A girl who got catfished using Kijiji is claiming to have stumbled upon the lair of a Canadian Epstein in Alberta. Among the claims being made,

  • A connection to a former Premier of Alberta.
  • A ranch with a basement with steel doors and steel window coverings, and all sorts of children’s clothing and footwear, but no children.
  • A rancher who went to jail for attempted murder of a girl in the 90s.
  • A truck with doors that cannot be unlocked from inside.
  • A ranch littered with abandoned vehicles belonging to different people, some with bloodstains in them.
  • A rancher who the girl alleges, has a voice exactly resembling that of the male transporting Amber Tuccaro (The audio was released by police). She was a First Nations woman that went missing in Alberta, and was later found murdered.
  • The girl also alleges that the farm owner bears a remarkable similarity to the police sketch and description of the suspect connected to the disappearance of the Jack family in 1989. The suspect lured them to a yet unknown “logging camp” in BC. Coincidentally, the girl was also made to do logging work at the ranch.
  • A mystery investor in the ranch who has his own private island.
  • A lady commented that the rancher frequented a bar in BC. Coincidentally, that’s the same bar the Jack family was picked up from.
  • Another commenter alleged a connection to the Pickton farm, which is in BC. Pickton targeted indigenous girls. There is actually a Highway in British Columbia where so many indigenous women vanished that it’s called the Highway of Tears. Did the rancher have another ranch there?

You would think the police and media would be interested. But she claims she is being ignored and even indirectly threatened. Epstein-level predators are usually tied with Intelligence, and they are above the law. This is like an insurance policy for the Phoenicians. Those put in place at the helm of major offices and institutions are people who have been at these places. This is why you keep running into untouchable creeps at the highest of places.

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