On the Halifax Subreddit

Last Updated on June 20, 2023 by Hamad Subani

A comment on how the r/Halifax Subreddit has become a microcosm of Halifax itself and its toxic, passive-aggressive culture.

You disagreed. That’s all that’s required in r/Halifax. It sounds like you don’t think your ban was fair or warranted.

In r/Halifax supporting anything other then “steal from the middle class and give to the poor” gets you banned. They don’t debate, they downvote and ban. Then proudly survey all the matching opinions in their tiny digital kingdom.

r/Halifax is the North Korea of Reddit!

The only people who detest the middle class are the Cabal families. They prefer transient, isolated people who are completely dependent on the goodwill of big government. They often pretend to be socialist online (while driving fast cars funded by research grants in real life).

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