The Khadr Family; Soldiers of Allah or Soldiers of Fortune?

On 10th February 2020, Canadian-Egyptian former “child soldier” and ex-Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Khadr will be a keynote speaker at an exclusive event hosted on Dalhousie campus by the Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative, in partnership with Dalhousie University’s Open Dialogue series. Since anything (and any person) promoted by this University usually boils down to Cabal projects, it’s time to point out some glaring contradictions and factual inconsistencies in the mainstream narrative of the Khadr family saga.

Omar Khadr (pictured left)

This is an educated opinion, based on research.

Based on what public information I could obtain, my opinion is that while the family patriarch Ahmed Khadr (father of Omar) may have indeed started out as a genuine Muslim, it seems that somewhere along the way, he took a wrong turn. Not towards extremism (as the mainstream media wants you to believe) but something even worse…knowingly and deliberately participating in one of the biggest combined projects of Western Intelligence Agencies, which was the imposition of Al Qaida on Afghanistan. Only he would be able to answer for his motivations. Personally, I have seen many half-baked Muslims becoming greedy when financial inducements come into the picture. There is also the possibility of blackmail and threats of jail (which wouldn’t exactly work on a devout Muslim). Whatever be the motivation(s) of Ahmed Khadr, collaborating with Western intelligence Agencies, directly or indirectly, would abrogate all his claims to Islamic faith.

As for why Al Qaida was imposed on Afghanistan, The motivations of The Powers That Be boil down to two simple equations:

Al Qaida in Afghanistan = NATO inviting itself into Afghanistan

No Al Qaida in Afghanistan = NATO being disabled from inviting itself into Afghanistan

Thus, when the Soviets were driven out of Afghanistan, the Powers That Be immediately began imposing new figures which would later emerge as Al Qaida in Afghanistan, knowing well that later cooking up a war with them would be their only ticket back into Afghanistan. There were three main figures/forces imposed on Afghanistan. The first (and most critical) was Al Qaida/Osama Bin Laden (who merely parodied genuine Jihadist Abdullah Azzam’s success), the second was Gullbudin Hekmatyar and the third was Ahmed Shah Masood (the latter two being crypto-Shiites). Following the power vacuum after the Soviets left, Osama was implanted to prevent genuine mujahideen like Abdullah Azzam from gaining a foothold. But then came the unprecedented rise of the Taliban, and suddenly, Masood and Hekmatyar were pushed out of the game. In order to be allowed to stay in Afghanistan, Osama had to suddenly pretend to serve their cause. And this was effected by funnelling foreign fighters to him in Afghanistan from all over the world. The wars these fighters fought, thinking they were serving Islam, were used by Osama as a bargaining chip with the Taliban, to ensure their hospitality and protection. That was of course, until The Powers That Be could create the conditions for the re-invasion of Afghanistan.

Jamal Khashoggi. Despite being of Jewish origin, the Khashoggis managed to establish themselves in Saudi Arabia.

One classic method of imposing Al Qaida on Afghanistan was having them steal credit of defeating the Soviets by staging minor skirmishes with the Soviets, in the final stage of the Soviet withdrawal. These battles would be exaggerated by the media to credit players connected to Western Intelligence Agencies. One such battle was the Battle of Jaji (1987). We see Gullbudin Hekmatyar, Osama Bin Laden and Jalaluddin Haqqani taking centre stage. All three were Cabal operatives. Ahmed Khadr was also there. Here is what Wikipedia has to say:

Although relatively unimportant in military terms, the battle had been chronicled daily by Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist, and his reporting left an impression of bin Laden as a victorious military leader and attracted a number of followers to his cause.

That’s the same Jamal Khashoggi which they now claim was murdered by the Saudi Government for writing misleading stories against them. Another Khashoggi is a notorious CIA drug kingpin. His sister just happens to be married to the father of Princess Diana’s lover Dodi al-Fayed. The Khashoggis have Jewish ancestry.

It was during one such battle later in 1992 that Ahmed Khadr got severely injured. Later in 1999, he would be appointed to broker a peace deal between the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden, as well as Gulbuddin Hekmatyar (the latter two were clearly Cabal operatives). It is interesting to note that Khadr met with Hekmatyar in Iran, which is normally hostile to Sunni Jihadists.

For more details on how Al Qaida bigshots such as Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Zawahiri have documented connections to Western Intelligence Agencies, see this 2012 article of mine.

Decrypting Ahmed Khadr

Ahmed Khadr…still alive?

However, imposing a foreign organization into a new territory carries a lot of logistical and financial challenges. Unlike the Taliban which had no financial issues since they controlled lands and collected taxes, Al Qaida had to be financed from the ground up. This is where you find the father of Omar Khadr, Ahmed Khadr coming into the picture. Here are some inconsistencies I have discovered in his story. You may argue that he could have been duped, but the inconsistencies are downright glaring.

The Mysterious Kuwaiti Connection

During his 1984 summer in Pakistan, Ahmed Khadr joined Lajnat al Dawa, a Kuwaiti-run relief organisation to help Afghan refugees living in Pakistan after the Soviet invasion. Zahid Al-Sheikh was alleged to have been one of the directors of LDI. He is the brother of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, publicly known as the architect of 9/11. And it is also known that like the rest of the senior leadership of Al Qaida, he is a creation of Western Intelligence Agencies.

Ahmed Khadr settled in a second-floor apartment above the Kuwait Red Crescent Society’s offices in Peshawar, Pakistan. Kuwait has a mysterious link to many figures involved in the early genesis of Al Qaida, in particular, Khalid Shaikh Muhammad. Later, we have Kuwaiti-born Egyptian Canadians Ahmad Abou El-Maati (now awarded more than $10 million in compensation by the Canadian Government) and Amer el-Maati (still missing) being associated with Ahmed Khadr in Afghanistan.

Abdullah Anas, an Algerian scholar, a man who helped Afghan mujahideen fight the Soviet invasion in the northern provinces from 1983-1992 would later describe Ahmed Khadr as “not a man of fighting, not a man of jihad, just a man of charity work aid”. A bagman?

