On Old and New Slavery

While there has not been a whimper of protest regarding the loss of personal rights and freedoms following the plandemic pandemic, it has to be asked, does Dalhousie University really care about Black Lives? To start with, the founder of Dalhousie University, George Ramsay, the 9th Earl of Dalhousie, claimed he wanted to create a college open to all in 1818. But like the hypocrite he was, women were not admitted until 1881, and it was in 1896 that the first black student graduated. There is documentation that he was a racist. To quote,

There are documented statements from George Ramsay expressing views on race, slavery, and settlers and freed slaves of African descent that are far removed from the inclusive language he laid out for his university vision: statements that suggest a desire to return newly freed slaves to their masters, for example, or which view freed slaves as “incapable of industry.”

So all the BLM fans at Dalhousie, why not consider removing the name of Dalhousie from this University? Interestingly, we have a black poet associated with this University with all sorts of laurels up his sleeve writing a very long poem, humanizing and romanticizing this parasite, and this institution, which functioned as an incubator of evil.

Going back to organized slavery. It only happened because the Criminal Elite were OK with it. They needed slaves for their plantations, and using the free labor, they were able to drive out competing businesses. Remember that this required logistical gymnastics, involving shipping companies (Hello Halifax Criminal Elite), big business and prominent politicians. Of course, the non-Criminal Elite locals could also partake in slavery and use slaves, but their scope was fairly limited. It is only the parasitic types who formally legitimized it. On the other hand, those non-Criminal Elite locals who accepted what their Criminal Elite had started without any formal debate acted like nothing more than slaves of a higher pay grade (cue angry denial).

The ‘slaves” back then were atleast still technically free people in their countries of origin. Now the same Criminal Elite have changed the game. Instead of kidnapping free people and using them as slaves, they are enslaving free people in their own countries by setting up oppressive regimes. This is especially true of modern China, which is a creation of the Globalists. Where one section of society, supportive of a regime that was created by interests based in places like Moscow, New York and London, has enslaved other groups, either directly or indirectly. And therefore supporting Canadian corporations that profit from the dehumanizing conditions there, is the equivalent of supporting slavery.

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