Bogus Religious Orgs in Halifax

With claims of decades of abuse coming out of Shambhala International, is it safe to say that almost every major religion on this planet, as well as every major Christian denomination, has a parody-scam version of it based in Halifax? For example, I noticed that one Muslim community leader is actually a shrewd businessman disguised as a preacher, whose speciality is scamming the Kuwaiti Ministry of Religious Endowments into financing religious projects in Halifax (which then morph into real estate ventures). I have often wondered why this is the case.

It seems the Halifax Criminal Elite, being a truly Global Criminal Elite, are closely involved with many major religions. They are currently obssessed with Eastern religions because getting involved with them allows them to intervene in regional politics in Eastern countries (Burma is the latest casualty).

To make things convenient for themselves, they allow import shady religious leaders to establish themselves in Halifax. Intelligence keeps full tabs on them and all their activities. Once they get involved in illegal stuff (financial or sexual), they are blackmailed into becoming sockpuppets of the Halifax Criminal Elite, who then use them as well as their hijacked organizations, for running Intelligence ops in their home countries. Those who do not fall in line can be offered financial or sexual inducements (Hello Dalhousie University). In the case of Shambhala International, we see many “locals” using it as a springboard to ascend the hierarchy of International Buddhism. In fact, this may be the purpose it served. This may also be the reason why one runs into some rather exotic religions, from politically sensitive places, established and thriving in Halifax.

During the recent lockdown, only one church distinguished itself (and on only one occassion) in raising the issue that the requirements of the lockdown conflicted with its religious tenets. All other churches and religious institutions embraced the Almighty Covid, hook, line and sinker, never even once raising alarm at how these arbitrary rules conflicted with their mandated practices of religion. This only shows how little they really care about their said religions.

Halifax citizenry are generally too catatonic for any kind of genuine spirituality. Any kind of religious organization based in Halifax may be a front for the Cabal.

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