In 1986, Ahmed Khadr was hobnobbing with Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri in Peshawar. His family would at times be living in Osama Bin Laden’s compound. In this 2012 article of mine, I have detailed their strong connections with Western Intelligence Agencies. In 1994, he would send his two oldest sons, Abdullah and Abdurahman, to Khalden training camp, where they were under the supervision of a mysterious Libyan named Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi. The purported (false) information al-Libi gave to Egyptian authorities was later cited by the George W. Bush Administration in the months preceding its 2003 invasion of Iraq as evidence of a connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda. Later, the mysterious Libi vanishes in Tripoli (the official account is that he committed suicide).

Khadr’s Flamboyant Fundraising in Canada

In 1988, Khadr joined a Canadian Charity and became involved in extensive relief work in Afghanistan (This charity would later dissociate with him claiming that he had started acting on his own initiative….or maybe someone else’s initiative). He even solicited aid from a charity run by Order of Canada recipient Doreen Wicks. He gained the support of the World Food Program, and a $325,000 donation from the Canadian International Development Agency. He was featured in the Toronto Star, calling attention to the plight of Afghanistan. In 1995, Khadr then founded his own charity, Health & Education Projects International and listed the Toronto-based Salahedin Mosque as a partner.[1] Agency Coordinating Body For Afghan Relief, “Kabul Directory” (PDF). Archived from the original (PDF) on June 16, 2004. Retrieved September 2, 2016. Aly Hindy, the Imam of the Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Toronto, once called “Toronto’s million-dollar radical mosque” by the National Post, is also an Egyptian-Canadian.

What is unusual about this fundraising is that the Jihad against the Soviets was already being funded by the generosity of Gulf countries. But again, that would mean that organizations like the CIA could not divert it towards their own pet projects, such as the Haqqani network, and later Al Qaida. Was this a conduit for Western Intelligence Agencies to finance their very own projects? As things would unfold with Ahmed Khadr, it does look like that.

CIA’s Ahmed Khadr’s Strange Animosity with Genuine Jihadist Abdullah Azzam

In Afghanistan, Ahmed Khadr had a bitter dispute with genuine Palestinian-Arab Jihadist Abdullah Azzam. He accused Azzam of being a Western spy (takes one to know one?). Azzam would be later blown to bits in a car bomb blamed on “militant Egyptians.”[2]Gunaratna, Rohan. ‘Inside al-Qaeda: Global Network of Terror.’ Columbia University Press: New York, 2002. Many claim that Osama merely copied (and parodied?) Azzam’s wildly successful jihad model, and thus Osama is not a founder of jihad in Afghanistan as propagandized.

What remained of the car Azzam was travelling in (Peshawar, Pakistan, 1989)

Ahmed Khadr was a “protected” man

In July 1995, Khadr arranged for his daughter Zaynab to marry an Egyptian man named Khalid Abdullah, who was later associated with Ayman al-Zawahiri’s bombing of the Egyptian Embassy in Pakistan. Abdullah subsequently fled to Iran, where Ahmed Khadr and his family joined him for a vacation. Wanted Sunni Jihadists vacationing in Iran, of all places, does sound strange. Ahmed Khadr was accused by the Pakistani police of financing the bombing using money gathered for relief efforts. Later they would accuse him of playing a role in the 1998 US Embassy bombings. Following his arrest in Pakistan, strange forces swung into action to secure his release.

  1. The Jewish Civil Rights Educational Foundation of Canada wrote to Pakistan urging that Khadr be afforded a fair trial. You read that right![3]“Canadian Relief Worker Held in Pakistan”. Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (Feb/Mar 1996): 103.
  2. Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien “just happened” to be visiting Pakistan, and he urged Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto to drop the charges, following which Ahmed Khadr would return to Canada.
  3. Later, another Egyptian Khaled Abu el-Dahab confessed to Egyptian interrogators of his role in the affair. He just happens to be the right-hand man to Ali Mohamed, an American CIA agent and Special Forces soldier!

Ahmed Khadr’s strange “friendship” with the ISI

Following the 1995 bombing of the Egyptian Embassy in Pakistan, Egyptian forces surrounded Khadr’s house in Peshawar, and requested that the ISI offer assistance in capturing him. Instead, the ISI contacted the Taliban, who sent a diplomatic car to pick up Khadr and bring him into Afghanistan! In her book Wanted Women Deborah Scroggins describes meeting Zaynab Khadr while she was a house-guest of Khalid Khawaja, in Islamabad, Pakistan, in 2004.[4] Deborah Scroggins (2012). Wanted Women – Faith, Lies & the War on Terror: The Lives of Ayaan Hirsi Ali & Aaafia Siddiqui. Harper Collins. pp. 303, 304, 305–306, 428. ISBN 9780062097958. Retrieved 2013-06-16. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Khalid Khawaja:

Squadron Leader Khalid Khawaja (1951–2010) was an Air Force officer, and the Air Force’s intelligence officer of the Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence agency. A former member of Special Service Wing (SSW) and a veteran of Soviet–Afghan War, Khawaja described himself as a close associate of Osama bin Laden in the early days of the Afghan resistance against the Soviet Union. He was once suspected of being involved in the murder of American reporter Daniel Pearl. This was later proved to be false, but he did connect Pearl with men who would eventually kill him. A November 9, 2005, article in the Asia Times described Khawaja as the “point man” for Mansoor Ijaz, which it describes as “…a US citizen of Pakistani origin with close ties to the right wing of the Republican Party”.[REF] The Asia Times says that Ijaz is negotiating a peace with the remaining elements of the Taliban, with Khawaja’s assistance.

And elsewhere, we find Khalid Khawaja publicly defending the Khadrs.

The gruesome murder of ISI official Khalid Khawaja still remains unsolved.

