South Korea heading for Rapid Depopulation (And Communist Invasion)

South Korea, a small, technologically advanced country, also has a strong culture of conformity. So the entire population lined up for their Covid19 vaccine shots. And now there are grim predictions that their birth rate has fallen so low, that they are headed for extinction. Of course,the data on deaths following the vaccine is being suppressed and attributed to other causes, but hiding birth rates is of course, more difficult. When Chinese backed Communists from North Korea once invaded, they were pushed back. Looks like this time, the North Koreans wont even have to send in the tanks. Unsurprisingly, the Covid19 vaccine shots were not pushed in North Korea, because the brain-washed citizenry is already living under lock-down. To quote,

The country declined several international offers of COVID-19 vaccines, making it one of the few countries not to begin a vaccination programme.

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