On Vaccines and the COVID-19 “Surge” in India

Last Updated on May 31, 2021 by Hamad Subani

When COVID-19 first struck India, Cabal Times was among the first to draw a connection between the flawed RT-PCR tests throwing false positives, and the false positives being used by Globalist think tanks, media outlets and institutions to make the case for a total lock-down of Indian economic activity. On 27th March 2020, the New York Times claimed that 300 million to 500 million Indians were likely to get infected by the end of July. None of this bullshit happened, But they did manage to scare Indian authorities into inducing nightmarish lock-downs, which reduced economic activity by up to 40% and probably killed more people in the upheaval. Had India continued on this route, they would have ended up in receivership of the IMF and the World Bank, as intended. But it seems Indian leaders came to their senses and prevented the insanity from progressing, by significantly easing the lock-downs. Everything was going well. In late January 2021, there was indication that Delhi might develop herd immunity.

To quote,

The latest antibody testing data conducted in Delhi, India suggests that the nation’s capital may be very close to attaining herd immunity against COVID-19. The Delhi government has been regularly conducting antibody tests since August 2020 to assess the spread of the virus in the capital region. In the fifth and the largest survey so far, more than 28,000 samples were tested across 11 districts in Delhi between Jan. 11 and Jan. 22. Preliminary results show that more than 60% of residents in one district in Delhi had antibodies against the coronavirus. The antibody rate in other districts more than 50%. If these findings hold true, it would imply that half of the city’s 20 million people has been exposed to the virus and recovered.

So what went wrong?

They are back!

Some skeptics may want to know for sure whether there is indeed a surge or if we are facing another Globalist media blitz. The one fact which suggests something is up is the fixation on Delhi. Even the virus seems to be fixated on it. Globalists have taken India before, by strictly focusing their energies on Delhi alone. Its not any different now. Take the case of the creepy symbolism at Delhi International Airport. Or take the case of a brand new political party which emerged out of nowhere a decade ago, as a shoddy substitute to the Congress Party, but seems to be obsessed with Delhi alone, and not the Indian countryside. Predictably, the same political party is at the centre of the hysteria. But lets assume the Globalists have their people in power on a Municipal level at Delhi. That alone cannot allow them to hijack the machinery of the Central Government. There are several Constitutional safeguards to prevent that from happening. What they need is a crisis. And it seems they are keen to experiment with several crises.

But what if this is not another coordinated media blitz, and people are suddenly starting to die of Covid-19? Some have begun whispering that Covid-19 has made a comeback because of the vaccine roll-out! And indeed, Delhi was the focus of India’s vaccine roll-out. There are plenty of anecdotal cases from around the world which suggest a relationship between vaccinations and Covid-19 infections. A famous one is that of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife, who seems to have contracted Covid-19 after taking the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine. There is a recent case of a Canadian nurse who tested positive for Covid-19 after taking one shot of the Moderna vaccine.

Then there is this Redditor who has put together a rather convincing scenario.

Are many vaccinated people unintentionally spreading Covid-19? Or if we accept Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche’s dire warning, vaccines are reducing the natural immunity of their recipients against Covid-19, which could translate into a spike. Remember that Indian vaccines are being deceptively marketed as indigenous, but they are not.

The HART Group, which consists of more than 41 British academics, produced their own report on the mishandling of the crisis in Britain. They were the first to suggest a correlation between the UK vaccine roll out and an anomalous surge which happened to coincide. To quote their report (based on UK data),

Around the second week of December a new ‘mortality series’ begins which does not fit with the pattern seen in spring or autumn. In the period from December to February, there were a total of 48,821 excess deaths (74,562 in total minus 25,742 ‘expected’ COVID-19 deaths) whose distribution is characteristically very different to spring. We would expect it to follow a similar pattern if COVID-19 was the underlying cause of this excess.

The population, demographics and the model did not change. Something new must have exerted this effect. When something in data is this unusual, we have to ask questions, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. It is an undeniable fact that this peak in deaths coincided with the mass roll-out of novel mRNA/DNA vaccines, on an extremely vulnerable population. If you compare the week ending 11 December 2020 with the week ending 29 January 2021, there was a 62% increase in total deaths and a 170% increase in COVID-19 labelled deaths in care homes.