A noted friend of the family, former Pakistani Air Force officer and ISI agent Khalid Khawaja, spoke in their defense; he said that they were being unfairly targeted by Canadian authorities because of a deference to the United States (who held their youngest son), and Islamophobia.[REF]

In another article, I have pointed out how Western Intelligence Agencies were closely connected to the origins of the ISI. The ISI and its men are very selective in which Jihadists they associate with, as associating with the wrong ones can lead to accusations of supporting terrorism. They have dispatched thousands (including hundreds of innocent people) to Guantanamo Bay. They only mingle with Jihadists referred to them exclusively by Western Intelligence Agencies, as this protects them from allegations of supporting terrorism. Was this the case with the Khadr family? As for Khalid Khawaja, he was killed in extremely suspicious circumstances in April 2010. It is important to note that he was also involved in the Daniel Pearl beheading hoax, which I have explained elsewhere.

Ahmed Khadr likely faked his death

On October 2nd 2003, Ahmed Khadr and his son Abdulkareem were all staying at a South Waziristan safe house. A joint American-Pakistani raid was launched (but of course, Ahmed Khadr was informed in advance so that he and his son could escape). The purpose of the operation was to start a disinformation campaign that Khadr had been killed in the ensuing battle, so that he could secretly start a new double life in Canada. With the so-called “War on Terror” keeping into high gear, the realistic prospect of having Ahmed Khadr publicly captured in Pakistan would spill a lot of beans. While a disinformation campaign was immediately started claiming that Ahmed Khadr was no more, Pakistan was still reporting that he had escaped the raid and that they had been conducting house-to-house searches for him. It was finally reported by the CBC (Canada’s disinformation service) three months after the operation, that his DNA had been matched to a body found just outside the doorway and that he was indeed killed in the attack. But Arab News reported that he had been killed three months later, following another Pakistani strike in Wana, after successfully escaping the October firefight! To quote,

The army again sent troops to the same region in October 2003 in an effort to arrest Bin Laden’s top associates. A similar operation was again conducted in January during which Ahmad Said Al-Kadr, a suspected Al-Qaeda financier, was killed along with seven other suspects.

But in Canadian Federal Court Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson’s 2005 ruling rejecting Hassan Almrei’s application for release, she quoted a confidential CSIS agent named only as P.G. as having testified about Khadr dying in 2004.

Then we have Cabal operative Ayman al-Zawahiri trying to trick us into believing that he is actually dead. To quote his croaking on a 2004 audiotape,

In one of the latest Musharraf-led campaigns, several mujahidin were killed, including brother martyr Ahmad Said Khadr, nicknamed Abu Abdurahman al-Kanadi. Al-Kanadi is one of thousands of Arab supporters whose blood was spilled in every valley and mountain in Afghanistan…

So we have three competing claims of his death. My guess is he is living it big in some part of Canada (definitely not GTA, where he may be recognized) under a new identity.

Omar Khadr

Abu Laith al-Libi was a genuine Jihadist of Libyan origin, who till his killing in Pakistan, was always wary of Al Qaida and fought more or less like an independent. He is considered to be one of the most respected Jihadists in Afghanistan. In 2002, he approached Ahmed Khadr about letting his 15-year-old son Omar Khadr serve as a Pashto translator for some Arab fighters who had arrived in the region. Ahmed Khadr only agreed under guarantees for his security. It is understood that Omar was not to be involved in combat, and as later events revealed, the Arab fighters in question were not involved in combat (They were secretively making and laying land mines). When an accidental gun-battle resulted in Omar Khadr being captured and sent to Guantanamo Bay, al-Libi tried to placate the family with gifts and apologies, but Ahmed Khadr remained furious and refused to associate with al-Libi, whom he blamed for not taking care of his son.[5]Shephard, Michelle (2008). Guantanamo’s Child. John Wiley & Sons. This is a rather strange reaction from a person who identified as a Muslim Jihadist. A genuine Muslim Jihadist would accept the fact that family members getting killed or ending up in Guantanamo Bay was a realistic and acceptable outcome, given the situation post-9/11 in Afghanistan. It seems that neither Omar nor his father ever intended to actually “fight” the Americans because they operated in the shadows (more like Jihad tourists). This was a completely accidental development.

It is alleged that Omar threw a grenade which killed a US soldier. Also, the American soldiers raided the house in question because a monitored satellite phone had been detected to have been used in the vicinity. It was not as if the people in the house in question attacked Americans. The raid was completely accidental and unintended. When the house was surrounded, the occupants stood their ground and opened fire, which is very rare for even genuine Taliban fighters to do in their situation.

Omar Khadr after the firefight

In the ensuing melee, one American soldier was killed, whereas Omar Khadr and another unnamed occupant somehow survived. The other “fighters” who were killed were given a quick burial by locals and somehow still remain unidentified. Omar Qadr was not left to die. He was given on-site medical attention and loaded aboard a helicopter and flown to Bagram. All sorts of ammunition, RPGs and even rockets were recovered from the house. A video was also recovered. To quote,

The video shows Khadr toying with detonating cord as other men, including one later identified as Abu Laith al-Libi, assemble explosives in the same house that had been destroyed the day before by US forces. It is identifiable by its walls, rugs and the environment seen out the windows in the video. The men plant landmines while smiling and joking with the cameraman. A Voice of America report suggested that these were the landmines later recovered by American forces on a road between Gardez and Khost.

The Canadian Government repeatedly intervened requesting that Khadr not be transferred to Guantanamo Bay. There was one key development that took place at Bagram. On 7th October 2002, the FBI interrogated Khadr.  To quote,

According to Fuller’s report, he showed Khadr a photo book of al-Qaeda suspects. Khadr took several minutes to identify Maher Arar from one of the photographs. The report also stated that Khadr thought he saw Arar at a Kabul, Afghanistan safe house in September and October 2001. The day after the interrogation (October 8, 2002), Arar, who had been in detention at J.F.K. airport for the past 12 days, was extraordinarily rendered to Syria. Khadr was transferred to Guantanamo.

None of this was ever meant to happen. Like Ahmed Khadr, Maher Arar also appears to be a Cabal operative. And like Omar Khadr, he too would be later brought back to Canada, rehabilitated and given a $10.5 million settlement. Maybe Omar Khadr didn’t know. Or maybe he had become too depressed with the whole mess.

