Tell The Feds…But are they listening?

In a mad rush to meet the objectives of the World Economic Forum (and the United Nations) to de-industrialize Canada, the Trudeau Government claimed that they want a “net zero” for electricity production by 2035. Here’s the problem:

With cited cost estimates as high as $1.7 trillion*, the cost of achieving a net zero grid by 2035 will leave our power grid dependent on intermittent and unreliable sources like solar and wind. Imagine no heat at -30°, and no power for the Internet or to charge your phone. The federal government wants electricity demand to at least double by 2050. Tell the Feds reliable and affordable electricity matters. And ask them why they are rushing to do something by 2035 when the experts agree that it can’t feasibly be done. [……] Ottawa’s carbon-neutral goals can be achieved by 2050 with a lower tax and utility burden on Canadians. Changing over our electricity system in 27 years is much more practical and affordable than rushing to do it in just 12 years. Rather than being told to dismantle industries critical to Canada’s economy, Tell the Feds to work with the provinces on a plan that benefits all Canadians.


Also, if you are considering going all electric for home/water heating and transportation, remember that electricity costs could easily double in Nova Scotia, given that you have a single provider. Why was Nova Scotia Power passed off to private parties in a firesale?

If the Gobmint was serious about going green, they would make Nova Scotia Power public again, wouldn’t they?

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