Were the 2020 Nova Scotia Attacks Intended to Enforce the COVID-19 Lockdown in Rural Communities?

Last Updated on September 7, 2021 by Hamad Subani

We are told that on April 18th-19th 2020, a shady Canadian, for reasons still unknown, committed multiple shootings and set fires at 16 locations in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, killing 22 people and injuring three others before he was shot and killed by police. We are told that this is supposed to be the deadliest shooting in Canadian history. The fact that he was driving a police car and wearing a police uniform immediately raised eyebrows. The fact that this shooting was used to implement a ban on some 1,500 models of weapons made many conspiracy theorists convinced that this was just another contrived event. In this post, we explore another angle. In the context of the Plandemic, was this event intended to indirectly enforce the COVID-19 lockdown in rural communities?

Note: This is my opinion, based on my research.

Some Context on the COVID-19 Lockdown in Canada (and Nova Scotia)

In another article on this website, I highlighted an anomaly when it came to the supposed COVID-19 outbreak in Italy. To quote,

There are several oddities about this virus. First of all, it has struck the richest and most productive regions in Italy, Lombardy and Veneto, in the north. After 2008, Italy, which continues to be the second manufacturing economy in EU, has lost the 25% of its manufacturing capacity. The poorest Italian regions, in the south of the peninsula, at the moment doesn’t have many cases of CV. But striking those two productive regions means destroying the entire Italian economic system.

As of 14th June 2020, a similar scenario is emerging in Canada, with most of the 98,763 cases concentrated in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

Why is this relevant? Because these two provinces alone make up to 70% of Canadian industry. Without them, there would be no Canadian economy. So clearly, it’s the same forces at work, trying to “shut down” industry, until it will be bought out by The Powers That Be or relocated to China. (De-industrialization of the Western world). Some may ask, but don’t they already own these industries? The answer is yes. But under normal circumstances, they would face a lot of resistance if they shut shop and relocated elsewhere. Or if they underwent massive reorganization.

Of course, The Powers That Be could easily make things worse. For example, this crisis revealed that Canada did not have much of a local Food Supply (They “Globalized” it, with vegetables grown in Chinese sewage being sold at competitive local prices). In fact, it would be fairly easy to induce famines and starvation across Canada. But if they went ahead and did so, the reaction coming in the decades would necessitate the creation of agrarian, pro-farmer policies (which they don’t want either).

So instead, they have gone ahead with a subtle switch to Communist-Socialist policies, getting working people hooked onto benefits as incentive for not working. And when they do return to work, the industries they worked for may long be gone. To quote Economist Martin Armstrong,

They are already introducing Guaranteed Basic Income [In Canada, it is being introduced as the CERB], assuming they can wipe out over 300 million jobs and then pay people to sit home and watch TV, where they recreate the world in their own image which they are promoting as the Great Reset.

This has all been planned and it is being promoted by the infamous Davos — World Economic Forum. These people are all elitists who would never walk among us who they consider the great unwashed. 

[………]Countries like Thailand saw their tourist trade collapse and countless food lines, all for a fake virus. These people have used the press to terrorize the people to achieve their goal to recreate the world economy as “greener, smarter, and fairer.”

The World Economic Forum is promoting a Marxist agenda with a 50-page manifesto organized by the communist Thomas Piketty, left. 

The Forum promotes a new Marxist world, calling upon Piketty’s “urgent new message on how to fight inequality” where they want to attack anyone with wealth. Their proposal for Europe is to increase taxation by 400%!

Karl Marx tried this before and over 200 million people lost their lives. This is what Socrates has been forecasting — the destruction of Western Society. 

Of course, those forced into heavy taxation will be the middle class. The Criminal Elite, with their foreign citizenships, Armies of Chartered Accountants and Offshore Tax Havens need not worry.

Now back to Canada. While certain provinces like Ontario and Quebec may have indeed been targeted, in other provinces such as the Maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island) there was no such need to decimate industry because it does not exist. What little major industry does exist is exclusively in the hands of the Criminal Elite. In fact, the entire province of New Brunswick has been likened to a Company Town, dominated exclusively by a cartel. Up there, COVID-19 cases were suspiciously low, and a “let’s get back to work” attitude was maintained.

It seems that rather than decimating what little industry remained, The Powers That Be had only one focus in Atlantic Canada. And that was making the subject population plebs collectively agree to vaccines, otherwise there would be “no return to normal life” for the plebs. Among the Halifax natives that I know, many recall that COVID-19 was introduced as early as September 2019, and many in that period succumbed to a nasty flu, the likes of which they had never experienced in a lifetime. But they all survived. People only started “dying” after health authorities intervened.

The program of fear-mongering was a resounding success in the cities of Atlantic Canada, such as Halifax. Where the autocratic Premier ordered the plebs to “STAY THE BLAZES HOME.”

The Premier of Nova Scotia Stephen McNeill (left) and Dr. Robert Strang (right) during their daily “Coronavirus” briefings.

Rather than question how an elected leader could implicitly order people like that, the plebs displayed a masochistic adulation to such thuggery. One wonders where Premier Stephen McNeill learnt such autocratic traditions from. Could it be the eight trips to China, all courtesy the taxpayer, which were undertaken just before this crisis? Soon enough, Stephen McNeil and Dr. Robert Strang were briefing the plebs on a constant basis, and the plebs bought it hook, line and sinker. Instead of questioning where the numbers were coming from, what kind of treatments were being experimented, and whether or not the tests developed to detect COVID-19 were indeed accurate, they went above and beyond, enforcing meaningless rules on each other, and even ratting out non-compliants to the police.  All in the name of their rather comical fear of death. To quote,

One of the most annoying trends is the emergence of busybodies who are eager to pass judgment on others before they have all the facts. They’re the “pandemic police” — self-appointed vigilantes who are calling out people for not strictly adhering to social isolation protocols.