On the other hand, Omar Khadr’s eldest brother, Abdullah Khadr, was never deported to Guantanamo Bay, despite his rather long rap sheet. To quote,

In 2000, Khadr allegedly had contact with a “high level member of al-Qaeda” who took the 19-year-old with him to purchase weapons for fighting against the Northern Alliance militants and supplying an Afghan training camp.[REF]

Richard J. Griffin, Assistant Secretary of State (Diplomatic Security) for the United States later called Khadr “one of the world’s most dangerous men.”[REF]

According to the US indictment, Khadr also allegedly aided militant friends by helping them operate a GPS unit in Pakistan. He said they wanted to measure the distance between a local graveyard and a house Khadr believed belonged to Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. The house was that of President Pervez Musharraf. Khadr’s friends were later arrested near the graveyard.[REF]

Abdullah Khadr

Was Abdullah Khadr involved in an Assassination plot against Pakistani leadership?

The National Post article which brought this to light has been obliterated from the Internet, even from the Wayback Machine. But I managed to salvage a copy from a different URL. Since it too will go dead, here’s a PDF backup. The article tries to misdirect that the GPS was to be used for firing guided missiles into the home of the Pakistani Prime Minister. It was actually the home of President Musharraf.

Musharraf would be the target of five assassination attempts. In this 2012 article of mine, I have theorized that Musharraf was refusing to play along with the Powers That Be, and even threatening to publicize the December 2001 death of Osama. 

President Musharraf’s car damaged in another assassination attempt.

Abdullah Khadr was arrested by some vigilant members of the Pakistani military in 2004, and quietly hustled to Canada, where he lives as a free man. Strangely, Pakistan happily deported hundreds of lower level Al Qaida fighters to the United States (Guantanamo Bay), who were neither American citizens, nor arrested during altercations with American soldiers.

Omar Khadr too, would have been quietly hustled back to Canada, were it not for the inopportune firefight with US soldiers, and he too would be a mere footnote in the sordid saga of the so-called War on Terror. But fate would have it differently.

How Abdurahman Khadr’s Claims further make Omar Khadr’s Detention Appear Accidental

Abdurahman Khadr publicly claimed to be working for the CIA

The rational conspiracy theorist may argue that if indeed the Khadrs were working for Western Intelligence Agencies, they could be sentenced to “life sentences” in fake prisons. Like fake 9/11 hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui, who we are supposed to believe, is serving six life sentences without parole at the Federal ADX Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. Except that he gets to live somewhere else with a new identity but is sometimes chauffeured back to this “special” prison for interviews. But again, that is what Zacarias Moussaoui had signed up for, and living such a double life can be fairly stressful, I believe. Further, his role in the whole 9/11 production was limited to a moronic cameo. Another clown who is a current resident of the Federal ADX Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado is British Egyptian Abu Hamza al-Masri. Prior to discovering the lucrative business of cooing naïve Muslim Jihadists into going to Afghanistan (and becoming part of Osama’s enterprise), he worked as a bouncer for a peep show in Soho, London’s red-light district (That was a thing before the advent of Internet porn).

On the other hand, if the Khadrs (and maybe Maher Arar?) were likely involved in the genesis of Al Qaida itself, their role would never be publicized. As we have seen, they got thrown into the limelight by accident. Having them publicly castigated as guilty would lead their role being further investigated down the road, for years to come. And such investigations would lead back to the Cabal. And therefore it became necessary to not just extricate them from prisons, but to salvage their reputations.

At Guantanamo Bay, Omar Khadr’s older brother Abdurahman Khadr was also being held as a detainee, except that he was later discovered to be working as a CIA informant. Abdurahman Khadr was held a mere 50 feet away from his brother. Omar Khadr confided the same to British detainee Moazzam Beg,[6] Shephard, Michelle (2008). Guantanamo’s Child. John Wiley & Sons. who later went public. Shortly after, Abdurahman Khadr would also publicly claim the same. It is interesting how The Powers That Be let such contradictory claims coexist side-by-side. On one hand, we have a man  (Ahmed Khadr) who has supposedly left the good life in Canada to become part of Al Qaida’s inner circle. We are supposed to believe that Omar Khadr was fighting for Al Qaida as a child soldier when he was captured. Yet in that very household, we find another brother, Abdurahman Khadr, working for the CIA! In Islamic terms, this would be a downright abrogation of his faith, and the Taliban would not hesitate to treat him as an enemy combatant, had they found out and got their hands on him. Or was there really any faith in all of this in from the very beginning? Were they all working for the CIA from the very beginning?

Interestingly, Abdulrahman bin Laden (a son of Osama) became a close friend of Abdurahman Khadr[7]Wright, Lawrence, The Looming Tower, 2006 when the two were in Pakistan. Given the fact that Osama too worked for the same interests, it is not unusual to see “birds of a feather flocking together.” Remember that most mujahedeen joining the Taliban never got to hobnob with Osama or the Al Qaida (and never bothered too). On the other hand Abdurahman Khadr and Abdulrahman bin Laden seemed to share a passion for fine bred horses, rather expensive hobbies for immigrant Jihadists in Pakistan.

Here is what is publicly known about Abdurahman Khadr’s arrest. To quote,

In November 2001, at the age of 19, Khadr was captured by the Northern Alliance in Kabul, where he was wandering around. An elderly man later claimed that Khadr had installed an anti-aircraft gun on the roof of a house.[REF] He was transferred to United States authorities on suspicion of having killed an American medic, but was released.[REF] He later claimed to have been captured several other times, and released each time.[REF]

At this point, Accounts differ. Khadr claims he lived for nine months in a CIA safe house near the American Embassy in Kabul, and worked abroad as an informant.[REF] But other sources say he was taken to Guantanamo Bay on March 21, 2003 and held as an enemy combatant.[REF]

The New York Times later reported that the CIA offered Khadr a contract in March 2003 and asked him to work as an infiltrator for American intelligence in Guantanamo, to be paid $5,000 and a monthly stipend of $3000.[REF] While in Cuba, Khadr worked to obtain information from his fellow inmates before spending five additional months at the Camp X-Ray prison, where he claims to have been given training as an undercover CIA operative.