Broken down by the separate vaccination cohort (by age group, and then taking care homes as a separate unit), the correlation between vaccination and COVID-19 deaths is even more apparent and this time the model is able to accommodate the data with significantly more ease.

This relationship is not limited to England. It is apparent in many countries around the world, regardless of location, season, interventions and extent of prior COVID-19 activity. If we include Scotland in the analysis, if winter COVID-19 excess deaths were a natural phenomenon, we would have to explain how and why it emerged first in the over 80s in England then a few weeks later in the care homes in Scotland before then jumping suddenly back to the care homes in England, before landing finally in the over 80s in Scotland.

Whilst we cannot infer causation from correlation, the mRNA/DNA vaccines had not been tested on this cohort, who have many comorbidities, multiple drug interactions and fragilities compared to trial participants and were likely particularly fragile after a year of social isolation away from loved ones. It would be extremely unscientific and even negligent not to investigate whether the rise in deaths during this period is linked in some way to the vaccine roll-out.

Maybe something similar is unfolding in India.

Major Update (8th May 2021): Twitter User @Metabo_Phd has dug of conclusive data that the Indian vaccine roll-out is indeed related to the Indian Spike. His/her full analysis can be found here. To quote,

10/ India is experiencing a significant increase in both CV19 cases & deaths these days. The graphs of CV19 cases, deaths, & share of people receiving their first vaxxine dose are virtually indistinguishable

In my previous thread, I showed how in #India the curves of CV19 cases, deaths, & share of people receiving their first vaxxine dose are practically identical. But what’s even more striking is that cities with the highest CV19 case ⬆️ are those w/ most vaxxines administered.

Update (15th May 2021): Check this out. Despite the media frenzy, India seems to be doing good, comparatively.

Update (25th May 2021): Looks like many Indian states are abandoning vaccines in favour of Ivermectin. The results look good. To quote,

As those Indian States using Ivermectin continue to diverge in cases and deaths from those states that forbid it, the natural experiment illustrates the power of Ivermectin decisively.

Cases in Delhi, where Ivermectin was begun on April 20, dropped from 28,395 to just 2,260 on May 22. This represents an astounding 92% drop. Likewise, cases in Uttar Pradesh have dropped from 37,944 on April 24 to 5,964 on May 22 – a decline of 84%. 

Delhi and Uttar Pradesh followed the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) guidance published April 20, 2021, which called for dosing of .2 mg per kg of Ivermectin per body weight for three days. This amounts to 15 mg per day for a 150-pound person or 18 mg per day for a 200-pound individual. 

The other three Indian states that adopted it are all down as well. Goa is down from 4,195 to 1,647, Uttarakhand is down from 9,624 to 2,903, and Karnataka is down from 50,112 to 31,183. Goa adopted a pre-emptive policy of mass Ivermectin prevention for the entire adult population over age 18 at a dose of 12 mg daily for five days.

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu announced on May 14 they were outlawing Ivermectin in favor of the politically correct Remdesivir. As a result, Tamil Nadu’s cases are up in the same time frame from April 20 to May 22 – 10,986 to 35,873 – more than a tripling.

North Americans and Europeans however, do not get the privilege of using Ivermectin. Even its supply has been stalled in Western countries, as it would make vaccines redundant.



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  1. jillNo Gravatar says:

    these new cases of “covid” undoubtedly are coming from the vaccinated…and India had a headstart on the rest of the world, so we’re seeing what may be coming for the rest of us shortly down the road.

  2. AsrNo Gravatar says:

    Baba Ramdev’s Coronil should also be probed to find out whether there is a link between the second surge and this so called immunity booster. What is in it anyway? But it generated massive sales though IMA did not approve.

  3. GinaNo Gravatar says:

    India and all nations must put an immediate moratorium on all vaccines and all wireless tech.

    The real epidemics are diseases that come from these two roots, along with all the various chemicals in our foods, water and air.

    We have been being poisoned for 200 years, but for the last 100 or so, since the fake germ theory and takeover of medicibe by the Rockefeller crime syndicate, we have been being slaughtered full force.

    They have to be stopped. Our traditions must be restored, our true histories learned.

    Our progeny are f u c k ed unless we stand up en masse and eradicate these evils once and for all.

    Stand up. Take action. Do something, brothers and sisters.

    Love you all.

  4. Linda KachurNo Gravatar says:

    The Indians were lucky they suffered only COVID 19 from these injections.

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