How Halifax Police “Serve and Protect” Criminal Cabals at Dalhousie University

Last Updated on March 3, 2021 by Hamad Subani

In case you are wondering why I haven’t approached Police over what happened at Dalhousie University.

For the record, I have approached police two times. On both occasions, they pretended that I never approached them, and deliberately avoided giving any proof or acknowledgement of a criminal complaint against Dalhousie University. The second time, I was lucky enough to capture the encounter on video, which is posted below (or click here for a backup).

Clearly, the magnitude of corruption in this little city has fallen much lower than some very poor “third world” countries. This is the same RCMP that went around warning witnesses not to talk to the media following the crash of Swissair Flight 111 near the coast of Halifax, and later tried to prevent their own investigator from suggesting that an incendiary device was involved. This is the same RCMP that may have deliberately bungled the murder investigation of Loretta Saunders, who may have been targeted by the Halifax Criminal Elite.

If you are attending Dalhousie University, be warned that Halifax Police will avoid following up on any complaint you make against the Criminal Cabals among Dalhousie Faculty. Make sure you hold on to any proof you had that a complaint was submitted.

As I have stressed earlier, independent minded students and foreign students are at risk of being targeted by Criminal Cabals at Dalhousie University.  They should take their personal safety seriously. Bad things that happen in this University are never reported in the local news.


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  1. dave macdonaldNo Gravatar says:

    Dalhousie is a corrupt organization that uses the Calian group private security intelligence agency and Aaron Miller’s group of criminals to conduct psy ops/zersetzung torture on whistle blowers. Police do not intervene and participate in the organized crime being carried out by this corporate mafia member. The government can make as many fake profiles and posts as they want but Dalhousie has had way too many leaks, the corruption is public knowledge now. Shame on the corrupt members of the Halifax police, RCMP and CSIS for conducting acts of terrorism against innocent people in an attempt to radicalize them in a behavior modification program. These organizations have become so corrupt they are now the most dangerous terrorist networks in Canada. Not all members of these agencies are corrupt, but many turn a blind eye to the corruption.

  2. Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

    He took my phone number and was supposed to call me. But didn't. And to me that's fairly clear that even if I call, I will be "lead into circles." Having had this happen so many times, I have lost heart. BTW I did email and bounced back (have the email headers etc).

    And what about the earlier officer who clearly received my complaint (Gordon Hamilton)? Should I try calling him too?

    I doubt that you were being targeted by Criminal Cabals at Dalhousie. Generic complaints, generic people seem to have no issues here.

  3. DanNo Gravatar says:

    Looks like there's a phone number attached and I used the email address and it worked fine. Did you try actually picking up the phone and making a phone call? Prob not. As a Dal student I feel my complaints are always addressed and I've personally had dealings with Cst Carvery in High school and he took and solved my problem.

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