The Department of Defense published height and weight records for all but ten of the captives held in Guantanamo.[REF] Khadr is one of the ten men whose height and weight records were withheld. Khadr was listed as “Abdul Khadr” on the DOD’s official list of Guantanamo detainees. The Department of Defense has not offered an explanation for why no records for those ten men were published.

The United States later said that Khadr had been removed from the camp in July 2003. However, The Washington Post reported that an October 9, 2003, memo summarized a meeting between General Geoffrey Miller and his staff and Vincent Cassard of the ICRC; it acknowledged that camp authorities were not permitting the ICRC to have access to Khadr and three other detainees, due to “military necessity”.[REF]

Khadr says he was later given a bogus passport and boarded a Gulfstream jet assigned to CIA Director George Tenet. He said that after a stop-over in Portugal, he landed in Bosnia where he was asked to conduct a spy operation at mosques in Sarajevo.[REF][REF] Khadr states that he tried to approach Canadian embassies in various nations and was rebuffed at all of them. He phoned his grandmother Fatmah el-Samnah while in Sarajevo and asked her to go to the Canadian media and tell them that he had been stranded and refused entry back into Canada. He was finally granted admission to the Canadian embassy in Bosnia and was flown back to Canada on November 30, 2003.

On December 4, 2003, Khadr held a press conference with his attorney Rocco Galati. He discussed his role in the War on Terror, but omitted later claimed cooperation with the CIA.[REF][REF]

Khadr has offered a number of conflicting accounts of his life. For example, he has claimed that he was as young as 9 when he began attending Afghan training camps, and that he remained in them until as late as 2003, years after he had not only been kicked out of the camps, but was detained by the United States.[REF] He has repeatedly made comments suggesting that everything up until his most recent story was a lie.[REF]

At one point he said that his family ran a guesthouse for Canadians wanting to train with al-Qaeda.[REF]

In July 2004, Khadr was denied a Canadian passport by Governor General Adrienne Clarkson, on the explicit advice of Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham, by invoking the royal prerogative. Graham claimed the decision was “in the interest of the national security of Canada and the protection of Canadian troops in Afghanistan.”

What does this sound like? Think from the perspective of a highly paid Intelligence operative working in Afghanistan (in Al Qaida) following 9/11 (Ahmed Qadr). Remember that Osama had been killed in December 2001 by a Pakistani. This was never part of the plan and the story is rather complex. Ahmed Qadr would have known that Osama too, was with the Cabal. But when he suddenly got killed, he would be overwhelmed with paranoia. Were The Powers That Be now killing their own operatives in Al Qaida in a coverup? What was to stop them, given the fact that they had just duped their own countrymen into getting killed in a phoney, contrived war? And then Omar Khadr accidentally gets scooped to Guantanamo Bay. Was that really an accident as they assured him? What would any parent do? He would send another sibling to Guantanamo Bay to do a welfare check, to make sure that his paymasters in the CIA were living up to their promise of not torturing Omar, letting his injuries deteriorate or publicly accusing him of terrorism. And so, it was probably arranged to have Abdurahman Khadr in Guantanamo Bay. But it seems he could not hold his end of the bargain of being discreet (he was the most rebellious of the Khadr family) and maybe this is why he was extricated from there. Since there was still no hope of Omar being released from Guantanamo Bay, he may have decided to partially reveal his CIA connections to the media, as a leverage, to make sure that he and Poppa did not suffer the same fate. In doing so, the Canadian Government countered by revoking his passport through an extraordinary measure, to make sure he didn’t make further revelations in a country outside Cabal jurisdiction. Now that Omar has been freed, it seems Abdurahman too is with good terms with The Powers That Be (hint: he got a movie deal). On the other hand Mahmoud Es-Sayyid Jaballah, another Egyptian close to Ahmed Khadr (but never found guilty of being associated with Al Qaida) was been detained in Canada without charge on a “security certificate” since August 2001. He claimed this may have happened because he refused to work for Canadian Intelligence. Note the timing of his detention, which was just before 9/11. Maybe Canadian Intelligence was desperate to get all those who closely knew Ahmed Khadr on their payroll to prevent alternate stories from spilling out.

The Joshua Boyle Connection

Joshua Boyle and his family in supposed captivity in Afghanistan.

Interestingly, a Canadian named Joshua Boyle spent several years acting as the spokesman for the Khadr family. He even briefly married Khadr’s sister Zaynab. This was all secret, and only became known following an investigation after a break-in and shooting at the Boyle home. It seems that a likely motive for the break-in was to recover material and documents Zaynab had given him to write a book on the Khadrs. A Canadian newspaper refers to him as “A wannabe spy for CSIS.”

Boyle and his American wife Caitlin Coleman (who appears to be a naïve but sincere convert to Islam) moved to the New Brunswick village of Perth-Andover where he publicly started acting as a convert to Islam. According to a local, this is what happened later after Boyle left.

Boyle’s father sent a U-haul truck to load up his son’s belongings, which included some unusual items, said another neighbour, who didn’t want to be named. Among the items were medical forceps, chains and leather straps, a resident said.

In 2012, the couple entered Afghanistan for reasons that have never been properly explained. Prior to that, Boyle had tried to convince a British backpacker to accompany him to Afghanistan (and maybe he too would become an additional hostage). They were immediately kidnapped by the Haqqani network, whom the locals refer to as the CIA’s Mujahideen. In 2011, Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik claimed that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had “trained and produced” the Haqqani network and other mujahideen during the Soviet–Afghan War. What is most strange about the kidnapping is that both Boyle and his wife were retained safely, and Caitlin even gave birth three times over the five year period of captivity. It also appears that while Caitlin and her kids were kept captive, Boyle was free to hobnob with the captors. Caitlin would later charge Boyle with abuse and cruelty saying he “was just like my captors.” Feel free to draw your conclusions. The Haqqani network demanded the release of certain prisoners in Pakistani jails. We don’t know which ones, but it is likely that these were Al Qaida operatives on CIA payroll, just like Ahmed Qadr who had earlier been inadvertently captured by Pakistan. In September 2017, a CIA drone spotted Caitlan Coleman and her children in a militant camp in northwestern Pakistan, but avoided attempting to rescue them. Neither did they pass on the information to Pakistan, which is only more evidence of collusion. On 11th October 2017, Pakistani forces managed to intercept the family while they were being transported, and safely rescued them. In Canada, Joshua Boyle could barely conceal how he was controlling his wife’s narrative. What was he trying to hide? To quote,

Signs of Boyle’s controlling nature emerged during Maclean’s interviews — he refused to leave the room while Coleman spoke and at one point chastised her for answering a question, saying “Check with me before you say any of that on the recording,” Maclean’s reported.

