NS Health is Backpedaling on Vaccines!

It started with an innocuous “Statement” dated 21st February 2024, in which NSHA, IWK and the so-called Nova Scotia Health’s Emerging & Re-emerging Infections Network (ERIN) announced that those Healthcare employees who had stopped coming to work because they refused the mandatory clotshot may now return to work without proof of vaccination! (Please…..just come back).

They are careful and weasel-worded. They don’t drop any references to vaccine safety, or vaccine injury, and still pretend to stand by the vaccines. Its just that they are now respecting employee “autonomy” and the vaccine may not be that effective against the latest variant.

In other words, these billion dollar organizations are returning to the original position of Cabal Times.

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  1. AbcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzNo Gravatar says:

    When they attempted to force their will onto the healthcare providers, NS could scarcely afford to lose one doctor or nurse. They lost many. I’d like to know how many. My GP shut her practice down. I know at least another who did. Another in PEI. I know a nurse who quit her job and works at Tim Horton’s. Says she would never go back. I know a teacher who has said she doesn’t even feel she can have a conversation with her former coworkers because they live in a different world.

    The people who we lost were replaced by travelling nurses (as much as possible) and those guys and gals get paid quite a bit more. So, fiscal responsibility was shrugged (no doubt fist fulls of borrowed money came from the federal government to try to wallpaper over the disaster).

    It’s a disaster, a loss of so many talented doctors and nurses, who were actually capable of using their discernment. Capable of using logic. Capable of overcoming a psyop.

    The doctors that are left are not of much use to me. Everyone has to learn to become their own doctor, or risk getting forced to take in injection.

    Look into Rife Machines, Chlorine Dioxide (theuniversalantidote.com).

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