Conspiracy Theory Review-Analysis; Are the COVID-19 Test Kits Designed to Produce False Positives (Plandemic)?

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A popular “Christian” Swedish Youtuber who goes by the moniker Zakleo Se Bumbar posted a gamechanging video on his channel four days ago. Titled “How to Create a Plandemic,” he does not dispute the existence of the COVID-19 Coronavirus or its supposed lethality. Instead he produces a convincing theory that the so-called “tests” rushed in by the WHO and the CDC/FDA can produce up to 50% false positives, setting in motion a “Plandemic.” The doubts he has raised are supported by scientific and medical data. In this post, we produce a complete transcript of his video for the first time ever. We also critically review this theory in the end.

The Youtuber who produced the video. Note that English is not his first language.

Complete Transcript of Youtube Video “How to Create a Plandemic,” with all original links.

26th March 2020

Hello Dear friends,

Hope you are doing good. This is the English version of the video I made yesterday [Its in Swedish] is the most important video I believe I have made and the biggest revelation I believe has come through my channel.

All glory to God. I gonna keep the story short. But essentially, what is being revealed is how they fooled the complete world that we have a pandemic. I know this sounds quite big but it is quite big. So let’s get started.

It starts here…National Centre for Biotechnology Information, US National Library of Information. This report gets published 5th of March 2020. It’s a study from China. It says “Potential False-Positive Rate Among the ‘Asymptomatic Infected Individuals’ in Close Contacts of COVID-19 Patients.” I gonna leave the links for everything that I gonna show you today, basically you can go back and read it all. I gonna try to keep it short essentially. This study results in some conclusions, and it says “Conclusions: In the close contacts of COVID-19 patients, nearly half or even more of the ‘asymptomatic infected individuals’ reported in the active nucleic acid test screening might be false positives.” So we have a test method that I am gonna go through. This is essentially what its about. The test method. That is, let me say, to put it to the least, is not working, but I am going to show you what it’s all about.

If we go…we gonna go listen to this man Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg [Video in German with English subtitles]:

Wuhan is a big city, 11 million inhabitants, big hospitals, big intensive care units, always people being ventilated, people with pneumonia…hundreds of them and they did tests with a few patients, less than 50, looked for the viruses they had and examined their RNA in the laboratory and they found a new type. This attracted their attention. When a virologist finds something like this he puts it in a global database, and this database is accessible for scientists all over the world, in Berlin for example. In Berlin they checked and compared this new entry and tried to create a test to measure this new variant of coronavirus. Then Mr. Drosten submitted a protocol to WHO, and it got admitted really quickly.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is a noted German physician and a politician.

Now, Mr. Wolfgang is explaining what has happened. What happened in China, they sent out these samples, they put out information in databases. This was picked up by Mr. Drosten, we are gonna look into this man a little later. And he…within a couple of days, he created this test method. “..submitted a protocol to WHO, and it got admitted really quickly.” This is really important to understand. This is not the way it usually happens. Its not the way it usually happens.

Quoting Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg [Video in German with English subtitles]:

Usually a test is considered a product of medicine, it has to be validated.

So it has to be validated. This is what Dr. Wolfgang says. But in this case, Mr. Drosten created a test method. It wasn’t validated. It was just approved.

Quoting Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg [Video in German with English subtitles]:

That means it has to be checked very precisely. What does this test actually say? What does it measure? The mentioned test is an in-house test developed by Charite-clinic. But because there weren’t any validated tests and the great panic arose, it was decided to use this test everywhere.

So, lets…..the panic arose and they, they just approved this test. So let’s go to this…how to say….this Institute, Charite in Berlin.

Researchers from the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin have developed a new laboratory assay to detect the novel Chinese coronavirus. The assay protocol has now been published by WHO as a guideline for diagnostic detection.

Now this is being used…this test method, that is now being used everywhere. And here we see an image of the so-called Coronavirus. Now, I am very open to criticism. I am very open that you challenge everything that I say. But please tell me. I have just heard so many things about it. You cannot…it’s not possible to take pictures of viruses like this.

The picture file is titled csm_Coronaviren_CDC_380df58725.png. And the caption reads: “Coronaviruses (colored transmission electron microscopy image). Photo: Dr. Fred Murphy & Sylvia Whitfield/CDC.”

This is what many people say. Please let me know….please send me some proof if you know otherwise, but this smells like bullshit. When you see this red looking lines, they look dangerous. This is very appropriate for propaganda. But this have to do anything with science? It’s a big question mark.

Now, here we gonna get into the interesting stuff.

