Dalhousie University’s Shady Financial Supporters

Check out some of Dalhousie University’s financial supporters…such as….

  • The Ford Foundation (A known CIA front).
  • Imperial Tobacco Canada Ltd
  • Nortel (Canada’s Enron, its tech was transferred to Chinese Huawei)
  • Shell Canada (Rothschilds)
  • Eli Lilly (hiked insulin prices by 700%)
  • Transcanada Pipelines/ Keystone XL Pipeline
  • Bayer (which made the gas used in the holocaust)
  • Dow Chemical (Bhopal Gas Tragedy)
  • Rockefeller Foundation
  • Methyl Bromide Global Coalition (A think tank that funds research that casts doubt on the broad scientific consensus that methyl bromide poses a serious threat to the stratospheric ozone layer.)
  • Walmart

Update: It seems that Dalhousie has quite a cozy relationship with Transcanada Pipelines. They are not just receiving money from them but are actually investing funds with them. To quote,

In Issue 12 of the Dalhousie Gazette, News editor Karla Renic reported that Dalhousie’s 2019 Treasury Investments Report showed over $27 million publicly traded (PT) equity holdings in mining, oil, and gas. Of that, $2,388,700 was invested into TransCanada Corporation — the owners of the Coastal GasLink pipeline. This is not a unique situation.  

[………..] Aside from compromised academic integrity, Dalhousie’s continued support for TC Energy, and their lackluster responses to divestment queries, compromises its commitment to equality and inclusion. Dalhousie has been quoted saying its “fiduciary responsibility” is a significant reason for not divesting. The current Wet’suwet’en conflict has peeled back the veneer on this flimsy argument. Behind seemingly logical and academic response, Dalhousie’s continued relationship with TC Energy shows that the university is unable to solve a major moral issue due to investment profits.   

[………..] Dalhousie is not the only university that has been pressured to divest. Several major Canadian Universities including the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, McGill University, among others, have been given offers but have chosen to decline the option of divesting. Our university, the one that we fund, learn from and go into debt for, has a choice of what they invest in. Shouldn’t those investments reflect most of its students’ views? 

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