The Witch is Dead!

DING DONG. The Witch is Dead. We are told that sneaky, man-faced, Halifax MP Alexa McDonough passed away in January. But is there really a body in her grave? Here’s a recap of her “achievements.”

Alexa McDonough, protecting Poppa’s investments since 1961 (The NDP was one such investment).
  • She is the child of Phoenician royalty grubby “old-money” businessmen. How the entire Nova Scotia did not find it suspicious that such a person would appoint herself as a representative of the working class only shows their collective intelligence level.
  • Her Poppa financed the NDP as an alternative to other, more genuine parties in 1961. And so, Alexa appointing herself to the helm is only logical. She was taking care of a “family investment.” From the beginning, the NDP was meant to be controlled opposition. Given the fact that Communist ideas would never gain much traction to start with, unnecessarily espousing them considerably helped strengthen the right. It also helped stifle genuine opposition to the Phoenician families, by having them mislabelled as Communists and Leftists.
  • She is also credited with making the NDP centrist (read: Liberal). Now we have Jagmeet Singh openly collaborating with the Liberals in WEF schemes hatched in Switzerland.
  • In the NDP, her main focus was keeping out other capable leaders, such as Cape Breton’s Paul MacEwan, who was eventually driven out of the party. In the process, she destroyed the NDP in Cape Breton but never mind. Nearly all NS NDP leaders are from Phoenician bastions in mainland Nova Scotia.
  • Union leaders disliked her, and many rightly saw her as a traitor.
  • She went out of her way to publicly promote Maher Arar, Ottawa’s man in Al Qaida. A lot of people had become suspicious about him and some whitewashing was necessary. She also tried to arrange a meeting between me and them (No thanks, I know a pig when I see one).
  • In Halifax, she would spend her time chumming up with negative elements in the Muslim community. For example, there was another pretend-Muslim family whose whole life revolved around keeping tabs on all members of the Muslim community. It was like an Intel operation, and they kept tabs on even the most little and mundane things, like who was dating who, who scammed who, who had sex with who. They would also go out to meet newcomers to the community, and it seems they reported back to Alexa. It seems information that could lead to blackmail carried a lot of currency among them. I was briefly exposed to this family, when they inserted themselves into my life, and Alexa was to be found in their living room every now and then. Looking back, it looks like Alexa was allowed to browse through Intelligence dossiers on all members of the Muslim community (all you need is the right username and password). She would also get to organize her own ops within the Muslim community, which back then, were aimed at creating street theatre for the so-called War on Terror. And this would explain her interest in all this mundane information. So here you have a crypto-Phoenician, deeply involved in their overseas wars, but disguised as a leftist.
  • She was involved in the early phases of Intelligence activity directed against me, including numerous attempts at entrapment. I actually saw her several times on Dal campus, talking with other Cabal operatives in whispered tones.
  • Her obsession with conducting Intel ops within the Muslim community reached such feverish levels that a concerned member of law enforcement actually approached a community leader and informed him that it was in every one’s best interest to stay away from her, and that she was not the well-wisher she pretended to be.
  • We are told she “died” in January. But high level Phoenicians usually retire from public life to some sunny, tropical place. They sometimes take early retirement when some big scandal happens (which may not even make it to the papers). If you see her flitting across the Dal campus (while talking in whispered tones with creepy men), trust your instincts and take a photo.  

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