Families who had to use public transportation in Halifax during the height of the lockdown have many horrifying stories to tell. The situation became so bad that Dr. Robert Strang had to intervene and “condemn” such shaming.

The Cottage Issue

Many middle class Canadians have access to cottages all over picturesque rural Canada. And retiring to their cottages with the onset of summer was a perfect way to spend family time while waiting out the lockdown in effect in cities. Even if people believed the lockdown and social distancing was necessary, doing it in an isolated cottage would obviously be far more effective.

The Powers That Be were quick to realize this loophole. In order for the plebs to collectively accept the vaccines, they could not be “enjoying” the lockdown vacation style (Although many elites, including Prime Minister Trudeau were photographed in their vacation retreats). To quote,

The issue reached as far as the Prime Minister’s office, when Justin Trudeau’s wife Sophie posted a photo showing him and their children on Easter weekend at Harrington Lake, the official retreat near Ottawa. Trudeau said he was following the advice of health officials.

“After three weeks of my family living up at Harrington and me living here, I went to join them for Easter,” Trudeau said. “We continue to follow all the instructions from public health authorities.”

There was an immediate ban on campfires, because what is a cottage stay without a campfire.

Then there were indirect restrictions on travelling to cottages. To quote,

“Urban dwellers should avoid heading to rural properties, as these places have less capacity to manage COVID-19,” said Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, in early April.

 Not everyone took the message to heart, and by last week, the East Kootenay Regional District was asking the British Columbia government to shut the border with Alberta to keep recreational travellers away.

To further quote,

The premiers of Quebec and Ontario are advising cottagers to stay home and avoid unnecessary travel. Ontarians face a stiff fine if they cross into La Belle Province to get to their chalets.

To further quote,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island and the three territories have temporarily barred Canadian visitors from entering their borders unless they meet specific criteria, such as travelling for medical treatment.

To further quote,

While Newfoundland residents, no matter their point of departure, are guaranteed entry, seasonal residents are automatically shut out [………].

Vancouver resident Kim Taylor was denied entry into Newfoundland and Labrador while on her way to New Brunswick in May 2020, to attend her mother’s funeral. Shortly after a news outlet asked the New Brunswick Government to comment, they announced that they would grant people entry for funerals.

Of course, this had many unintended ripple effects. Seasonal residents who operated businesses on their vacation properties are now suing. So is a Vancouver resident, who was denied entry into New Brunswick to attend her mother’s funeral! She was finally given permission when she went legal, but was expected to “self-isolate” for 14 days after entering the Province. Around the same timeframe, New Brunswick allowed temporary foreign workers into the province, because the Cabal operated fisheries and plants were taking a hit.

The Rural Issue

Ottawa was quick to realize that there was another issue that was dissipating the fearfulness of the lockdown. And that was the residents of rural Canada. To quote an attempt at fearmongering:

Rural residents and farmers should not be complacent about COVID-19 just because they live in more remote or sparsely populated areas, says Saskatchewan’s chief medical health officer.

While many rural people have posted on social media that they aren’t worried about contracting the virus and intend to carry on as usual, Dr. Saqib Shahab said they must remain vigilant.

Shahab said while it is easier in some respects to maintain social distance and isolation in smaller places, the high elderly population and community events are risk factors. They likely will come into contact with people who travelled this winter and could be carrying the virus.

The problem was that rural people were not taking the lockdown seriously. Many were treating it like an extended vacation. And despite the parks being closed by order, they were organizing parties in their homes and at deserted beaches and private campground. It seems this became particularly rampant in the Maritime Provinces, although the mainstream media was quick to downplay any such incidents. Because the reporting could only encourage the same.

Anyone familiar with the sparsely populated rural Maritimes knows that there isn’t much of a police force to enforce even minimal Law and Order. To expect these overstretched police resources to be used to enforce the lockdown was simply not possible, as it was in cities.  Something had to be done to ensure the same levels of fear and loathing as in the cities. So that even those not scared of COVID-19 would have to go indoors, rather than disrupting the spirit of the lockdown, and they could thus be stopped from encouraging others to do the same.

Say hello to our “active shooter” Gabriel Wortman, who showed up in rural Nova Scotia, at the peak of the lockdown paranoia to accomplish just that.

Some Background on Gabriel Wortman

Note Wortman’s monkeyesque “George Bush” features, which are found in an inbred branch of the Criminal Elite, and a certain Royal family.

Gabriel Wortman fits the exact profile of someone who worked for the RCMP as an undercover agent. The RCMP has denied any “special relationship” with him. But again, do you expect them to “clear the air” when they don’t even have a legal obligation to do so? And what if it were a different agency like CSIS? Has CSIS claimed any link to Maher Arar or the Khadr family? Nope. To quote,

The withdrawal of $475,000 in cash by the man who killed 22 Nova Scotians in April matches the method the RCMP uses to send money to confidential informants and agents, sources say.

Gabriel Wortman, who is responsible for the largest mass killing in Canadian history, withdrew the money from a Brink’s depot in Dartmouth, N.S., on March 30, stashing a carryall filled with hundred-dollar bills in the trunk of his car.

According to a source close to the police investigation the money came from CIBC Intria, a subsidiary of the chartered bank that handles currency transactions.

Sources in both banking and the RCMP say the transaction is consistent with how the RCMP funnels money to its confidential informants and agents, and is not an option available to private banking customers.