Quoting Institute, Charite in Berlin,

Previous successes recorded by Prof. Drosten and his research groups include the development of novel Zika virus tests and the development of a standard test for the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) pathogen, which is now being used worldwide. A BIH Professor and one the co-discoverers of the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus in 2003, Prof. Drosten was also responsible for developing and making available the first diagnostic test for SARS. 

Christian Dorsten produced a test method for COVID-19 within a couple of days. He’s the same guy who has produced similar test methods for Zika, MERS, SARS. And he happens to be the co-discoverer of SARS.

Ok. What the **** is going on here? Same guy produces this test method within a couple of days. He’s the same guy who has produced this test method for Zika, MERS, SARS. And he was the discoverer itself of the SARS syndrome as well. This now sounds a little bit suspicious right? Does sound a little bit suspicious.

Lets have a look. This is Christian Drosten.

Plays a German language video clip of Christian Drosten talking to German TV show host Eckart von Hirschhausen. The clip was uploaded by Eckart on 20th March 2020.

Pandemic “expert” Christian Drosten and TV show host Eckart von Hirschhausen don’t seem to be worried at all.

So this is in the middle of a pandemic. According to the media, if we believe in the media, people are dying, and these people are not so concerned. What’s going on here guys? What’s going on?

If we look at the FDA Government site…let’s look close at this test method. Obviously we have this published report that I have shown you before. They suspect that more than half of the screening results may be false positives. Now, if we get the positive result, what does it really mean? Because me and you and everybody else, we believe if they have a test method, we believe its gonna be accurate. Its gonna say yes or no, right? We..that’s what we believe. And actually I have been looking into some government sites and I am gonna show you the link later on….where they claim they have a 100% accuracy in detecting COVID-19….which we shall obviously see that its completely a farce. Now what does it mean if you get a positive result? It says:

Positive results are indicative of active infection with 2019-nCoV but do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses. The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease.

So what are they saying essentially? What does it mean if you get a positive result? [It also says that positive results will be reported to authorities regardless!]

Quoting the earlier FDA/CDC document titled “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” This is an instruction manual to administer the test. It became effective in USA on 15th March 2020.

……..but do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses.

So, if you have a bacterial infection or co-infection, can you get a positive result? Guys, just please leave your comments……I am not an expert in this. I might maybe be misinterpreting some stuff. But for me its sounds like they are covering their asses. That’s what it sounds like. They don’t want to rule out….so what does it really mean?

If we move on now….and we just think about it for a second. This guy, he creates a test…we have the spread of the disease…al the scientists are very worried…and if you read up on it, you gonna notice that most of the scientists are worried not because of the severe symptoms. They are worried because of the spread. So scientists they have said they are a little bit alarmed. They say higher death rate in Italy and China…like a question mark….needs to be confirmed….that really needs to be confirmed….since we have all indications…so many indications this looks like a psy-op. But other than these supposed deaths in China and Italy, they are saying that it just looks like the same severities of any other influenza. Most of the scientists are just worried because of the spread. But if we have a really bad [or fake?] test, we all gonna get a really awesome spread…we are gonna get an enormous spread because 50% or more people taking this test are gonna be false positives. So its gonna look like this epidemic is exploding when essentially its something wrong with the test method. Because remember, the test method wasn’t validated…it wasn’t validated.

Now this man, if he has done this now, is it possible that he has done this before? So lets look a little bit…what do they say about Zika virus tests…whoops, Zika tests may produce false positives [According to the FDA]. Now I haven’t had much time to spend on this…please guys, support, support, there is a lot of things to read up on and to do here. Just please join and send me emails, send me comments. There probably is some medical studies that can back this up. Wouldn’t be surprised.

Quoting the title of an ABC News article dated 28th May 2014:

‘False Positive’ MERS Test: What It Means and Why It Matters

Of course it matters because that’s the only way that…only way to know that you have a pandemic, if you have a spread, with a test. But if the test is fraudulent then the whole series of decisions are gonna be wrong because the test is fraudulent

Quoting a December 2009 British Medical Journal Case Report: Now we have a swine flu false positive.

If we look at…we can go into Center for Disease Control and Prevention…their whole page about the swine flu…and this is what they say, now…

Quoting the CDC QUESTIONS & ANSWERS for Influenza Diagnostic Testing During the 2009-2010 Flu Season:

How will I know what strain of flu I have or if it’s 2009 H1N1 (formerly known as Swine Flu)?

You may not be able to find out definitively what flu virus you have. Currently available rapid influenza diagnostic tests cannot distinguish between 2009 H1N1 and seasonal influenza A viruses.

