Is the Jab spreading/inducing Covid-19? Or is it the Partygoers?

People who took the jab are testing positive for Covid-19. There have been three such cases in New Brunswick. More recently, a Halifax nurse who took his/her first dose of the Moderna vaccine later tested positive and may (or may not) have been involved in spreading it elsewhere in hospitals. There are theories that the jab is linked to the recent “surge” in India. Is it linked to the “surges” seen elsewhere as well, such as Ontario? Establishment medics try to explain away such infections as a legitimate side-effect. If that indeed is true, all vaccinated people must be forced to undergo quarantines and repeated testing. Even if they test negative, they should be considered extremely vulnerable to infection because their immune system has been compromised (as per Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche’s dire warning). Even an internal study suggests that vaccine recipients may expose their “spike protein” to non-vaccinated individuals. Instead, Dr. Strang has decided to blame some partying students from Ontario.

“There was an event that triggered much of this,” Strang said vaguely. “But there’ve been multiple layers of transmission now that we now have spread within community – within significant parts of HRM – which is then resulting in cases in schools, cases in long term care facilities, cases in workplaces.”

Since these Dal students seemed to be aware that the fines they were issued would later be tossed out of court because of their questionable legality, they took a group photo with the tickets. Dalhousie University jumped in for some unwarranted virtue signalling and legally questionable “enforcement.” (Students are not Dal employees). Do you really want to join a University that would drop you like a rock at any opportunity of virtue signalling? Enforcing Draconian restrictions is supposed to be the job of the Province, not Dal (Or is is the other way round?).

Dal has made it clear that it intends to pursue punitive actions against several of its own students for the sake of some unwarranted virtue signalling. In doing so, Dal is also stepping on the feet of Provincial Authorities. But maybe thats just the way it is down here.

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