A second Mountie, who does not know the first one but who has also been involved in CI operations, also believes that Wortman’s ability to withdraw a large sum of money from Brink’s is an indication that Wortman had a link with the police. “That’s tradecraft,” the Mountie said, explaining that by going through CIBC Intria, the RCMP could avoid typical banking scrutiny, as there are no holds placed on the money.

“That’s what we do when we need flash money for a buy. We don’t keep stashes of money around the office. When we suddenly need a large sum of money to make a buy or something, that’s the route we take. I think [with the Brink’s transaction] you’ve proved with that single fact that he had a relationship with the police. He was either a CI or an agent.”

A still from a video showing Gabriel Wortman in the Brink’s yard on March 30, 2020, with a duffel bag.

Just to let you know, ordinary plebs are not, in normal circumstances, allowed to withdraw more than $3000 in cash from their very own bank accounts. And doing so triggers the authorities. To quote the same source again,

Maclean’s reported earlier this week that sources say Wortman had social relationships with Hells Angels, and with a neighbour, Peter Alan Griffon, who recently finished serving part of a seven-year sentence for drug and firearm offences linked to La Familia, a Mexican cartel.

Most people who come to this website are aware that that only one player currently dominates and monopolizes the drug trade, and that is Intelligence. All scary looking cartels and biker gangs are nothing but its subsidiaries. Time to catch up on your Hopsicker. Coincidentally, the family of his “best friend” owns a Harley-Davidson dealership in New Brunswick. Not everybody gets those dealerships. It is also interesting to note that he had originally studied to become a mortician. And then there is this quote:

The gunman talked about the different ways he could get rid of bodies, either through burning or chemical means, one witness told the RCMP.

The witness said the shooter talked about using lime and muriatic acid to get rid of bodies, and kept barrels of each under the deck of his Portapique property.

Here is his yearbook photo, which clearly says he was headed for a career in the RCMP, or maybe CSIS.

Those closely associated with the Criminal Elite specialize in disposing bodies, for obvious reasons. I have a strong feeling Wortman was a strongman for a certain New Brunswick based cartel/corporation, and handled their dirty work. This probably included falsely arresting people who opposed the corporation and forcing them into his police cruisers. Of course, no one would suspect the police. As for the victims, the police cruiser was probably the last thing they saw before they disappeared. We do see a variation of this practice in some parts of Canada. For example, Manitoba police would engage in “Starlight Tours,” in which they would pick up people in their cars under threats of arrest, and then drop them off along deserted roads, in the middle of the night. The subzero temperatures would kill them.

To quote,

If Wortman was an RCMP informant or agent, it could explain why the force appeared not to take action on complaints about his illegal guns and his assault on his common-law wife.

The illegal and unregistered guns which he allegedly used (two semi-automatic handguns and two semi-automatic rifles) are not regular issue. Their source remains a mystery. Now they are claiming that he inherited one of them from the estate of a deceased friend. And since the “friend” is deceased, it may never be known how he in turn acquired illegal and unregistered weapons. How convenient!

His home was some kind of shrine to the RCMP. To quote,

Nathan Staples, who lives outside the nearby community of Great Village, said Mr. Wortman was obsessed with the police, and that his home in Portapique was a “shrine” to the RCMP. A few months ago, he went to Mr. Staples’s house, asking whether he would sell his used police cruiser sitting in the front lawn.

“He was one of those freaky guys, he was really into police memorabilia,” Mr. Staples said.

Noted conspiracy theorist Miles Mathis (who is a whiz at genealogical databases) came to the conclusion that not just was the event faked, but Wortman may not be real. He was able to find scant genealogical info. I disagree. I believe that genealogical info may have been scrubbed way earlier when he started participating in undercover Intelligence operations. Or it could be possible that the name Gabriel Wortman is a legal alias, and aliases do not have genealogies. It is also interesting to note that Wortman, is a play on Voortman (as in the cookie brand), who in turn are Dutch Criminal Elite.

The Shooting

Here is your map of the alleged shooting.

And here is where the lone shooter narrative falls apart.

A “real” shooter would target a single, densely populated location, preferably in a small town or a city, for maximum casualties. He wouldn’t go driving through a thinly populated countryside, where he and his vehicle would be easily noticed by attentive locals, who are good at noticing outsiders and their vehicles. In the countryside, the fast main roads are few and can be easily patrolled and/or blockaded. That would just increase the odds of getting caught and/or escaping. But what happened seems to indicate a deliberate intention to spread fear and paranoia specifically in the countryside. Despite the odds, we are told that this whirlwind shooting tour of the countryside lasted 13 hours (13 for the Thirteen Illuminati families maybe) before it was finally put to an end.

So let’s get into some details.

We are told that Wortman got into a fight with his wife at the small beachside community of Portapique, where a lot of generational Cabal families appear to be clustered. Yet somehow, his wife “escaped,” and he instead went to a party he and his wife had been at earlier, killing seven people. The wife delays calling the police because he had smashed her cellphone. She actually emerged next morning from her “hiding place in the woods.” Before Wortman heads to the party, he sets his home on fire. Remember that this is the home which was likened to an “RCMP shrine.” Nice way to get rid of that. Among the other things that went up in flames were two of the three additional police cruisers that he owned! On a side note, a New Brunswick-registered company called Berkshire-Broman was the owner of one of these cruisers. By the time police show up, 13 people are dead (13 again?), some in their burning homes.

…went to a party….

This message was intended for rural partygoers, wasn’t it? That’s not random. STAY THE BLAZES HOME!