Helloo? What is going on here? You see the pattern here, right? This is sort of what a lot of people was talking about back in 2009. It just seemed like a regular influenza. Why all the fuss? And now they say, essentially, they can’t prove that swine flu existed at all. This is what it says. And this is not my comment. This comes from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. So you are seeing where I am going with this. That we have this….this is how you create a pandemic. It’s just enough to create a test method which shows, gives you results of false positives. And then you send out this test method all over the world. You will have nurses and doctors taking samples and tests on people…and they will, they will take the test, get the positive result, and they will send back the numbers to WHO. The Numbers come back and WHO says we have a pandemic. Can they prove it? No they cant. They can’t prove it because the test method is just a big farce. Just think about it. One man….this super-mega virologist, he created all of these tests. Isn’t that convenient? This information is really worth spreading. All glory to God. Thanks God.

In a link in the video description, we see this video of Lipkin, in which he admits he was in China in late January 2020 assisting them fight COVID-19! He is the director of the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University Mailman School of Health. He claims he was invited by the Chinese Government! He goes on to indicate that bushmeat and other wildlife meats might have been the source, not some “lab” in Wuhan. Lipkin served as a scientific advisor for the Contagion movie.
The tagline of Contagion (2011) is “Nothing Spreads like Fear.” Here’s a good review.

Now this [Christian Drosten]is not the only joker in this business. We have another expert on SARS outbreak. And he has a Coronavirus test ready as well. But he asked for some crowdfunding. There is some money to be able to be made from the masses. Now this man Ian Lipkin is a science consultant for the movie Contagion. You can’t make this up could you? And this is what we see. If you are new to my channel…you cannot just look at this clip and come to any conclusion. You have to look at information concerning psy-ops. You have to look at information that shows that our scientists, our politicians, and media and military, they have just merged, they just merged, they just merged, you get it, like entertainment, and politics and science is just one and the same thing. And this is what we see. So he was a science consultant for the movie Contagion. And it’s funny enough. I saw this clip the other day [The original clip is attributed to Instagram user @backbrackin and was reused by TikTok user @jacksonpolo] so have a look at this…this is from the movie contagion. First of all, you gonna see clips from the news.

Narrator/@backbrackin: … eat this…this is the doctor being consistently reported on CNN about the Coronavirus [Referring to the character Sanjay Gupta M.D. in Contagion]. Right? Now check this sh** out.This is Laurence Fishburne in the movie Contagion. Listen to what he [Laurence Fishburne] says:

Laurence Fishburne (playing Dr. Ellis Cheever): …but right now our best defense has been social distancing. No handshaking, staying home when you are sick, washing your hands frequently.”

Narrator/@backbrackin: And look who he is talking to….ain’t that the n***** from CNN? Or am I trippin? The CDC, this is bla[inaudible] from CNN, in the movie Contagion. Come on now. I mean I know conspiracy theory mo****f***** but this is a hell of a coincidence…and he telling us to do what we gotta do right now in real life in the movie.

Sorry (giggling)…so the same CNN guy was in the movie interviewing Laurence Fishburne [playing a top doc] and a couple of months later he is doing the same gig but it’s now called reality. You see how these worlds have just merged. And I know for new people into this area it might sound strange but sorry that’s what’s being going on for many many years. We have a whole industry of people, hundreds of thousands of people, that are employed and they getting money out of propagandizing different themes. This is what has happened. This is the merger we see. He [Sanjay Gupta] is bringing you the so called reality and then in another second he is in the movie. And the same scientist who is now saying he has a test kit [Ian Lipkin] he was also part of this movie. Anyways if you look into this guy little bit more, this guy Ian Lipkin, we will see if you go down to the interesting part, I will show you that he has created…ya here it is…I just wanted to show you that…anybody who knows the connection to Freemasonry…so this guy is working quickly to fund and scale up production of a diagnostic test for COVID-19 known as the C3 test. So which number in the alphabet is C? It’s the number 3. So this guy has made 33 Test…Test 33. I think this is what….if we start studying these things, if we just can…how to say…put in some effort and try to remember what happened last year, the year before that, or the year before that, we can just see this pattern, like since 2004, we have the first outbreak. Since 2008, we have this two year interval…we have these so-called outbreaks. Just a big joke guys. It’s just a big joke. And this is how they do it. They have these test methods. They create them. They send them out through doctors, through the nurses. These guys, they are just doing their job. They do the tests, they report back and on the media you hear that we have a pandemic. That’s the way they do it essentially.

