Are Hospitals in New York State Boosting their COVID-19 “deaths” by targeting Vulnerable Minorities?

Last Updated on June 20, 2020 by Hamad Subani

So far, I have come across two accounts of health professionals, both working in New York State, both claiming that patients belonging to Minority groups are being “murdered” in hospitals. Eerily, both accounts specifically mention the deployment of the autoPEEP setting of ventilators on such targeted patients, to blow their lungs out! This could explain why there was such a big emphasis on acquiring and using ventilators in the early stages of the supposed onset of COVID-19. But what would you expect from the state which gave us 9/11?

Account # 1

The nurse in this account claims to have only attended to COVID-19 positive patients.

The first account is a video which was posted onto D-Tube on 5th May 2020. This is very clearly, an unnamed nurse, who had a breakdown watching so many of her patients unnecessarily die. She was trying hard to save the life of a black patient when she made the video on a break. She made it clear that she would be transferred to some other part of the hospital because of her attempts to raise alarm. Strangely, she mentions even contacting Black advocacy organizations, but not receiving any response.

The nurse in question mentions that she was specifically assigned to alleged cases of COVID-19. To quote,

Every single patient I have taken care of guys is an [alleged] COVID I have never had a non-COVID patient..OK.

She also mentions that the patients who were “killed” under suspicious circumstances were all minorities. To quote,

[…..]And nobody cares because they are all minorities and we are in the f****** hood.

Now onto the part about the deliberate misuse of the autoPEEP feature on ventilators….

I mean, like I said I am not a doctor…I am pretty sure that when you defibrillate somebody with a heartbeat of 40 and a stable rhythm and you kill them…that’s murder. And I am pretty sure that when you put somebody’s PEEP up to 25 and [natural] PEEP does not go past 15 I think..20? and you blow their lungs out, and they die, I am pretty sure that’s murder.

Account # 2

I was hesitant about posting a transcript of Account # 2. Because it is an undated private digital message sent by a female healthcare professional working in New York to a loved one. But whoever received it decided to share it with private Muslim Urdu-language social media groups (as she had requested her message to be shared). I am not linking to the original file because its partly in Urdu and English. I would like to make it clear that this is being posted only because of her eerie mention of the autoPEEP setting in ventilators (which is corroborated by Account # 1). We are in no position to vouch for her suggested treatments, or her description of the Jewish role (Regular Americans would happily do the same work if paid triple…..guess who does the abortions?). Interestingly, she also mentions a misuse of Chloroquinine on patients suffering from pneumonia. This could be an attempt to discredit the application of the drug to COVID-19 scenarios.

[NAME EXCISED], Salamu Alaikum. I am in the area surrounding New York, surrounding Manhattan called Bergen. I was working there in the COVID hospital. And I have noticed that especially Hispanic patients…..actually these patients are pneumonia and COPD patients. Some have underlying lung diseases and ordinary issues. As Dr. Rashid [Youtuber Rashid Buttar] explained and as Andrew Kaufman explained in the lecture I sent you, the COVID test is not diagnostic at all. Some people are testing positive and some are not. It doesn’t mean anything. And it has a high false positive rate. So what is happening to the patients…..pneumonia was a common thing earlier, every second-third person we would have on the list when we were working before this Coronavirus problem was a pneumonia patient. So all these pneumonia patients, for some reason if they test positive for Covid, are not being diagnosed for pneumonia at all! They are not treating them for pneumonia or influenza or COPD exacerbation. They are not being given nebulizers or broad spectrum antibiotics. They are giving them the weakest antibiotic which is Ceftriaxone 1 gram…actual dose is actually 2 grams to 24 hours and you have to give it along with another antibiotic for efficacy….Zosyn or Tazocin as it’s called in Saudi Arabia. There was one Jewish patient and he was given Zosyn  and he recovered 50% within 24 hours. Other patients [suffering from pneumonia, NOT COVID-19] were given Hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax and that nonsense and were put on Vitamins and those patients are continuing to deteriorate and their routine pneumonia is turning into multilobar pneumonia, and they are being given steroids. And when a patient has pneumonia, and not COPD or asthma, there is no role for steroids in pneumonia unnecessarily. Steroids will make the infection even worse, when there is no need. Because of this, the infection is spreading in the lungs, and finally when the respiratory rate of the patients is increasing and they are requiring higher oxygen, they are being given morphine and killed. Some are being put on ventilators, and on the ventilators, the high pressure autoPEEP [Positive End Expiratory Pressure] setting is being used. PEEP is used in ventilators to keep the alveoli open. But if you give them higher autoPEEPs, those alveoli rupture, and when they rupture what happens? Decreased vein is returned to the heart, hypotension and eventually cardiac arrest….in vulnerable patients. This cycle is going on. They are killing people. They also killed our cousin, by giving him high pressure ventilation, causing a cardiac arrest. He only suffered from a simple case of pneumonia. This strategy is being used in hospitals. Alert everyone in your circle and inform them. They are not allowing family members to meet patients and there is a hidden agenda here too. Foreigners are being killed first. Nurses are involved. Many Jewish nurses, social workers, managers and doctors are not heavily involved in the killings. They are just stand-by. The hospital head is receiving new protocols every day. There is this big Jewish game unfolding. This is the trial of the Dajjal [The Deceiver, a figure in Islamic eschatology], in which one day will be longer than one month, or a year….that one month is coming to an end. This is a fitna, just pray for their destruction. That’s all I can say. You cannot pray for their guidance, for these wicked people. Make everyone aware that they should avoid going to the hospitals, start antibiotics as soon as possible, the broadest spectrum antibiotics like Moxifloxacin, Livafloxacin….these are very strong antibiotics. So when you develop early symptoms [of pneumonia], even if you are COVID positive, use antibiotics and inhalers, and inhaled steroids. After I came here, I had developed some light cough. I immediately took inhaled steroids (Ceratoid), ate some honey and drank some Zam Zam. And the symptoms were gone Alhamdulilah. Tell everyone that early treatment, and if necessary, start antibiotics and Vitamin C. Avoid going to the hospital or assuming it is COVID… all costs. Do Not, Do Not, take the risk of going to the hospital because there are more chances of being killed.