Now wait a minute. You are a shooter who has nothing to lose and want to inflict maximum casualty. Even with all your guns and ammo, you’d better hurry up, because it’s only a matter of minutes before police show up. Why bother setting fires to homes? This is not as easy as it sounds, and one person could not have done it. There is only one reason for these hijinks. Many of these “victims” were probably extended family, faking their deaths. Bodies in house fires would make it difficult to conclude who died and who didn’t (or if anyone did die at all). Of course, the police doing the identification would be compromised, but the “fires” allow them to be even lazier when it comes to formal identification, which is to become part of the public record. Charred remains do not require any degree of shooping or makeup artists. You could even swap photos from another crime scene.

It is still unclear when the Police showed up. To quote Paul Palango,

In its first timeline, the RCMP said it took 12 minutes. The next day it changed the timeline and fudged the response time even more. Finally, it came out with another timeline which said it took 26 minutes. What is the real story?

Now here is where the plot gets very awry. To quote Wikipedia,

First responders also found two men who said they encountered someone driving what appeared to be a police car while they were trying to respond to a burning home. According to them, they pulled up alongside the vehicle, only for the driver to fire at them, injuring one of them. The victims said the shooter had gone toward the beach, which was a dead end.

I have reason to believe that these particular First responders were not compromised. They were not intended to show up so early. Wortman was not supposed to be identified so early. Wortman was indeed driving a police car. Witnesses saw the “shooter” driving a police car. But these statements could later be dismissed, and the timeline could be adjusted later on to make the police car part of the response team. Nobody usually suspects the police. But it so happened that these First responders not only ran into the said police car, the driver fired at them, injuring one of them.

It is at this point that the “police car” had to be hastily entered into the narrative. If the Criminal Elite could pay $50 million just to prevent the police car from entering the narrative, they would, but the sudden turn of events made it too late. I believe the original narrative had been framed around Wortman’s car being a 2015 Mercedes C300 with a Nova Scotia plate. But after the “police car” entered the narrative, the Mercedes was quickly scrubbed, as he could not have been driving two cars at once (Someone else was driving the Mercedes).

A spinoff theory is that just as the Mercedes was originally intended to be portrayed as the vehicle of the shooter while actual action was done by the police cruiser, the “shooter” was to be portrayed as some “paranoid-schizophrenic” anti-vaccine teenager, and a candidate had been lined up from the Criminal Elite families. Wortman would do the “shootings” and participate in the action, but would be reported dead in the fires at Portapique. Having a person like him, with ties to the Feds, was simply too risky to play the shooter. However, once the police car entered the narrative, Wortman had to be dragged in as well, because only he could be legally tied to the police car.

Anyway, the “police car” was now drawing attention towards the RCMP, and Wortman’s RCMP connections. An early tweet by the RCMP shows their desperation. Here’s a screenshot below (because they will delete the original tweet). Note that they never mention that the police car is a fake one.

RCMP never pointedly said Wortman was driving a fake police car (because it was not). They only draw attention towards the serial number.

Now let’s go back to the quote,

The victims said the shooter had gone toward the beach, which was a dead end.


……… gone toward the beach……….

At this point is unclear who said this. And if it really happened, why would Wortman go towards a dead end? What is important is that this was intended to be part of the early narrative. A crazed shooter killing people at parties and beaches. STAY THE BLAZES HOME!

It is clear that Wortman had been given sanctuary by someone at Debert, where he spent the night. He then allegedly killed two people in Wentworth before (hold your breath) setting their home on fire. Interestingly, both of these two people happen to be Corrections Canada Managers! Corrections Canada is part of the Canadian penal system, and a notoriously corrupt organization. For some strange reason, the local Fire Department was asked not to intervene, and when a local firefighter showed up voluntarily, he was shot and killed by unknown people.

It was after this, at 8:54 AM (the next morning) when the RCMP publicly identified him as a suspect. Nova Scotia has a cellphone alert system, capable of pinging all phones in the vicinity, alerting people to stay safe and to be alert. Yet it was never used. Because if everybody started participating in the manhunt, the show would have to be whittled down very quickly. Or Wortman could end up being caught or killed, for real.

Soon after, he allegedly killed another victim walking on the side of the road, then he went to another home whose occupants he knew. They allegedly refused to let him in and called police.

He was then seen at a campground in Glenholme.

………seen at a campground……….

Regardless if he was seen or not, looks like they were still sticking with the narrative. STAY THE BLAZES HOME!

Around this time, the RCMP tweeted this. You read that right. Tweeted. How many Nova Scotia residents are on twitter? How many follow the Nova Scotia RCMP? How many were logged in and online at that time to receive the tweet in a timely manner?

I have put an image of the tweet because the tweet has since then been deleted. Why? Maybe because of the attached picture of Wortman. While the RCMP was fully capable of obtaining a more representative mugshot from Driving License records, they chose a photo from Wortman’s now locked Facebook page. And in this tweet (I clearly recall seeing the original), they had cropped his lower jaw completely. The purpose was to obscure his identification. The more the chances of people identifying and reporting him, the longer the show could go on.

Paul Palango has some interesting observations:

But as they planned, they failed to put out proper alerts, failed to draw on other forces for help, like Truro and Amherst, failed to set up a secondary perimeter and failed to shut down the very few roads in Central Nova Scotia where the killer was wandering on his deadly mission.

Wortman seen cruising down Esplanade St. in Truro, N.S., on April 19.

Why weren’t additional forces drawn out? It is clear that there were attempts to mislead the strong RCMP detachment in Truro into not participating. Even more shocking is the fact that surveillance video later showed Wortman driving through the streets of Truro in his police cruiser. To quote,

Surveillance photos released by the RCMP at the end of April show that Wortman did, in fact, head toward Truro, where he cruised through downtown streets around 10:16 a.m. in the decommissioned police vehicle he’d outfitted to look like a cruiser.


