Spookery at the Dal Med School

All Canadian med schools have an opaque selection process. And this is by design, so as to accommodate the children of the Criminal Elite. Of course, these gentlemen don’t graduate to become family doctors and ER hotshots. They have more serious business to attend to, such as using cattleprods on little children at the Allen Memorial Institute researching Mind Control for the subject population.  I remember a case at a Canadian med school (not Dal) where an outstanding Muslim student had been selected, but had to drop out after facing bogus charges of terrorism. It looked like a “rush order” had been placed for a medical seat at the institution after all candidates had been selected. And this candidate ended up being the weakest link.

This elimination methodology can be observed elsewhere as well. I remember my early years at Dal, when one over-achieving student became a rising star at the Dalhousie Student Union, which back then was nothing more than a hangout for children of the local Criminal Elite. This student was somehow persuaded to take a vacation to Cuba. He never returned, and was murdered in unclear circumstances. The Dalhousie Gazette tried to whitewash his death as an unfortunate accident. Neither were Canadian authorities interested in investigating. Those who have an understanding of deep politics will note that Cuba has backdoor relationships with the Western Criminal Elite. Do you really believe that Castro could imprison an entire island just off the coast of USA?

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