He also gets to hobnob with the Prime Minister of Canada. To quote,

On Dec. 19, the couple met with Trudeau at his office in Ottawa. Photos of the meeting — with Ma’idah Grace, their youngest child, bouncing on the Prime Minister’s knee, Dhakwœn Noah, 2, posing for pictures, while Najæshi Jonah, 5, seen rearranging furniture — were released by the family on a Twitter account confrontationally called @BoylesVsWorld.

Joshua Boyle and family, just chilling with the Prime Minister of Canada after a rather stressful “5 year kidnapping” in Afghanistan. No security concerns were raised given his relationship with Zaynab Khadr (whose father was supposed to be a member of Al Qaida’s inner circle). Looks like they forgot.

And it seems he did so before as well. To quote,

The National Post’s examination of Boyle’s extensive online contributions prior to his ill-fated trip to Afghanistan in 2012, reveals he previously met Trudeau in September 2006 at a rally in Toronto over the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, an event featuring Trudeau, before he was elected to public office, and former Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire.

Two of Boyle’s photos from the rally are also still in use illustrating Dallaire’s Wikipedia entry, including a large photo that is his main portrait.

Darfur was a fake crisis, cooked up to partition Sudan.

Coincidentally, the Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative, in partnership with Dalhousie University’s Open Dialogue series brought Omar Khadr to Halifax to speak at Dalhousie University.

After the family was flown to Canada, it seems Boyle tried to force his wife to keep silent on all that had transpired, but she instead tried to charge him. Boyle faced 19 charges, relating to two victims, being Coleman and another who was not identified; 17 of the charges relate to Coleman who agreed to lift the publication ban as to her identity as one of the victims. The charges included sexual assault, uttering a threat to cause death, assault with a weapon, unlawful confinement, and administering a noxious substance. Strangely, Boyle was cleared by the Canadian court, and instead the credibility of his wife was questioned. Joshua Boyle’s father just happens to be a judge currently serving on the Tax Court of Canada (Read: Ottawa based Federal Government People). Prior to his alleged kidnapping, Boyle was a prolific Wikipedia editor (His user page is a big rabbit hole). To quote,

“I love research,” Boyle said in 2009 in an interview with the Globe and Mail after his marriage was revealed. “Anything related to terrorism on Wikipedia, I wrote, pretty much.”

The Post has discovered that as a Wikipedia editor, Boyle made 809 edits to the online entry on Omar Khadr, Zaynab’s brother, and 377 to Ahmed Said Khadr, Zaynab’s father, his two most active page edits.

His third most active interest was Charles Whitman, an American mass murderer known as the “Texas Tower Sniper” and his fourth the Wikipedia entry on Ahnenerbe, a Nazi Germany project to research the history of the Aryan race.

In 2008, Boyle also uploaded personal photos of the Khadr family to Wikipedia.Joshua Boyle, Spook/Spook Wannabe, on how he shaped the mainstream narrative of the Khadr family

And from another source,

An examination of the 62,267 changes and additions Joshua Boyle made to Wikipedia before he and his wife were held captive in Afghanistan and his recent arrest on more than a dozen criminal charges reveals persistent activity on terrorism, Nazi women, torture devices, snipers and sex acts including bondage.

And elsewhere

In August 2007, [Zaynab] Khadr herself joined Wikipedia and started editing entries on herself and her family.

“Glad to see you finally made your way to Wikipedia,” Boyle greeted her. He then cautioned her about editing her own biography: “I have to treat you like any other person found editing their own article — and that means complaining if you ‘rewrite history.’”

She stopped editing her family’s entries but Boyle took her place.

He edited Zaynab Khadr’s entry to remove a reference to her being a “Canadian terrorist” and made the same change to entries on her family. He argued with users about adding balance to several biographies, including the Khadrs. “Most, if not all, of what exists about Khadr is innuendo,” he wrote about Zaynab’s father.

Who would have the time to do 62,267 changes and additions to Wikipedia on an unpaid basis? Maybe omeone connected to the people and events being discussed on those pages. Further, his interest in bondage and torture betrays his elitist background. Not everyone gets away with that.

Omar Khadr’s Repatriation

With the intervention of the Supreme Court of Canada, the United Nations, a well-coordinated activism campaign and God knows how many behind-the-scene subterfuges, Omar Khadr was repatriated to Canada. By 25th March 2019, he is a free man in Canada. On November 30, 2015, State Department emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email account were released, and they revealed that Clinton and her staff worked hard with the Canadian Foreign Minister, John Baird, to effect Khadr’s return to Canada! We do know who the Clintons work for.

The Khadr family puts the Government of Canada in a very interesting paradox. If suppose Ahmed Khadr did in fact die in Afghanistan serving NATO affiliated Intelligence Agencies, then he too, would be technically eligible to have his body brought to Canada, driven down the “Highway of Heroes,” and buried with full honours, including bagpipers at the funeral. If he survived which he likely did), then he too would get to describe his sacrifice and hardship in establishing Al Qaida in Afghanistan in Canadian Heritage moments on national TV. But doing so would make those Canadians who got duped into participating in this war, those who lost loved ones, soldiers who lost an arm, an eye, a leg (or both) feel like they have been mightily pranked. And therefore The Powers That Be have no option but to let him retire with a generous pension and a new identity, maybe somewhere in sunny British Columbia (Hello Beverley Geisbrecht). As for Omar Khadr, if we see what he went through as an unexpected occupational hazard, then the Canadian Government would indeed legally liable to compensate him with millions of dollars and reinstate his lost reputation.