Mills, who has five family members in the RCMP, doesn’t understand why the Mounties didn’t ask police in Truro to block Onslow Road, which could have cut off the route the gunman took to get to more victims.

“That was the route the fellow took to get to Millbrook, Shubenacadie, eventually to Enfield,” Mills said.

“And he went through our town. He could have been stopped.”

Were Police forces fooled or misled?

We are told that Wortman then performed two traffic stops on random cars and killed their occupants. Strangely, the RCMP tried to cover up the fact that these victims were killed in “police traffic stops,” as that would bring a lot of negativity towards police traffic stops, which up to now were being used to deliberately stir racism (concurrent with the race-war project in neighbouring USA). The families of these victims are suing. To quote,

The proposed lawsuit also faults the two governments for improperly regulating the RCMP.

It goes on to say that after the murder spree was over, the RCMP acted in a “high-handed, self-serving and disrespectful manner and is deserving of punishment” because:

• it “deliberately misled” Andrew O’Brien by telling him that Heather O’Brien had been shot and killed from “across the road”;

• it again “deliberately misled” both O’Brien and the public when it announced at a June 4 press conference that “nobody was pulled over in their cars by [GW] using the replica RCMP cruiser”; and

• it released Heather O’Brien’s car back to Andrew O’Brien “with gun casings and body parts still in the automobile.”

The most confusing part is as follows:

Sometime before 10:49, Wortman pulled alongside RCMP Constable Chad Morrison’s cruiser on Route 2 in Shubenacadie. Morrison had planned to meet fellow officer Heidi Stevenson at that location. Wortman shot into the car, injuring Morrison, who drove to a nearby hospital after reporting Wortman’s location. Wortman proceeded south into the junction with Route 224 and collided head-on with Stevenson, who was driving north. Stevenson then engaged Wortman, resulting in Wortman returning fire and killing Stevenson. Immediately after the engagement, Wortman seized Stevenson’s sidearm and remaining ammunition before setting both cars on fire.

Did somebody give him the location of Chad Morrison’s cruiser? Was this supposed to be a hit?

Suppose he really hated the RCMP at this point. Would he risk colliding head-on with any random cruiser? There was a good chance of him getting killed or maimed instead. They have now changed the story to imply that Officer Stevenson heroically rammed her car. And did Officer Stevenson survive in a good enough condition to engage in a firefight? Why was Officer Stevenson alone (she was a traffic officer, and before that, a press liaison)? Why did Wortman bother to Set fire to the car? Or both cars? On a highway? What a waste of time. Or like the houses that were set on fire, was this too, intended to cover up a fake death? Was this Stevenson’s attempt to exit her career and her past life in a heroic way? If we do believe at this point that Wortman and some in the RCMP were involved, we may as well assume that some accomplices figured in the storyline.

Interestingly, noted conspiracy theorist Miles Mathis (who has a really good eye for spotting touched up photographs) noticed that Heidi Stevenson’s photograph was shooped, leading him to doubt her existence.

A rather extremely photogenic photo of Officer Heidi Stevenson which was circulated in the aftermath turned out to be a heavily retouched shoop.

I can confirm that she did exist because she showed up at a ceremony of an acquaintance. Since I have Intel constantly popping up in my day-to-day life, I keep track of such things. But I have no idea why a heavily retouched photo of her was circulating. Did they shoop her up to make her look more photogenic for the “occassion?”

It gets weirder. To quote Wikipedia,

Wortman then shot and killed a nearby motorist who stopped to help Stevenson, and drove off in his silver Chevrolet Tracker SUV. Police announced the vehicle change at 11:06. Shortly thereafter, Wortman killed a woman he knew at her Shubenacadie home, changed his clothes again, and stole her Mazda 3.

That’s two vehicle changes in 13 hours. He wanted to reach his destination undetected. Strange for a desperate person. According to some reports, at some point, he was also driving a 2015 Mercedes C300 with a Nova Scotia plate, making that three vehicle changes. To further quote Wikipedia,

Finally, over thirteen hours after police began pursuing him, at 11:26, Wortman stopped to refuel at the Irving Big Stop service area in Enfield, 92 kilometres (57 mi) south of Portapique and 40 kilometres (25 mi) north of Halifax. At least one RCMP officer who was already there to fill up on gas recognized Wortman, and fatally shot him. Wortman’s death was confirmed by police at 11:40 a.m.

According to another account, more than one officers shot at him, but never mind.

Everyone tuned in was thankful that it was finally over. But remember, they had to be made to believe that Wortman was no more. Because like most of the victims who died in “fires” and Officer Heidi, Wortman too had an exit strategy. It seems that despite the wealth he had accumulated, whatever he was doing (with police cruisers, dissolving dead bodies in barrels of acid and drugs) was catching up with him. It might have become too risky for him to continue. Maybe someone had started connecting the dots between him and New Brunswick corporations.

What most people fail to notice is that Enfield is minutes away from Halifax International Airport. Wortman may have had a private plane to the Caribbean waiting for him, with ample stowing space for his duffel bag containing $475,000 in cash. Maybe other crisis actors from the same Criminal Elite families were already waiting on the same plane. The security cameras at that Irving stop might shed some light. But maybe that’s why he was specifically at that Irving Big Stop. Maybe it’s a company store. Interestingly, here is the last tweet of the RCMP at 11:40 AM:

Gabriel Wortman, suspect in active shooter investigation, is now in custody. More information will be released when available. Thank you for your cooperation and support. #Colchester

— RCMP, Nova Scotia (@RCMPNS) April 19, 2020


Some Theories

Was Wortman the only “police officer” involved in the shootings?

