Halifax media is deliberately misleading on the Mi’kmaw moderate livelihood fishery issue by keeping Clearwater out of the picture, and portraying the issue as strictly between the indigenous community and the Government. To quote,

Clearwater uses one huge fishing boat to fish LFA 41. This boat has 6,500 traps, where an owner-operator commercial boat would have up to 400 and a Mi’kmaq moderate livelihood boat would have 50.

It is practically impossible for Clearwater to drop and collect its traps within 72 hours, which is the required time limit. In January 2019, we learned that Clearwater has been fishing illegally for years, leaving traps for way longer than is allowed, causing unknown harm to lobster and other species, including endangered cod and cusk.

Guess whose traps the DFO is seizing? and guess whose ships are being vandalized? The CEO of Clearwater is one of the richest people in Nova Scotia. Clearwater Fine Foods Inc donated more than a million dollars to Dalhousie University. Thats how they keep things afloat here.

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