So…so, there is some really good things that we can do with this information. And one of them is that we can start poking some of our institutions in our countries…with questions. And one of the questions is Which Test Method is being used. You can check which test method is being used in your country. And then you can ask them, has this test method been validated? And by who? And essentially what it’s all about is that we ask them that they need to prove to us that this test method is working. And then you can take some of these links I am gonna leave in the description box. And you can send these studies to them showing them that during all of these years, none of those tests work. They give false positives. So I suggest please do, do something. You see, within a couple of ten days, just how many drastic measures they have taken. We need to speak out boldly, and we need to ask them questions. We don’t need to be aggressive or impolite. I never really, I never suggest, I am not the rebel type in that way. And I don’t suggest that anybody should be a rebel type. I am full of Christ. I am a man of peace. But it doesn’t mean that we just lay back and do nothing. I mean, we are entitled to ask questions, and to spread information and knowledge, and to spread love. And this is what we need to do now. We need to contact our hospitals, our representatives. You need to show them this information, that they are basing all those decisions on a fraudulent test. A test that doesn’t work. And who knows…I think all of these things, they are meant to be, I am not expecting that we should somehow, who knows what, stop anything. But maybe it can ease the situation. Maybe they have to back off a little bit. If people are getting closer to the truth, and this is what we are doing….this information you are getting really really closer to the truth. We have now found out how they are creating these fake pandemics…with these fake tests…that’s what they are doing. So please support me, spread this knowledge, spread the clip, and keep up the good mood. God bless you. See you soon. Bye bye.

Review-Analysis of “How to Create a Plandemic”

The Chinese Study claiming a 50% false positive rate in detecting COVID-19

The video was uploaded by Zakleo Se Bumbar  on 26th March 2020. I checked, verified and backed up all the links he pointed his subscribers to on the 28th. Everything checked out. Except for the Chinese Study claiming a 50% false positive rate in detecting COVID-19. As of 28th March 2020, the heading of study shows the word “RETRACTED” which clearly was not there when the author screenshotted the study in his video…clearly something fishy going on. Also, the fulltext from the Chinese Medical Association Publishing House has gone 404.

A screenshot from the video.
Two days later….

Yes, published articles in journals sometimes to get retracted by their author(s). But not within a few days of a popular YouTube video referencing them. And the full text does not disappear from the web. Or even from

This only lends credence to his claims.

The German Scientist who figures in all recent Virus outbreaks

It all checks out. According to Wikipedia,

Drosten is one of the co-discoverers of SARS-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV). Together with Stephan Günther [de], a few days after identification and before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, he succeeded in developing a diagnostic test for the newly identified virus in 2003. Drosten immediately made his findings on SARS available to the scientific community on the internet, even before his article appeared in New England Journal of Medicine in May 2003. Among others, this was honoured by the journal Nature.

From 2012, the research group led by Drosten also researched the Middle East respiratory syndrome-coronavirus (MERS-CoV).

For the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which first appeared in December 2019, the research group led by Drosten developed a test that was made available worldwide in mid-January 2020. The group also published the sequenced genome from samples obtained in Germany. In the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Drosten advises politicians and authorities and gets invited as an expert in the media, among others in the podcast Das Coronavirus-Update mit Christian Drosten (English: The coronavirus update with Christian Drosten), published daily during the week since 26 February 2020 in Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR).

Sanjay Gupta of Contagion

In this theory, we learn that the character Sanjay Gupta M.D. in Contagion was played by a certain Sanjay Gupta who is also a “writer and producer” (apart from this cameo). Was he also involved in the production of Contagion? Likely. And yes, he also covered COVID-19 on CNN as some kind of medical authority! According to Wikipedia,

Sanjay Gupta is an American neurosurgeon, medical reporter, actor and writer. He serves as associate chief of the neurosurgery service at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, and as assistant professor of neurosurgery at the Emory University School of Medicine and Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN [………..]From 1997 to 1998, he served as one of fifteen White House Fellows, primarily as an advisor to Hillary Clinton. In January 2009, it was reported that Gupta was offered the position of Surgeon General of the United States in the Obama administration, but he withdrew his name from consideration. In January 2011, he was named “one of the 10 most influential celebrities” by Forbes magazine.

The character “Sanjay Gupta” in Contagion.
The real Dr. Sanjay Gupta is CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, known for his hysterics during the COVID-19 crisis. Check out his CNN profile. What came first?

So if professional actors can be offered the position of Surgeon General of the United States, who are the real Directors of the “show”? (Qultists, just pretend that POTUS doesn’t know whats going on).

In addition to Contagion, another series aptly called Pandemic popped up on Netflix 20th January 2020. A South Korean TV series also started airing on 27th September 2018. It predicts the outbreak of a mutated virus.