We are told that there were a total of 16 crime scenes, including five structure fires, spread over a distance of at least 150 kilometres. That means Wortman managed to accomplish a marathon 1.23 crime scenes per hour, while changing cars two (or maybe three) times. Was he acting alone? Consider this statement:

Thirteen of the dead were found in Portapique, four in Wentworth, two in Debert, and three in Shubenacadie.[Source] They are believed to have died from gunshot wounds, but other causes are also being investigated.[Source][Source]

Other causes? Then consider this statement.

Nova Scotia’s Serious Incident Response Team announced it would conduct an investigation into the police shooting of Wortman, as well as another incident involving two RCMP officers who discharged their weapons inside a fire hall in Onslow; Wortman was not there at the time.[Source][Source][Source]

Atleast they admitted that it was none other than the RCMP who discharged their weapons. And who was driving the Mercedes? The police do have the plate number.

Vicsims, Real Victims or Fake Victims?


A common narrative in staged events is the presence of vicsims, short for victim simulations. This term was first popularized by 9/11 researchers at September Clues. To quote,

Our latest research in 2009 has brought us to a series of remarkable discoveries in the collection of victim stories. What began as an insightful look at the CNN.com 9/11 Victim Memorial, the original source of the death reports, turned into realization after realization that the entire body of victims – from the airplanes, to the Pentagon, to the World Trade Center – had all been created at the same time by an “identity generating” software program which creates ‘digital’ people with (oft improbable) fictitious names. Anyone armed with a little patience and a discerning attitude should be able to realize that the CNN Victim Memorial is a preposterous list of counterfeit identities. As a result, the full extent of the 9/11 simulation – heroes, victims and villains – is revealed as the absurd, fabricated drama that it is.

The grieving relatives of these vicsims have not bothered to seek justice and answers. Intead they are trying to sue the Saudi Government for money. And when that settlement comes, you can guess where it will go.

Vicsims may have been necessary given the high body count 9/11 was expected to create in the minds of people. But this would only work in a city like New York, where people are too busy and self-absorbed to know the name of the guy in the next cubicle. It would not work in the small towns of rural Nova Scotia, where people are fairly nosey.

Real Victims?

The Criminal Elite are fairly sanguine. They would have no hesitation with creating real victims. But the problem with this is that where there are real victims, there are grieving families and loved ones, lawsuits and inquiries. If any of them discover what was really going on, it can take millions to buy their silence. Therefore the Criminal Elite are careful to keep real victims to a minimum (or as incidentals). And who needs real victims when many members of the Criminal Elite families are willing to discard their past lives for a fake death, and a new start somewhere else? The objective of high body counts, fear and paranoia can just as easily be achieved with fake victims.

But if you have rubbed shoulders with the Criminal Elite (as I did at Dalhousie University), you will notice that they are constantly stepping on other people’s toes and making enemies left right and center, with their complete lack of boundaries. We do see Wortman doing the same throughout his known life. Tentatively, I am inclined to believe that some of his victims at Portapique were indeed local plebs who had stood up to him in the past. I am also inclined to believe that the people killed in “traffic stops” (The RCMP tried hard to cover up the fact that these were actual “traffic stops,” not drive-by shootings) were indeed real victims. I am also inclined to believe that the volunteer firefighter who showed up at a burning Wentworth home was a real victim.

Fake Victims?

Tentatively, I am inclined to believe that all those who perished in “fires” in homes or cars may have been long distance cousins of Wortman and children of other Elitist families and/or crisis actors, who had already been approved for a new life in a new project elsewhere. The “fires” eliminate the need for autopsies and identification of the bodies, which is just too convenient. Interestingly, what remains of these “burnt” homes is being quickly bulldozed. To quote,

Just as Mount Cashel Orphanage was razed after the horrors against its resident children were revealed, the killer’s burned out house in Portapique has been bulldozed. Other properties he set ablaze have also been turned into empty lots.

A fire-destroyed property registered to Gabriel Wortman at 200 Portapique Beach Road is seen in Portapique, N.S. on Friday, May 8, 2020. This has all been bulldozed as of now. Note the remains of another police cruiser.

Interestingly, RCMP and the media are avoiding any release of the names of all of the victims. You won’t find a complete list anywhere, even on the Wikipedia page.

From what little I know, there are programs like the Witness Protection Program, which allow a select few to start a secret new life, complete with official IDs, Social Insurance Numbers, new names etc. The Program makes little sense. If the State cannot protect a Witness, it has lost its justification to exist. On the other hand such a program may be invaluable for retired Intelligence operatives (especially those who blew their cover). And children of the Criminal Elite, who move onto new lives after their incessant stealing sometimes makes them legally liable (when they are not careful). I closely follow the situation in India, where the same Criminal Elite has made a major foray after 2014. One of the first things they did was established a similar Witness Protection Program to protect their collaborators.

Now time for a little diversion. Remember the fake event known as the Boston Marathon Bombing? Miles has blown it wide open here and here.

Here is one of the iconic images from it.

To quote,

The inspiration came from a man who saved Victoria McGrath after the bombs hit near the Marathon finish line in 2013, carrying her away from the carnage. A photo of Jimmy Plourde taking her to safety, a scarf used as a tourniquet on her left leg, remains one of the iconic images of the day.

Here is another photo of her in recovery. Notice how her pretty face seems to have escaped injuries.

Here’s another photo.

