Tom Clancy’s The Division; a 2016 Video Game which predicted COVID-19 and the unmaking of USA

In a 2016 video-game, we see clear instances of predictive programming for the current COVID-19 pandemic, and the role it will play in the unmaking of USA. It is now clear that the same “pandemic” was expected to bring different results in different parts of the world, and for USA, it was to inaugurate the beginning of a rapid descent into dissolution. The name of the game itself is prophetic. While most gamers may assume it alludes to an elite group of soldiers, it more likely refers to the coming division of American society.

This is obvious from the trailers itself. I suppose a detailed review based on in-game footage will reveal even bigger instances of predictive programming.

Why video games? Because many American males retreat into their “man-caves” to play video games, in what they consider to be the last bastion of masculinity. Alas, it has been subverted a long time ago, as another medium for disinformation and predictive programming (Previously on Cabal Times, we covered the Call of Duty Franchise doing the same).

Here is the first trailer.

So the pandemic (or the next one?) was supposed to be more severe than the current one, and was to result in the complete breakdown of American society, even triggering a civil war. That did not happen. But there was clearly an attempt (in the United States) to foment a race war at around the same time. If we dive into further detail, we learn that the good guys are connected to a FEMA-like executive agency (Shadow Government), and consist of sleeper cells (a term associated with Al-Qaida) whereas local authority has been eviscerated. It is also important to mention that bodies of those who died in the pandemic are being quickly burnt, right in the streets. While this did not happen, hospitals were indeed suspiciously reluctant to release bodies to families.

Now this is a more creepy trailer. It reads like one of those reports prepared by the UN in 2019. If we apply it to the present pandemic, it is possible that the present pandemic was indeed introduced (in USA) on Black Friday (23rd November 2019) and it was initially introduced through tainted currency notes (In another cutscene, we see a scientist whose face is covered by a mask physically tainting currency notes with a virus). But since the current pandemic did not catch on and did not prove to be that strong, the Powers That Be resorted to inflating the death toll through various means. There is also clear references to Lockdown, Quarantine Zones etc.

………..Everyone will be a potential threat.

Now why the villification of “money?” It is not “money” that is supposedly spreading the virus, it is physical banknotes. And therefore the implication is that it will become necessary to get rid of physical money and transform into a cashless society overnight.

And sure enough, following the recent pandemic, most retailers began to stop accepting physical money, and there were rumours that it large amounts were being permanently withdrawn from usage.

The game was followed by a sequel which was released in March 2019. The plot thickens further, with the President disappearing after Air Force One is brought down, only to be found alive later, collaborating with the enemy. The “good guys” are now closing in on capturing Washington, to “restore order.”

Whatever is going on, do not fall into the trap of sympathizing with the American people. To better illustrate the situation, the Predator drone, which once rained death on Afghan and Pakistani civilians, was spotted flying over riot-torn Minneapolis in June. It is easy to estimate that soon enough, they will be firing hellfire missiles at American civilians. Guess who pays for them and their technological development?

What flies around comes around.

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