As of August 25th 2021, plebs need to get the clotshot to enter the Dal campus. Rumour has it that Cabal operatives don’t have to worry because they get the certificates with a phone call. As an alternative, they say you may get tested twice a week but the test involves a rather annoying nasal swab, not a common-sense saliva slab as done elsewhere in the world. Is Dal really worth a 60% chance of blood clots? On the plus side, in the unfortunate event of your premature death being related to the vaccine, funeral expenses will be covered by the Vaccine Support Injury Program, but only if your next of kin can prove a correlation. Nova Scotia media and even doctors will cover it up (as they have in thousands of cases).

For those who believe in “My Body My Choice,” The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom has some advice here. They have also released the 2021 Campus Vaccine Index to help educate students, parents and the public with the campus Covid-19 vaccination policies of 61 public universities in Canada. This is definitely worth a look, so you can consider the option to transfer to a different University.

As part of its well-documented Criminal heritage, Dal once officially discriminated against black students. They were not even allowed access to regular student residence. So instituting arbitrary discrimination is all part of their heritage. Cabal Times correctly predicted this happening months ago. To balance this with their false image of a “progressive” and “scientific” institution, they are pretending to have reached this decision after some brainstorming and soul searching.

Update: The vaccine requirement was lifted in April 2022, but by then 99% pleb students and staff succumbed to the experimental vaccines.

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