Filename: nice_jugs.jpg

Some believe that like many others, she was merely a crisis actor. If that is indeed the case, she would have been compensated for her “services.” Of course, we do not have any evidence of such compensation. But we do know that she was living it big soon after. On 6thMarch, she was riding in a Ferrari 458 Spider in Dubai, with a Canadian boxing star. This is a car with a retail value of $270,000. We only got to know about this because the car ended up in a horrific crash, and she died (for real).

A Ferrari 458

Fake Motives

The real motive was to make rural Maritimes observe the lockdown at its peak. But since that cannot be openly discussed, there is need to generate fake motive(s). To quote,

Linda MacDonald, a founder of Persons Against Non-State Torture, said in an interview that advocates who are trying to reduce violence against women have long seen a connection between hatred of women and mass shootings.

The Truro-based nurse is among the signatories of a recent statement that called for a deeper look at the role misogyny played in the April 18-19 killings.

“There’s definitely an element of male violence against women in this crime,” she said. “Our main request is an independent public inquiry with a feminist analysis included.”

This is what Miles Mathis refers to as the “Men are Pigs Project,” an ongoing Intel Project. A rather shoddy candidate considering the fact that many actions of Wortman’s wife are downright suspicious.

Another candidate is COVID-19, or why the plebs were supposed to “STAY THE BLAZES HOME.” (If the virus did not get them, it could induce crazies to kill them). To quote,

Neighbours told The Globe and Mail that Mr. Wortman was known to struggle with alcohol use and that his business had been shuttered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nova Scotia ordered the closing of dental clinics to all but emergency procedures in mid-March.

That struck close. But by all accounts, Wortman was better off than the plebs. He was a confirmed millionaire, with two big properties on Portapique Beach Road, and multiple denture clinics. Millionaires usually don’t act desperately. On a side note, Halifax newspapers tried to subtly promote his denture clinics in 2014 by concocting a story of him donating dentures to a cancer patient.

I am surprised that Al Qaida or ISIL has not figured into this. Maybe they will later reveal that Wortman had email correspondence with them.

Fake Inquiry

The problem with an investigation is that even if it is a compromised one, what goes on record becomes a part of the public record for all time to come. The Criminal Elite are usually too lazy for such a balancing act. To quote,

Given the monstrousness of Wortman’s crimes, and the complexity of what happened during his 13-hour rampage, is a psychological autopsy by the RCMP enough?

For 33 law professors [33? Now we know who they speak for] in Nova Scotia, the answer is a resounding no. In an open letter to Premier Stephen McNeil they demanded that the province order an independent public inquiry into the mass shooting. They are backed up by several relatives of Wortman’s victims.

So far, McNeil has refused, arguing that it is a federal matter, since Ottawa oversees the RCMP. As fig leaves go, that is pretty pathetic.

And Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has refused to commit to a federal inquiry.

Elaine Craig, an associate professor at Dalhousie University, called the Premier’s position “an abdication of both moral and legal responsibility.” She and her colleagues at Dalhousie University’s Schulich School of Law want an inquiry with broad terms of reference, including a critical review of the procedures and decisions employed during the shootings.

[……..]While McNeil continues to argue that Ottawa has the constitutional responsibility for oversight of the RCMP, the lawyers point out that the province is responsible for policing and the administration of justice. For his part, Trudeau continues to avoid the question of whether Ottawa will call a public inquiry, pointing out that the RCMP investigation into the matter is ongoing.

I suspect that this will be similar to the Swissair Flight 111 Inquiry, where the RCMP and the TSB ran around trying to catch each other’s tails, as a diversion. There is already an air of secrecy about this supposed inquiry into the shooting. To quote,

The federal government hasn’t committed to leading an inquiry. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that it will “work with the government of Nova Scotia” to get answers.

On Wednesday, Nova Scotia Conservative MP Chris d’Entremont asked federal Public Safety Minister Bill Blair during a committee meeting about the “secrecy” surrounding the file and when an inquiry would take place.

Blair said the federal government has been working “very closely” with the Nova Scotia government. He said all Canadians need clear answers to what led up to the shooting, how police responded, and the “restorative” actions needed to support Nova Scotians and the victims’ families.

“We are very, very close to the actual implementation of this review,” Blair said.

Furey’s comments are baffling to Dalhousie University law professor Richard Devlin, who said the province should clearly come out and say it will hold a public inquiry and not any other kind of examination. 

Restorative Actions? Where did we hear that before? Remember the “Restorative Justice” campaign which covered up the role of Dalhousie University in the Dalhousie Dental School Scandal of 2015?

Societal Failure and Denial

Criminal Elites are found in all parts of the world, and their presence is grudgingly acknowledged by common people. Except in the Maritimes, where people always try to imply that they don’t exist.

You may assume that the Maritime Provinces, consisting of mostly literate people, would be completely reviled by what had taken place, and would seek answers. Instead, all they did was buy and stick up some insipid maudlin kitsch, all made in China, and retreat back into their bubbles.

Now here’s some kitsch for the regular readers of this website.

In earlier times, I had assumed that many common people here were probably naïve, or just plain dumb. But over time, I have made some disturbing observations. They are culturally programmed, right from their school years, to look the other way and focus on their self-absorbed bubble-existence. This is almost like a secret code, which everybody understands, yet nobody documents (leaving outsiders perplexed). As such, the Criminal Elite in these parts, do not have to worry about investing in armoured convoys and bodyguards as they do in some very poor parts of the world. There is not a whimper of resistance.

What happened is being seen as an inconvenience, an interruption to the self-absorbed bubble-existence of the plebs. They can shamelessly carry on, as the messages on the kitsch demonstrate. There need not be any quest for answers, or justice.