Further Corroboration from Mainstream Media

Then we have further corroboration from actual mainstream media articles:

17th April 2020: Ventilators are being overused on COVID-19 patients, world-renowned critical care specialist says. To quote, “But in a paper published this week in the journal Intensive Care Medicine, Gattinoni and colleagues wrote that COVID-19 appears to diverge in key ways from normal ARDS, and that the usual recommended use of ventilators at high pressure that works for standard respiratory distress cases may actually harm some COVID-19 patients.”

23rd April 2020: Nearly all COVID-19 patients put on ventilators in New York’s largest health system died, study finds. To quote,

Overall, about 20 per cent of COVID-19 patients treated at Northwell Health died, and 88 per cent of those placed on ventilators died, according to the study. A ventilator is a device that forces air into the lungs of patients who cannot breathe on their own because of severe pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Other, smaller reports have indicated that patients who need ventilation are unlikely to survive.

Just 12 per cent of the patients in the study needed ventilators, Dr. Safiya Richardson at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, Northwell Health, and colleagues found.

But this study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, shows how dire the outlook is for patients with severe COVID-19 disease.

The team looked at the electronic health records of 5,700 patients with coronavirus disease hospitalized at Northwell Health. Final outcomes were known for 2,634 of them.

19th May 2020: Elderly covid-19 patients on ventilators usually do not survive, New York hospitals report. To quote, ” ‘The mortality rate [for patients on ventilators] creeps up to 70 percent when you’re over the age of 70,’ Thomas McGinn, deputy physician in chief at Northwell Health, said [……..].

The 2012 London Olympics…

While some may argue that this may not fit here, the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony featured some very weird symbolic rituals. They even showed a representation of an actual coronavirus!

The 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony featured a virus with some kind of crown on it!

But what was most disturbing was the strange performances by “frontline healthcare workers,” who are currently being lionized all over the globe. We are told this was some kind of tribute to the British NHS. Here are some of the things people are noticing now:

  • 0:07 Hospital beds in a Sport Stadium.
  • 0:12 dancing doctors and nurses.
  • 0:19 a greeting with the elbow (instead of handshakes).
  • 0:23 British PM Boris Johnson in hospital bed, desperately gasping for air.
  • 0:37 An Asian (Chinese) woman in front of multistory cage for wild life animals.
  • 0:47 multiple representation of Coronavirus with spikes clearly visible and crown; On the top we can clearly see “Queen’s crown”. ‘Corona’ definition in english: “a part of the body resembling or likened to a crown.”
  • 0:58 a tribute to the NHS.
  • The year 2020 is the year 2012 according to Ethiopian (Solar) Calendar. April 24, 2020 is 16 Miaziah 2012.

If this was indeed a plandemic, we may suppose that many genuine healthcare workers had already been substituted for subordinate mercenaries long before. That could explain the apathy these two accounts describe.


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