The 2020 Nova Scotia Attacks (aka Stay the Blazes Home Attacks)

Remember Me?

Following the 2020 Nova Scotia attacks, Gabriel Wortman is very likely to have safely flown out of the country. But to where? A very good candidate would be Barbados (Just don’t ask how I know). This outpost of the Atlantic slave trade is a favourite hideout of the Nova Scotia Criminal Elite. They even plan to include it in the “Atlantic Bubble” (along with Uncle Castro’s Cuba) in future lockdowns.

Major Update: A few days after making this educated guess, some questionable video footage appeared on Frank Magazine, from which we are supposed to infer that Wortman was executed by the RCMP (which of course, sounds better than him living it big on some island). Before this revelation, Frank Magazine teased us with Portapique 911 calls a few days earlier, which do appear to be legit. But were the legit 911 calls released to sell us the questionable execution story? It appears that Frank Magazine knew Wortman long before the shootings. Back when Wortman was busy trying to infiltrate a biker gang, he had Frank Magazine do a story on him being slighted by local police. Maybe he was trying to prove to the bikers that he was legit, as they rightly suspected he was a cop. Remember that given the amount of time elapsed, there would be plenty of time to create some convincing videos. Why did the RCMP tweet that they had him in custody if he was indeed killed? Nice doggies like Frankie don’t bark to the Master’s voice.

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