When Swissair 111 disappeared, why was Nova Scotia chosen among all other locations on its flight route? Because the Criminal Elite are very strong here (the kitsch should say Criminal Elite Strong). The Criminal Elite can always rely on the entrenched culture of corruption. No conspiracy is too big for them to unfold here. And while the present one is frightening because it openly shows how the police are involved with such events, there have been even bigger campaigns in terms of body count, such as the so-called War on Terror and the Two World Wars. And the Maritimes distinguished itself in these as well, contributing above and beyond to the Glorified Stupidity. They have an annoying tendency to adapt, co-opt and legitimize the activities of their Criminal Elite as their own, in a surrogate-like absence of individuality. Every now and then, their Criminal Elite emerge from the woodwork to ride on them like donkeys.

The Maritimes during World War II

While I don’t believe Social Distancing has much of the vaunted medical benefits in the context of the pandemic, I do believe it is important to permanently distance oneself from Societal Failure (and its participants). Seeing oneself as part of the region, or identifying with its heritage or culture is the equivalent of boarding a train wreck. The most socially responsible thing one can do is to track down and identify the Criminal Elite hiding behind such failed societies. Atleast people in other parts of the world can be warned about what they are up to, for this is truly a Global Criminal Elite.

Major Update # 1

Newly unredacted court documents have pretty much vindicated my theory. There are probably many more bodies. And his properties had hiding places for bodies. And yes, Wortman was involved in the drug trade, as a major player. To quote,

The most stunning revelation comes from one person who spoke with Halifax police. That person told police that the murderer, who the Examiner refers to as GW, “builds fires and burns bodies, is a sexual predator, and supplies drugs in Portapique and Economy, Nova Scotia.”

Moreover, the person said that GW “had smuggled guns and drugs from Maine for years and had a stockpile of guns” and GW “had a bag of 10,000 oxy-contin and 15,000 dilaudid from a reservation in New Brunswick.”

Another person who spoke with the RCMP gave information about GW’s properties, relating that it was known that there were secret hiding places at the properties. The person said GW had shown another person (whose name remains redacted) a “hidden compartment in the garage” [presumably in Portapique], which was under a workbench, and GW kept a “high powered rifle” in the space.

The person who spoke with the RCMP said that there was a “false wall” at GW’s Dartmouth residence. That information was echoed by another person who spoke with Halifax police on April 19, who said that “there is a secret room in the clinic in Dartmouth.”

Other information that is newly un-redacted confirms information that was widely known before.

One detail involves the killing of GW in Enfield. Although the document remains semi-redacted, it now reads “a peace officer and member of the RCMP was also at the gas pump and recognized [GW]…[GW]… died” (ellipses in original).

The documents now confirm that GW had an uncle who was an RCMP officer.

Major Update # 2

On 31st May 2021, the following educated guess was made here:

31/05/2020: Following the 2020 Nova Scotia attacks, Gabriel Wortman is very likely to have safely flown out of the country. But to where? A very good candidate would be Barbados (Just don’t ask how I know). This outpost of the Atlantic slave trade is a favourite hideout of the Nova Scotia Criminal Elite. They even plan to include it in the “Atlantic Bubble” (along with Uncle Castro’s Cuba) in future lockdowns.

A few days after making this educated guess, some questionable video footage appeared on Frank Magazine, from which we are supposed to infer that Wortman was executed by the RCMP (which of course, sounds better than him living it big on some island). Before this revelation, Frank Magazine teased us with Portapique 911 calls a few days earlier, which do appear to be legit. But were the legit 911 calls released to sell us the questionable execution story? It appears that Frank Magazine knew Wortman long before the shootings. Back when Wortman was busy trying to infiltrate a biker gang, he had Frank Magazine do a story on him being slighted by local police. Maybe he was trying to prove to the bikers that he was legit, as they rightly suspected he was a cop. Remember that given the amount of time elapsed, there would be plenty of time to create some convincing videos. Why did the RCMP tweet that they had him in custody if he was indeed killed? Nice doggies like Frankie don’t bark to the Master’s voice.

Major Update # 3 Grenades?

It looks like Wortman managed to set so many houses/people/vehicles on fire by lobbing grenades at them. Mention of grenades was specifically redacted in all documents released to the public. A grenade cannot be obtained by civilians under any circumstances. Only biker gangs supposedly associated with Canadian Intelligence seem to be carrying them.

Assistant Commissioner Lee Bergerman, commanding officer of the Nova Scotia RCMP

Major Update # 4

On 17th July 2021, Nova Scotia Premier Ian Rankin (the Premier at the time of the shootings, Stephen McNeil, mysteriously resigned) called a surprisingly early general election for 17th August 2021. Did this have anything to do with sidetracking public attention from the fact that RCMP H Division Commanding Officer Lee Bergerman announcing her retirement on 13th July 2021, effective 8th October 2021? Is that a coincidence? She was at the helm during the shootout. The Public Inquiry into these shootings was expected to deliver an interim report by 1st May 2022. Maybe she will face less pressure to testify having been officially retired. It’s hard to picture the Commission pressuring her for answers.

Major Update # 5: Was it the RCMP or the Military? (Remember the soldiers who cried wolf in Annapolis, Nova Scotia?)

To quote,

The Canadian military has been caught using PSYOP tactics it honed in Afghanistan on domestic soil. The dirty tricks, which included a scheme to spread panic about imaginary wolf attacks in Nova Scotia, should worry anyone concerned about civil liberties.

And where exactly did Wortman get his grenades from?


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