if you were going to discriminate based upon vaccine, you should also discriminate based upon 25 hydroxy vitamin D level, zinc taste test response ,and probably previous infections.

Since there are also studies like Flash Drive that show that people who have recovered from covid-19 infection actually get no benefit from vaccination at all, no reduction in symptoms, no reduction in hospitalization and suffer two to four times the rate of side effects if they are subsequently vaccinated.

Therefore, the policies that you are basing on are totally counterfactual. I don’t blame this board for that because I know you aren’t scientists and you’ve thought it was reasonable to listen to the CDC, NIH and the Indiana State Board of Health, but I would encourage that instead, you listen to the people out here in this audience and read what’s on that data drive.

And if anybody here in this board has any questions about anything on that, I will happily come back and sit with you individually. If you would like to explain the science behind this and if you’re worried about being sued by somebody because you don’t follow the guidance of the CDC and the NIH, I will tell you have a free pro bono expert testimony at your disposal.

I will testify in defense of this court turning down all these recommendations for free at any time, in any court.

Thank you.

The Flash Drive

The studies Dr. Stock referenced have been reproduced by the Hancock County Indiana Patriots. If you want to stay in touch with Dr. Daniel Stock and be added to his newsletter email, send an email to medicalfreedom4all@protonmail.com requesting to be added.

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