Further Extrapolation (Mine)

Additional Claims of Regular Flu Deaths and Illnesses being superimposed as the outcome of COVID-19

Here are 12 experts questioning the Coronavirus Panic. And here’s some more. Outlining their points is beyond the scope of this article.

Laughable attempts at Fearmongering, coupled with serious attempts to suspend individual rights, and some other oddities (Western countries)

  • As of 14th January 2020, the WHO was tweeting that there was no evidence of COVID-19 spreading through person-to-person contact!
  • Watch this clip, supposedly from the UK, in which men in Hazmat suits seem to be deliberately spreading panic in an apartment building.
  • Pakistan screened a US citizen entering at their airport in March 2020. But when she returned back to New York, she observed no screening measures in place!
  • While troops have been seen strutting their equipment through several metropolises, no one asks why they are not observing social distancing.
  • There is absolutely no effort to recall American troops from places like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. If this is indeed a global “pandemic,” they would be very vulnerable.
  • Women in labour forced to be alone while giving birth.
  • Funeral gatherings not being permitted.
  • Celebrities being paid to claim they contracted the virus. Other shady celebrities exiting the scene by faking their deaths. .000001 % of earth has Coronavirus. But all these celebs have it?
  • The US Department of Justice secretly asking Congress for the ability to detain arrested people “indefinitely” in addition to other powers that one expert called “terrifying.”
  • Toronto gathering cellphone location data from telecoms to find out where people are still congregating amid coronavirus shutdown.
  • The American Red Cross going on collecting blood as usual (hey, infections?).
  • Discouraging citizens from using highly effective N95 masks. Kaiser Permanente is theatening to fire nurses for wearing N95 masks while treating coronavirus patients. Why?
  • Walmart blocking customers from buying garden seeds, claiming seeds aren’t “essential” supplies.
  • Installation of controversial 5G equipment in schools (which are now locked down).
  • Dr. James Bradley, an American Army expert on respiratory ailments (he was nominated for White House physician by the Pulmonary/Critical Care consultant to the surgeon general), was killed in a suspicious house fire on 27th March 2020.
  • It is now being reported that in late November 2018, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at Detroit Metro Airport stopped a Chinese biologist with three vials which contained viruses similar to SARS and MERS.
  • There is confirmation that while China internally locked down the Hubei province, it deliberately allowed travel to foreign countries from Wuhan. The baffling question is why USA allowed such flights coming straight from Hubei, to land?
  • Florida Medical Examiners were independently releasing data of COVID-19 deaths, but then they were ordered to stop.
  • Amazon has been caught using local news networks as a product placement medium for its services. Small businesses which once competed with Amazon are piling up billions in debt, and their employees are not returning to work because of stay-at-home government incentives.
  • Using mountains of credible data, an Austrian journalist has already filed charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder. But we can be confident nothing will be done.

But what about the allegedly huge death tolls in Wuhan (China), Iran, Italy, and now USA?

The Globalists specialize in faking everything, and since they dominate Western Societies (their domination of China is relatively recent and more on the authoritarian side), it is child’s play to once again fool the same audiences all over again. Consider the fact that Americans and other Western people, who are expected to be technological pioneers and comparatively “rich” live in a bubble of complete fakery (fake milk, fake honey, fake 911, fake moon landings, fake Jihadis, fake wars, fake enemies, fake aliens, fake boobs, fake patriotism, fake Presidential assassination, fake reality TV, fake sexuality, fake charities, fake cars, fake orgasms, fake erections, fake love, fake school shootout, fake two-party based democracy, fake food, fake grains,  fruits and vegetables, fake seeds, fake sugar, fake smiles, fake manufacturing industry, fake Americans, fake free market economy, fake lives, fake Christianity, fake Freedom®, fake weather, fake education, fake conspiracy theorists etc.).

But leaving this aside, we do know that the Globalists would not hesitate to create a real, lethal virus. If they did, they would release it among their foes, while protecting their supporters. It would only be possible to do this in authoritarian countries where hospitals, crematoriums and other institutions can be made to participate, by increasing the death toll by unnecessary measures. In non-authoritarian Western countries, it seems the focus is on erasing individual rights and creating an economic shutdown.

