Some Commentary on the Upcoming Election in Nova Scotia.

Assistant Commissioner Lee Bergerman, commanding officer of the Nova Scotia RCMP.

On 17th July 2021, Nova Scotia Premier Iain Rankin called a surprisingly early general election for 17th August 2021. Did this have anything to do with sidetracking public attention from the fact that RCMP H Division Commanding Officer Lee Bergerman announced her retirement on 13th July 2021, effective 8th October 2021? Is that a coincidence? She was at the helm during the shootout. The Public Inquiry into the Stay the Blazes Home Shootings was expected to deliver an interim report by 1st May 2022. Maybe she will face less pressure to testify having been officially retired. It’s hard to picture the Commission pressuring her for answers.

Would they allow you to vote if it changed anything?

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