Here is what is publicly known about the compensation:

In July 4, 2017, an unnamed government source leaked that the Canadian government would apologize and pay C$10.5 million in compensation to Khadr.[REF] At a press conference on July 7, 2017, Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale confirmed the settlement and issued a formal apology on behalf of the government.[REF]

In other words, you would not even hear about the $10.5 million but it got leaked. From a perspective of someone who has faced persecution from the Criminal Elite of Canada, Khadr’s legal battle with the Canadian Government to get his rights restored appears to be badly scripted.

Did Omar Khadr really fight a Legal Battle?

Mohammad Zeki Mahjoub

On the other hand, Mohammad Zeki Mahjoub, another genuine Egyptian Jihadist got arrested in May 2000 on a security certificate for knowing too much about the role Canadian “Jihadists” played in the establishment of Al Qaida in Afghanistan. Note the timing, which is just before 9/11. Maybe CSIS was going after all Jihadists not on their payroll to prevent them from leaking stories after 9/11. Here is the conditions in which he is living in:

On February 15, 2007, the Federal Court ruled that he was to be released, noting in particular his failing health and the lack of risk he presented to Canadian society.[REF] Fitted with a tracking bracelet, he was escorted to his Toronto home, now modified to allow court restrictions on his activities, on April 12.[REF][REF]

A month after his release, he asked to be placed back in prison, since he felt that the constant surveillance and harassment meant that his entire family now suffered. He was told that since he was not charged with any crime, he could not be placed back in prison.[REF]

In December 2008, CSIS revealed that it had been wiretapping phonecalls between Mahjoub and his lawyer, in contravention of solicitor-client privilege.[REF] Jaballah and Mahjoub filed a joint motion alleging that the conditions of their house arrest were unreasonable; stating their tracking-bracelets, wiretapped phones and curfews were acceptable intrusions on their lives, while having their family photographed and physically followed at every opportunity and their mail seized were unreasonable. Judge Anne MacTavish ruled against this motion.[REF]

As of March 2009, Mahjoub is again incarcerated at Kingston’s Immigration Holding Centre. This was done at his own request, as he explained on March 19 to Federal Court Justice Simon Noel that he could no longer subject his family to the intolerable and humiliating invasions of their privacy that the conditions of his house arrest required.[REF]

In my case, they went a 100 steps further. Rather than just stopping at intercepting communication between me and my lawyers (which is supposed to be illegal, but never mind), they approached the lawyers. One of the lawyers is now a Dalhousie University Order in Council Appointee. And a senior partner at his law firm happens to chair the Board of Governors of Dalhousie University. Oh my bad luck! While investigating donations that had been appropriated in the construction of a Muslim community center, I later discovered another one on the Board of a numbered corporation with more than a million dollars in revenue (the corporation was involved in the construction of the said community center). He had joined it around the time he ghosted me.

What I am trying to say is that if Omar Khadr was indeed up against the Canadian government, he would not even find a single uncompromised lawyer in all of Canada to do so. Even if he did, the judges, high on adrenochrome, would work things against him. Instead, Following his supposed “death,” the Khadr family was represented by prominent Canadian lawyer Dennis Edney. On 19 September 2014, when the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, in Winnipeg, was first opened, Edney participated in a human rights panel about Omar Khadr’s case at the nearby Manitoba Children’s Theatre. Dennis Edney and Patricia Edney star in the 2015 Canadian documentary Guantanamo’s Child: Omar Khadr. Omar Khadr even lived with them in their home after being released on bail in 2015. isn’t that so nice of them? ;)

Postscript on the “Egyptian Problem” affecting Muslim Communities in the West

With globalization, issues specific to Muslim Communities in a particular part of the world are now becoming problems for the entire Islamic world.

Of all foreign Al Qaida fighters in Afghanistan, a large proportion of them were Arabs. It goes without saying that most of them were dupes (but sincere Jihadists) who while thinking they were fighting for Islam, were actually being used by Osama to establish himself in Afghanistan (to the detriment of the genuine Jihadist Taliban and other genuine Jihadist groups). If we isolate those foreign fighters who were either citizens or residents of Western countries like Canada, UK, and USA (or later became ones), I can easily conclude based on what I have seen that more than 60% were actually serving Western Intelligence Agencies, from the very beginning. In this group, Egyptians dominate, followed by British-Pakistanis, Syrians and the occasional Libyan.

Some may argue that Egypt has a history of Jihad. But if we set aside genuine intellectuals like Syed Qutb from the much hyped Muslim Brotherhood (which originated in Egypt), all we are left with is a rather bogus movement disguised as an Islamic one, with loyalties to outside interests. And a movement which failed miserably, despite making sacrificial lambs of many Egyptian Islamists by dragging them into a confrontation with their rulers.

The very fact that Egyptian Jihadists would be involved in Al Qaida in Afghanistan is thus a paradox. If Egypt indeed was an exporter of Jihad, we would find traces of such sentiment among the common population. While they may have indeed failed to establish a theocratic state, they would at the bare minimum, establish Islamic law (Sharia) in public affairs.

Instead what we have is this:

Cairo, Egypt is a classic Urban Hell. ©biwook Fair Dealing

People who profess to be Sunni Muslims, yet live in a suffocating, materialistic, culture, where the rat race factor has exceeded that of non-Muslim Western societies. Materialistic cultures are known to generate poverty, which persists through generations. The same is true for parts of India. They also generate “urban hells” where nobody can be spared time and effort from the daily drudgery of “survival.” Survival is of course different here than in other cultures because the individual is not focused on staying alive. Instead, survival is equated with running after capital or money….because that is all that society values, respects and idealizes. It suddenly takes the grand dimensions of a personal Jihad, with an individual willing to deliberately harm others without second thought.

When the oil boom resulted in the rapid development of several Gulf countries, many qualified Egyptians were hired, and they had the additional asset of Arabic language. Yet, Gulf employers later flipped them with non-Arabs, even non-Muslim Filipinos and Hindus. Lets just say that Gulf employers found them unpalatable.