We do know that China is not just Globalist territory, but their future global model. Except for the fact that in July 2019, there were huge anti-government demonstrations in Wuhan. This was violently suppressed but some “sanitized” information about this event made it to the Western media. If we go by this theory, what took place in Wuhan in late 2019 was actually another Tiananmen Square (but with huge collateral damage, maybe exceeding 20 million people). The WHO never bothered to monitor Wuhan on its own accord, so we will never know how many fatalities can actually be attributed to the virus. Coincidentally, Margaret Chan, a Chinese-Canadian served as Director-General of the WHO (2006-2017). To quote,

After a visit to North Korea in April 2010, Chan said malnutrition was a problem in the country but that North Korea’s health system would be the envy of many developing countries because of the abundance of medical staff. She also noted there were no signs of obesity in the country, which is a newly emerging problem in other parts of Asia. Chan’s comments marked a significant departure from that of her predecessor, Gro Harlem Brundtland, who said in 2001 that North Korea’s health system was near collapse. The director-general’s assessment was criticised, including in a Wall Street Journal editorial which called her statements “surreal.” The editorial further stated, “Ms. Chan is either winking at the reality to maintain contact with the North or she allowed herself to be fooled.”

But if the virus was “deployed” to Wuhan through artificial means such as aerosols and chemtrails, and if indeed it is dangerous, there would be a realistic risk of it infecting other Chinese provinces as well. And that did not happen. Redditor “CrazyNinjaMike” has come up with an interesting theory. To quote,

Between 2012-2015, China had a lab that they forced the discovery of covid-19 using bats, other animals and Uighur Muslims.

Between 2015-2017, China created a vaccine for covid-19.

China gave the vaccine to most of its citizens. The ones not vaccinated would be protected by herd immunity. They did not vaccinate anyone in Wuhan.

They spread the virus throughout the world, locking down Wuhan to lead the rest of the world to believe that that is how they “contained” the virus.

It cripples Western economies and they buy up stocks and now own a lot more of Western companies.

This could also explain why close allies of China, such as North Korea (not South Korea) and Russia, did not have much of a crisis. The vaccine would be shared with them, and maybe jointly developed. Interestingly, China is currently trying to coddle India (where it has strategic interests) with the hope of a vaccine.

China also has good relations with Iran. But again, Iran happens to have a simmering dissident problem. And also happens to be an ancient Illuminati hotbed. What better opportunity to go Wuhan on their dissident locations?

As for Italy, maybe their numbers are hyped, and maybe the objective was an economic shutdown only. It appears that in less authoritarian countries, the objective is limited to an economic shutdown and a suspension of personal liberties. To quote,

There are several oddities about this virus. First of all, it has struck the richest and most productive regions in Italy, Lombardy and Veneto, in the north. After 2008, Italy, which continues to be the second manufacturing economy in EU, has lost the 25% of its manufacturing capacity. The poorest Italian regions, in the south of the peninsula, at the moment doesn’t have many cases of CV. But striking those two productive regions means destroying the entire Italian economic system.

In March 2019, the compromised “leaders” of Italy signed the Silk Road Protocol Trade Deal with China. Italy is expected to relocate manufacturing to China (becoming an importer rather than an exporter) and consulate itself with cultivating olives and making pizzas. The mayor of Florence was actually encouraging Italians to hug Chinese.

To further validate this theory, we find this:

I posted a link from China Daily, showing that China doubled its flu vaccine in October, 2019. As well as the fact that it is possible to have multiple vaccines in a single injection. They could have the covid-19 and flu vaccine all in one shot.

About an hour and 29 minutes later, Manboybearfish informed me that China Daily didn’t like the attention my link to their site was getting. China Daily (a China owned site) had removed the webpage from their site! Thankfully I still had the tab open. Here is a snapshot of the webpage before they removed it. And here is a snapshot of their webpage after they removed it. Here is a link to the webpage itself.

This perhaps proves that we are onto something with this theory. Why would China take down the web page after I link to it? It still does not prove it as fact, but I am now more convinced with this evidence.

My Observations on the Unfolding Crisis in India

Unlike other countries, Globalists began to directly intervene and operate on the ground level in independent India after the 2014 elections. While they have compromised and subverted many figures (and imposed some of their own) there is still a hidden and confused battle unfolding on a daily basis, between them and “unconquered India.” Reading between the lines gives an interesting picture on the challenges they face in ensuring the Plandemic plays out in India as well. In India, their main goal appears to be an economic collapse, which has already been catalyzed by some earlier acts of vandalism against the Indian economy. A secondary goal is setting up an authoritarian, Chinese style, power structure, even in the absence of complete Globalist control. Once the structure is in place, the Globalists can slouch into position one way or another. And once they have control, it can only take another “independence movement” to get them out. A tertiary objective could be fomenting of religious riots. There have been attempts at triggering religious riots by advancing fake claims that Muslims are resisting tests, that the virus is spreading through returning Muslim pilgrims and Muslim preachers, and by spreading videos among the Muslim community, of mosque-goers being beaten by police. In early 2019, the Globalists even attempted a destructive Indo-Pak war, which was to be followed by a mysterious epidemic known as the “Green Death.”

