Were Halifax Police preparing for the Halifax Mall shooting plot more than a year in advance?

Last Updated on July 1, 2019 by Hamad Subani

A strange incident took place in Halifax on February 13th 2015. A plot to shoot  up people in a Halifax Mall was allegedly uncovered by Police. Two suspects were arrested while another was found dead in his home in unclear circumstances. To top the list of anomalies, Halifax Police were caught on camera on 3rd December 2013 at the very same Halifax Mall! In the photo, they are shown with their weapons drawn, surrounding what appears to be a man lying on the floor. To date, there has been no explanation from Halifax Police (or even the media) about what this incident/drill was all about. Given the importance such preliminary “drills” have played in other staged shootouts, an explanation for the 3rd December 2013 incident becomes all the more relevant.

First, lets visit some of the other anomalies, as pointed out by an anonymous author DD in an article.

  1. The alleged suicide of one of the suspects, whose picture with a shotgun later floated on the Internet.
  2. The Canadian Justice Minister Peter McKay’s careful wording of the suspects as “murderous misfits” rather than terrorists because they were not Muslims.
  3. The vagueness surrounding who tipped off police beforehand, just 20 hours prior to when the shooting was to commence. We are told that an anonymous tip was made to Crimestoppers, who then passed it to police. Crimestoppers is a private organization that protects the anonymity of its tippers. If such a tip was indeed made, it would have to be vetted and Police would have to gather intelligence to confirm it before they could act. Using Crimestoppers as a source helps obscure where the tip came from. On the other hand, there is a possibility that the tip came from a Police Department in Georgia, USA. But publicizing that would make Halifax Police look like a bunch of lazy bums.
  4. The other two suspects being held for more than 24 hours without charges being laid.

The 3rd December 2013 incident

The picture of the 3rd December 2013 incident was first tweeted by twitter user Ashton Grant/@HaliBreaking. The caption was “Breaking Pic: Something going down at Halifax Shopping Centre – weapons drawn? “. Here’s the tweet in its entirety. (Backup picture here in case the tweet gets deleted).

It seems that shortly after this picture was taken, this area of the Mall was evacuated.

Halifax residents (Haligonians) are known for their flakier-than-a-snowflake attitudes and represent some of the more ethically challenged groups that inhabit North America. Rumour has it that they don’t have spines, but this can’t explain the high rate of fraudulent accident-injury claims, which is probably more than California (Even though the economy of Halifax is probably smaller than a suburb of Silicon Valley). While this has been a blessing for Halifax Criminal Elite, the rest of us are being forced to put up with more and more “High Wierdness,” which the region is becoming famous for.

In 1998, a planeload full of passengers en route to Halifax airport reportedly crashed off the coast of Halifax. But it was more likely that the plane had been diverted to an Airbase a few minutes away. The bodies of the passengers were never found.

In 1917, the city literally blew up. But the Criminal Elite happened to be out of town (They were back the next day, grandstanding all over the mess).

If you consider yourself an independent minded student, a practicing Muslim or a believer of conspiracy theories, Halifax and in particular, its Universities, must be avoided in the interest of your own personal safety. You will be targeted. The Criminal Elite here face no opposition from the locals, and literally thump around with a hammer, hitting every nail that sticks out.


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