How mRNA Vaccines may be Vectors for Covid-19

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A Redditor who goes by the moniker “Zhishy” has come up with some well-thought analysis on how mRNA Vaccines (Pfizer BioNtech and Moderna) are technically Covid-19 in a glass vial. Given the connections we have made between the recent Covid-19 “surges” across 26 countries and the vaccine roll out programs in those countries, this may not be farfetched.

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[Zhishy Commentaries] mRNA Vaccines Are Themselves COVID-19, Study Finds

1.mRNA Vaccines Briefly Explained

According to CDC,

“COVID-19 mRNA vaccines give instructions for our cells to make a harmless piece of what is called the ‘spike protein.’ The spike protein is found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19.”

In other words, all mRNA vaccines cause our cells to make COVID-19’s spike protein.

However, while CDC assumes the spike protein is “harmless,” this assumption is rebutted in the subsequent research.

2. Research on COVID-19’s Spike Protein

In the research titled “SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE 2” co-published by the University of California San Diego and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies on Circulation Research on March 31, 2021, it is found that COVID-19’s spike protein damages healthy vascular endothelial cells by binding ACE2. This binding disrupted ACE2’s molecular signaling to mitochondria (organelles that generate energy for cells), causing the mitochondria to become damaged and fragmented, ultimately promoting lung injury.

In the words of Assistant Research Professor Uri Manor, who is the co-senior author of the study:

“If you remove the replicating capabilities of the virus, it still has a major damaging effect on the vascular cells, simply by virtue of its ability to bind to this ACE2 receptor, the S protein receptor, now famous thanks to COVID.”

Combining this with the fact that Salk researchers and collaborators have confirmed COVID-19 “as a primarily vascular disease” (instead of a respiratory one), it logically follows that, once you take the vaccine, you are likely suffering the main consequences of the virus — the very reason that you take the vaccine.

In other words, contrary to CDC’s statement, the COVID-19’s spike protein (which all mRNA vaccines instruct our cells to make) is not harmless. The cure is the disease itself. All “side effects” are really just you suffering the very disease that you try to avoid.

3. Relevant Backgrounds

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC or U.S. CDC) is the national public health agency of the United States. It is a United States federal agency, under the Department of Health and Human Services, and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Wikipedia.

The University of California, San Diego (UC San Diego or, colloquially, UCSD) is a public land-grant research university in San Diego, California. Established in 1960 near the pre-existing Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego is the southernmost of the ten campuses of the University of California, and offers over 200 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, enrolling 31,842 undergraduate and 8,631 graduate students. UCSD is ranked among the best universities in the world by major college and university rankings.

The Salk Institute for Biological Studies is a scientific research institute located in the La Jolla community of San Diego, California on the Pacific coast. The independent, non-profit institute was founded in 1960 by Jonas Salk, the developer of the polio vaccine; among the founding consultants were Jacob Bronowski and Francis Crick. The Salk Institute consistently ranks among the top institutions in the US in terms of research output and quality in the life sciences. In 2004, the Times Higher Education Supplement ranked Salk as the world's top biomedicine research institute, and in 2009 it was ranked number one globally by ScienceWatch in the neuroscience and behavior areas. Currently, the Salk Institute employs 850 researchers in 60 research groups and focuses its research in three areas: molecular biology and genetics; neurosciences; and plant biology.

Circulation Research is a biweekly peer-reviewed medical journal published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. It is the official journal of the American Heart Association and its Council on Basic Cardiovascular Sciences. The journal covers research on all aspects of the cardiovascular system.

And, finally, Zhishy is a retard with very limited medical background, offers no medical advice whatsoever, tries to make sense of the world, and welcomes dissenting opinions. Verify my statements. Do your own research. Come to your own conclusion.

The new paper from the Salk Institute which is being cited is this one. A good intro to this paper is here.

  • Lei Y, Zhang J, Schiavon CR, He M, Chen L, Shen H, Zhang Y, Yin Q, Cho Y, Andrade L, Shadel GS, Hepokoski M, Lei T, Wang H, Zhang J, Yuan JX, Malhotra A, Manor U, Wang S, Yuan ZY, Shyy JY. SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE2. bioRxiv [Preprint]. 2020 Dec 4:2020.12.04.409144. doi: 10.1101/2020.12.04.409144. Update in: Circ Res. 2021 Mar 31;: PMID: 33300001; PMCID: PMC7724674.

There is confirmation that spike proteins do in fact damage vascular cells. In fact, this is what is creating the infamous cases of myocarditis in some recipients of the m-RNA based Pfizer vaccine. The CDC is pretending to to investigate. The following is another paper on the same:

There is now a complete Subreddit devoted to Vaccine Myocarditis, which is worth a read. Here is an interesting graph that appeared in in that sub.

On Twitter, @AlexBerenson noticed an interesting anomaly. While the mainstream media seems to be minimalizing the danger associated with myocarditis, the same mainstream media was telling the truth earlier when they claimed that Covid Myocarditis could require heart transplants. Zhishy’s analysis looks even more logical when we now notice that both the virus and its “spike protein” in the vaccine are causing the same effects!

Are they are trying to sell the disease as a cure? Of course, this interpretation already has its detractors in mainstream publications. But would you believe them?

Update: A more cogent explanation…. Transcript of Dr. Charles Hoffe Interview on how mRNA Vaccines cause Blood Clots, and how up to 60% of mRNA Vaccine Recipients could succumb to Heart Failure!


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