Replacement 2020

As you may have learnt, one of the side-objectives of the Lockdown was to eviscerate small shops and local businesses by giving their employees incentive to not show up for work. But an unexpected fallout of this strategy was that many lazy (as well as timid and overly dramatic) Maritimers decided to stop showing up for work at Big Box Retailers, Schools and Government Agencies, despite having full salaries, pensions and benefits. The Big Box Retailers are already making a killing with their inflated prices. Schools and Government Agencies are at the forefront of organizing the Plandemic theatre, and all of these organizations have zero tolerance for such perfidy. The Powers That Be immediately responded by redirecting thousands of new immigrants to Halifax and hiring them up. Many of them seem to be from a district of North India which has an established work ethic and people know English. So it is unlikely that this will backfire. The Powers That Be know what they are doing. After all, the Halifax Criminal Elite once ran an colonial empire in India, and they know where to get the goods. Anyone raising attention to this is being shouted down becoz “racism.” But what is most interesting is that the so-called unions are silent. This gives a big clue about who really runs them.

Don’t fall into trap of sympathizing with the plebs of this place. Anyone who gives up personal liberties (or their ideals) for (promises of) security gets neither (and they only exist to get taxed, scammed, quarantined, lockdowned, masked, and vaccinated). Its almost like a law of nature. And it applies to all communities. A good case study would be that of the black community of Nova Scotia. They were offered all sorts of promises for fighting for Britain in the American Revolution. But once they became British subjects, they were duped, cheated and re-cheated at every juncture of their collective history. In fact, the first recorded race-riot in the entirety of North America took place at Shelburne, Nova Scotia, a place where some of these blacks were resettled. Other blacks from Nova Scotia were resettled in a British outpost in Africa (the Sierra Leone Company). To quote,

Its purpose was to resettle blacks from Nova Scotia who the U.S. had kicked out for fighting for Britain in the Revolutionary War. But the Sierra Leone Company was not a charity; it was a for-profit venture and that profit came through land taxes, something the Nova Scotian blacks were promised would not be levied on them. That means it was little more than a British colonialist project cloaked in lofty moral overtones. [……..] Anyhow, the first governor appointed over this new British colony was a close associate of Wilberforce, Zachary Macaulay. Note that he was appointed, not elected by this allegedly “free” colony. The resettled blacks hated Macaulay, who acted like a tyrant, but of course they could do nothing about it. No surprise that his mother was a Campbell, connecting us to all the usual suspects at the top of the British peerage.

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