When COVID-19 began unfolding in India, many logical medics rightly saw more harm than good in publicly sharing the numbers. To quote,

The Indian Medical Association urged the government on Wednesday not to share novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases daily, arguing the move would lead to panic even though the World Health Organisation declared it a pandemic.

But since avoiding the “cricket score” approach would mean no pandemic panic and would actually prevent an economic crisis, this plea was shot down without second thought.

As of March 18th 2020, the Indian Council of Medical Research tweeted this:

There is no evidence of community outbreak of coronavirus in India as of yet, as more than 500 of the thousand samples tested for community transmission of coronavirus have come out negative while the results for the other half are awaited.

The Globalists responded swiftly, because without the fake “mass testing,” with 50% false positives, there could be no plandemic pandemic. Further, India’s comparatively low record of COVID-19 infections was becoming an embarrassment. People were raising eyebrows, wondering why a country with lower standards of hygiene was getting away. Conspiracy theorists were openly citing India as an example that the cases in the West are being faked. Here’s how the Globalist media reacted:

Ramanan Lakshminarayan (an Economist) came up with a “simulation” in USA that claimed that 500 million Indians would die off unless mass testing was introduced. He is not a medic. The “simulation” was caught using the seal of John Hopkins University without their approval.

The New York Times, 17th March 2020: “Doctors say it is either that there are many more cases in India that have not been detected, because of the difficulties of getting tested, or that India has indeed managed to so far escape the worst, possibly because of quick and strict efforts right from the start.”

Aljazeera, 18th March 2020: The World Health Organization (WHO) has urged countries to test as widely as possible to curb the pandemic, but India has only been testing those who have travelled from affected countries or come in contact with a confirmed case and shown symptoms after two weeks of quarantine.

BBC, 20th March 2020: “Why is a densely populated country with more than a billion people testing so little? The official assumption is the disease has still not spread in the community. As early “evidence” health authorities say 826 samples collected from patients suffering from acute respiratory disease from 50 government hospitals across India between 1 and 15 March tested negative for coronavirus. Also, hospitals have not yet reported a spike in admissions of respiratory distress cases. “It is reassuring that at the moment there is no evidence of community outbreak,” says Balram Bhargava, director of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). He believes Mr Ghebreyesus’s [WHO head who is advocating mass testing]  advice is “premature” for India, and it would only “create more fear, more paranoia and more hype.”

The Atlantic, 27th March 2020: “India is still not testing enough people, having conducted the fewest number of tests of any country with confirmed cases of the coronavirus, at just 10.5 per million residents (South Korea, by contrast, has conducted more than 6,000 tests per million residents). That private laboratories are allowed to charge $60 per test—remember, just $7 a month has been offered as income support for some residents—means significant barriers to confirmation and treatment remain in place.”

The New York Times, 27th March 2020: “Our initial estimates showed that 300 million to 500 million Indians were likely to be infected with the coronavirus by the end of July. Most of the cases would be without symptoms or with mild infections, but about a tenth — 30 million to 50 million — would most likely be severe. Our model predicted that at the outbreak’s peak, even with conservative assumptions, there would be 10 million patients with severe Covid-19 disease in India, many of whom would need to be hospitalized.[………] India has four to six weeks before the coronavirus outbreak hits its peak. It is absolutely necessary to use this window of opportunity to create an enormous, affordable and easily available testing infrastructure, intensify efforts to identify the sick, trace their contacts and isolate them and prepare for the avalanche. Hygienic quarantine facilities and intensive-care beds must be set up in all state capitals.” This rather apocalyptic prediction was authored by Ramanan Lakshminarayan (an Economist), who also works at The Center For Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (where these wildly gesticulating “simulations” were made). These predictions of doom were picked up by many Indian outlets. But later, John Hopkins University tweeted that their logo was used without their permission and they were never part of the research! Strangely, John Hopkins University was also involved in Bill Gates Simulation 201 which modelled a Coronavirus outbreak in November 2019, and is the official scorekeeper of Coronavirus deaths in real life! The source code of such “simulations” have been critiqued by actual software engineers, and here is what they have concluded: “All papers based on this code should be retracted immediately.”

Aljazeera, 27th March 2020: “Experts also say India’s capacity to test is poor and more robust testing would reveal the true extent of the pandemic.”