After that, many Egyptians began migrating to Western countries. Unanimously, their biggest goal happens to get a PhD from an established Western University and find a job in a well-paying firm. Again, nothing congruent with Jihad. In fact, this betrays an inferiority complex with their native cultures and traditions. They have little interest in establishing an “Islamic society” in the West, and some find them cynical towards fellow Muslims. But again, they are forced to mingle with Muslims after they realize that Western culture is too racist to accommodate them. In the case of Ahmed Khadr, we see that he first began hanging out with other Muslims at what is now called the Deen Camp in Ontario. That is where he met his wife. Is that a camp established by Egyptian Canadians? Nope. It was established by a liberal Palestinian Muslim named Qasem Mahmud, so that Muslims could better enjoy nature. As for Egyptian Canadians, they did not seem to have any notable community hangout back then. Currently, their biggest community project in the area happens to be Salaheddin Islamic Centre. It was once called “Toronto’s million-dollar radical mosque” by the National Post (Read: CIA/Al Qaida recruiting hub). Ahmed Khadr was a regular at this mosque. Its current imam Aly Hindy as also an Egyptian Canadian. He was once a director of the Canadian Islamic Congress in Toronto,[8] Layden-Stevenson, Justice. “Hassan Almrei and the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and Solicitor General for Canada”, “Reasons for Order and Order”, December 5, 2005 which again appears to be an Egyptian dominated organization.

British Egyptian Abu Hamza al-Masri duped thousands of Muslim youth into migrating to Afghanistan to fight for Al Qaida. He has now been “retired” to the United States where he can live a comfortable life without constant scrutiny. All his crook-kids are also fairly rich.

Understanding Canada’s role in the creation of Al Qaida

Beverley Giesbrecht/ Khadija Abdul Qahaar/Dulcy Israel was a Canadian Intelligence operative who “managed” Al Qaida operations, including bombings.

In 2013, I detailed my encounter with Beverly Giesbrecht, a Canadian Intelligence operative who published the Al Qaida magazine INSPIRE, and who was personally involved in an attempting bombing of a passenger plane belonging to a Gulf country. Like Ahmed Khadr, she too would be reported dead and continue her operations long after her official death. What piqued my interest in her was the ease with which she managed to waltz into Al Qaida, travelling to Afghanistan (following 9/11) and later, Yemen. This was someone who had been around supervising the very genesis of Al Qaida. If we club this with the Khadr family case, (and maybe add Maher Arar to the mix) then Canada does indeed have a very strong role in the very genesis of Al Qaida in Afghanistan, a project which began when the Soviets started withdrawing.

But where did the money and the logistics come from? The answer is the American Deep State, and its notorious agency, the CIA. Canadian Intelligence was merely liaising and coordinating with them, because they are now nothing more than a front for the same.  This is why when Abdurahman Khadr went public, he singled out the CIA among all the dozens of Intelligence Agencies involved.

The imposition of Al Qaida in Afghanistan from when the Soviets started withdrawing till 9/11, was a massive operation involving the recruitment of paid “Jihadists” like Ahmed Qadr, who in turn would recruit other sincere Jihadists to support and fight for Osama in Afghanistan for free. They would also funnel millions of dollars to Al Qaida, straight from the coffers of the Deep State. The reason why many members of Al Qaida’s inner circle appear to be Western Muslims is that they were the main (but not only) conduit through which the CIA could directly maintain control over the operation. Since the CIA does not openly operate in Muslim countries, they were forced to rely on greedy Muslims who had immigrated to the West, and who could report back, in English. Paying these recruits on a regular basis, and financing Al Qaida in Afghanistan, and other activity, such as numerous attempts on the life of President Musharraf could have easily exceeded more than $1 billion. Also, since such capital does not have accounting controls, paid “Jihadists” get to pilfer to their hearts desire. But again, the Deep State has deep pockets. To quote,

The day before the attacks of September 11, then–US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld made the announcement that there would be major cuts to the Pentagon to free up billions of dollars for arms and operations.

He also quietly admitted that there was $2.3 trillion that was unaccounted for. As part of his overall vision, the Pentagon would run more efficiently and track down such missing amounts of money. He even stated that the old and inefficient computer systems that stored every transaction of government defense spending would be overhauled to make information sharing easier and more accurate.

In front of the national and international media, Rumsfeld concluded that he was not attacking the Pentagon but he was going to “liberate it!” Less than 24 hours later, the Pentagon was in the news again as it became the third target of the 9/11 hijackers.

Perhaps what made the aforementioned speech by Donald Rumsfeld even more suspicious is that all the hardware (and all the records stored there) just happened to be in the part of the Pentagon that took the brunt of the impact from Flight 77. So severe was the damage to these records that everything was completely destroyed and could not be retrieved.

Bearing in mind that Rumsfeld had stated that $2.3 trillion was unaccounted for, that money theoretically vanished into a void on September 11, 2001.

For those who subscribe to the claims of “black budgets” and funding that doesn’t officially exist, an eyebrow or two was raised that $2.3 trillion had just been made available to the behind-the-scenes shadow government to spend and invest as they wished. In theory.

That is the kind of money that attracts soldiers of fortune and bounty hunters. That is the kind of money that Ahmed Khadr was probably seeking to retire on, and maybe he did see it worthwhile to endanger himself and his family for a decade or two in the process (an occupational hazard?). The Deep State probably paid him a hundred times more than what he would be making at Bell Northern Research at Ottawa. In the end, the mighty Deep State would ensure everything would be alright (But it didn’t probably turn out the way Ahmed Khadr expected).

For the American Deep State, $1 billion is a rather paltry sum for their continued and perpetual access (and interference) in Afghanistan and Iraq. (They were betting on their intervention in Pakistan and Sudan as well). Good job Ahmed Khadr.

1 Agency Coordinating Body For Afghan Relief, “Kabul Directory” (PDF). Archived from the original (PDF) on June 16, 2004. Retrieved September 2, 2016.
2 Gunaratna, Rohan. ‘Inside al-Qaeda: Global Network of Terror.’ Columbia University Press: New York, 2002.
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