Even if you are not in India, you can feel the pressure for “testing” while reading through this. Imagine how this pressure works on Indian people who have valid misgivings about their healthcare abilities. On 24th March 2020, a nationwide lockdown was announced. Sadly, the Indian government chose a completely crippling and impractical “lockdown of the nation.” While it would make sense to screen all incoming visitors to India, the cost of ensuring a lockdown, even in towns and villages without a single documented case, and without the resources to do so, is an invitation to eventual economic collapse. A Redditor proposed a saner plan, but there are no takers. To quote,

Right now every small cities and states are isolated because of lock down. I propose a Divide And Conquer Type strategy.

Let’s say for example Thane city in Mumbai is unaffected. After 21 days of Lock – down, we will know based on rigorous testing focused only on thane citizen whether or not corona virus exists within thane city. Hopefully let’s assume that none of the citizens of thane has been affected by corona virus. Our next step begins after day 21 of lock-down. That is, Day 22

When we have strong confidence that citizen’s of thane are unaffected of corona virus, we can remove the lock-down from only Thane city. Here, it is important to be as divisible as possible. Since it is very hard to be sure that an entire state is not affected of virus, we choose small cities instead.

People of thane city can start working but no citizen can cross the thane city or enter the city from somewhere else even after the 21 day lock-down has been completed. Strict Border should be maintained. People will work from within city. Only government officials working towards removing corona virus should be allowed to enter and leave the city and that too by checking properly.

But would such a strategy work in the case of fake tests? Obviously not. The fake tests would fuel an even bigger and unsustainable lockdown frenzy, until the economy would go bust for good, which is probably the intended objective.

Sadly, even local pundits have jumped into the “More Testing” bandwagon. In a 25th March 2020 interview, Prof Jayati Ghosh of JNU gives a succinct summary of the impact the lockdown has had so far (a few days of it have been worse than some recent economic blunders that unravelled over months). But towards the end, “More Testing” is sadly advocated. To quote,

Ghosh: So two things we should be producing many hundreds of multiples of, is testing kits and ventilators. We are completely inadequate in both of these. At the moment only one Gujrati based crony firm is allowed to produce testing kits.

Interviewer: Well no, I think the Government has given permission according to Mr [inaudible], up to two more Indian manufacturers of testing kits, it may take the time but permission has been given.

Ghosh: Then its private testing. Testing must be free. Its private testing up to a limit of Rs. 4500 per test. That’s obscene. The testing must be free. It’s a public health issue. Its not that person who is affected. It is everybody else who is affected.  

Regardless if the testing kits are produced or not, and regardless if they are free or not, they would be useless if they adhere to a fake testing method that produces 50% false positives. That would only create the plandemic pandemic, because that is what they are designed to do.

Sadly, unconquered India seems to have caved in as of writing this. To quote,

In a move that indicates India is readying for massive novel coronavirus (COVID-19) testing, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has sought price quotes for the supply of 10 lakh [1,000,000] antibody kits (serological test) for diagnosis of COVID-19. […….] The decision marks a clear shift in India’s approach towards COVID-19 testing as ICMR, which is spearheading the coronavirus diagnosis efforts, has till March 25 tested only 25,144 samples from 24,254 individuals. As per the body, the number of positive cases has touched 581 so far.The agency has invited kit manufacturers to quote their prices. It has also asked them about supply timeline and capacity available for COVID-19 testing kits that are approved by ICMR or international authorities like USFDA and EUA […….] In addition to over a 100 government laboratories that have been approved for the COVID-19 testing, the health ministry has recently roped in close to 30 private laboratories with over 17,000 collection centres all over the country to carry out COVID-19 tests based on the ICMR protocols.

ICMR Protocols? I have not been able to find them on their website. Neither have I been able to locate testing methods/ protocols on the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization website. The first Indian company to receive a preliminary licence to manufacture COVID-19 test kits in India was a joint venture with a Utah-based Start-Up with no track record, a clear case of nepotism. Another Indian company has recently stolen the limelight by promising to deliver cheap and quick testing kits for a reasonable price. We do know that their kits are non-FDA approved, and that this is a break from the earlier government orientation of only allowing kits that adhered to FDA Protocols. But it is still unknown what/whose Protocol they follow in their test methods. Neither do we know whether or not they independently evaluated these test method(s) for false positives. And if so, what is the rate of false positives. Currently, the ICMR website does mention the accuracy of 17 kits which do not adhere to FDA Protocol. These kits have been approved by the ICMR. But it is still unclear what Protocols then govern the test methods of these kits.

If they have blindly adopted the test method protocols of the WHO or the FDA, or if they have come up with equally erroneous test methods/ protocols of their own, India is clearly headed for its biggest existential crisis.

Update 29th August 2020: An article in the New York Times gives some technical details implying that RT-PCR tests with a cycle threshold above 35 is too sensitive.


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